Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Participation & Attempt

Yesterday I joined the jogging exercise organized by the HR Dept in conjunction with the Wellness Month.

What? Jogging? Me? I know I know. I got the same reaction from my family and even myself. We were supposed to run around the Marina area three times but I only ran two rounds. Okay I cheated. I only ran 11/2 rounds. And no, I didn’t ran, I walked. Like I said yesterday, participation and attempt are two very good words. *winks*

I watched Oprah last night. Her "Cheer For You" show is her way of cheering (like the cheer she always get in her show!) and recognizing women who have contributed and became an inspiration to their society. I am a big Oprah fan and I know how some people feel about her. But if these people have seen what Oprah had done for these women, I am sure they will have a change of heart even if it only lasted throughout the one-hour show.

I was and still am very touched with the first woman she honored. The woman saved 570 babies within the last ten years either by arranging adoption or simply by providing help to those single mothers during pregnancy and labor.

I asked myself why couldn’t I do something as meaningful and rewarding like that?
I really need to think hard about my life’s vocation.

Anyway, I still haven’t started my Learning A New Language project thingy. *whistles* No time. Lazy. Too tired. Forgot. Just say it and I’ll admit it.


Someone went complaining to the boss that everyone in my department has an attitude problem. That has to be the funniest thing I heard today. If you’re the only one having problem blending in and work as a team, don’t you think maybe you’re the one with the problem? But what do I know kan?

I told everyone I will keep my mouth shut in today's meeting but I cannot stand the accusation. After I explain myself, then they went accusing other people. When I told him about the picture, he suddenly remembers the conversation. I am so not going to let people bully me anymore. I have enough of it. I am so proud of myself. *pats own shoulder*

As a treat, I went to get a haircut. Life is good.

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