Sunday, November 08, 2009

mini adventure.

So I do not have the stamina, but I was convinced my determination and will power will push me to step foot at Kampung Moingob, Tamparuli. I calculated my chances of surviving the journey gracefully and it was good. I so did not want to pass out in the middle of the jungle and the whole Malaysian army or the UN had to come and save me using a helicopter because the three skinny boys I was travelling with could not carry me to the nearest hospital. Guys, seriously, spinach would do you good.

No one gave an accurate detail of the trip, so I imagined the worse. Well, I wasn’t the only one. *sticks tongue out*

We were told we needed to walk for 2 hours crossing rivers and up the hills before we reach the village. On that day we found out we could have taken the 4WD up to the foot of the hill where the village is located if one village idiot did not told us the road up is pretty bad due to rain the night before. *sighs* So to be safe, we left the car and started walking upwards where I kept asking myself why did I torture myself like this when I could be sleeping at home peacefully. It’s not that I had to go to that trip. *rolls eyes*

That morning, I practically stuffed myself silly with food that was said to give me the energy I need. The combo of coffee, some noodles, some nasi lemak, a can of Kacip Fatimah, a can of Red Bull, a glass of lime juice and half a bottle of mineral water plus the long walk only made me nauseated and the many smell of the local fruits along the way only made it worse.

At one point, I seriously wanted to give up and told my friend, I’ll meet them there [under the tarap tree], on their way back from the village. He tried to scare me using the kerbau who was minding its own business not far from us. Yeah, if I was four years old, I might fall for that trick but I pushed my heavy arse up and arrived at the village breathless but still in one piece anyway. *hooray*

We were greeted by the villagers as well as the children. I made myself comfortable by going in and out of the hall and take pictures. So very the jakun of me huh? They prepared special lunch the old fashioned way, and by that I meant using firewood and all.

I do not know the name of all the dishes served but it was yummy and I would have eaten more if my stomach did not feel like a washing machine.

They also serve all sort of fruits and durians, and the best one is Dalit. *yummy*

There was also mommy pig and baby pig which was so adorable. I tried to grab hold of one, but the baby pig was fast. Who says they are slow creatures? Besides, the mommy pig was a little scary so I didn’t want to try my luck.

Before we left, I was served with bee larvae, fresh from the hive. I blame the lack of oxygen for my spontaneous action. I casually took one and popped it into my mouth and swallowed it whole. Then I realized that wasn’t very smart of me so I asked if the larva would somehow breed in my tummy. Those ladies must think I am an idiot. Then without thinking, I took another one and chewed. It didn’t taste that bad, in fact it was a little minty.

Or was it just me? Again, for no reason, I popped another two squirming larvae in my mouth. To give me the strength for the hike down I suppose.

The hike down was so much easier and it took us less than an hour. I think.

On the way back to the city, we stopped by at the stalls at the junction of the village because a colleague wanted to buy bakas (bbq wild boar).

Now, I know how wild boar look liked, I just never imagined seeing smoked wild boar in pieces like that with its fur and all. It wasn’t a pretty sight. In fact, I didn’t eat meat for a couple of days, thank you very much. The seller asked if my friend wanted the fur removed which my friend said yes. I really need to go out more often because I thought the seller would trim or pluck the fur. *whistles* He burns them instead.

We also had durian Sarawak which is so delicious. Talking about it makes me drool.

So, I survived the trip. Unfortunately, for the next few days, I could feel every muscle below my waist and my back ached like crazy. It was worth it though. I don’t mind doing it again, minus those hills of course. My colleague said I could climb the Mount Kinabalu now. *raises one eyebrow* Riiighhhttt… let’s not carried away here.

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