Thursday, August 16, 2007

excuse me

Me: *burps*
Ekiel: Say what?
Me: ???
Ekiel: Say what?Me: Say what?Ekiel: Excuse me!
Me: Oh... excuse me.
Ekiel: Good job.

Let’s just hope this good manners stay with him forever. *winks*

... I am so damn lazy. I wish I could sit by the beach with a book and then dozed of the Lala Land. Those were good times.

I am trying very hard not to write about work but it is difficult when my half of my day are spent at work. Although I am at home for the other half of the day, I have already spent half of that half-day sleeping.
Now when I think about it, I only spend about 35 hours with my son in a week. *gasps* How come I never thought about this before?

Thank goodness tonight’s TM is postponed. I so do not want to drag myself and pretend that I am excited about public speaking because I don’t. I hate speaking in front of a crowd. FYI, I don’t enjoy talking to strangers too. I can never be like those people who can be your BFF within 30 seconds after meeting.

Sometimes I ask myself how did I end up doing something I don’t really enjoy for a living?

Let’s see. If I could choose any job in the world, I, would be a... top lifestyle magazine Creative Director... err no. A fashion consultant. Nay, I think I’ll be a bookshop owner larr. You know The Shop Around The Corner in "You Got Mail" movie? That kind of bookshop.

Yes, Meg Ryan eventually close down her shop (she did right?) but it’ll be nice to share with kids today the world of fairytales and the joy of reading. Even my two-year old son is no longer interested with his books. The last time I saw him holding one was Archie and I suspect this is because he was attracted to the cartoons only.

My colleague is flirting on the phone with some guy from another department. *raises one eyebrow* It doesn’t sound like flirting to me, but with that much giggling, what else can it be. It’s a little scary if you ask me. Hee.
Talking about flirting, I have been thinking about That Guy a lot too. Just the other day, while a few of us walked past his place, he smiled and waved at us. My friend asked me if he was waving at me. I told her it couldn’t be me but maybe at her instead. Honestly, I wish he were. So sad oh me kan? *blushes*

To get my mind off him and other things, I’ve decided to learn another language. Now, this plan may not even last for a week, but it is still a plan. What new language do I plan to master? The Kadazan language. Now, my reason for this is simple. My friend has a book I could borrow. *grins* Besides, I could read Kadazan like reading the BM language, so it’s easier right? Right?

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