Thursday, November 19, 2009

November trip part 1

I was in KL/Batu Pahat last weekend for one of my friend’s (the first Ahli Kelab Ronggeng Silk to get married) wedding. When my friend gave me her wedding date many many moons ago, I quickly booked my air ticket for 4D4N. I do not know why I didn’t stay in KL longer. I am sure there was a reason which no longer became a reason.

I’ve spent 1/3 of my life waiting and most of that waiting involves Airasia. Rain or not rain, there is always something. *sighs* Oh well. As long it is cheap flights, I can wait. I am a very patient woman. *winks*

The flight was supposed to arrive in KL by 10.30pm but we only arrived around 11.10pm. Not too bad but, we had to wait for 30 minutes for the luggage! The later flights got their bags earlier than us. So instead of being happy and congratulating them (the passenger from the other flight who I swear was snickering behind our backs) for their good fortune, we were pissed. By the time I got out from the airport, it was already midnight.

On Thursday I went to the bride’s house for her Henna Hen Party.

We helped her to “sticked” her bunga telur which was fun. I never really got involved in wedding preparations before. *whistles* She did Henna or also known as Mehndi on both her hands and feet, while the rest of us had henna on our left hand. We do not want to outdo the bride, do we?

The lady who did the Henna told us, that in the Indian weddings, they would secretly put in the name of the groom among the intricate design. On the wedding night, the groom would need to find his name and [love] bite the spot.

Cool huh?

I love my henna design.



We were sitting at the dining table enjoying ourselves, when I reminded the bride that she is the first from the group to get married. She then asked me the RM1million question; “What is wrong with the rest of you?” *LOL* FYI, the rest of us between 31 to 38 years of age are all single.

I was told the belief of the older generation about the sirih junjung from the groom side. Apparently, single ladies who steal the sirih leaves without the bride knowing will soon find their soul mate. This happened to the bride and another friend of hers. So, being a sport, I was game for it, the only problem was, I would not know how sirih leaves look like. *LOL* The bride promised to show it to me but I must do the deed without her knowing. How? I had no idea.

The next morning, went to IKEA with my sister to have my delicious meatballs and window shopping because of the *ahem* discouraging economic situation. BUT I was so happy to find a pair of pants, my size for only RM10! I was so bloody happy. The best RM10 spent on this trip!

In the evening, my other Ahli Kelab Ronggeng Silk: Suzy, Su and Mimi, started our road trip to Batu Pahat, Johor. I haven’t seen Su and Mimi for 41/2 years! A lot of catching up was done during the trip. Neither of us know the way so we had to make a lot of stops to ask for direction. Some were helpful, some not so. One was just weird. He was just excited to see all girls in the car and asked if he could join us. Mental note - Never stop and ask for direction from a man who cycles in the middle of the night.

We missed one small junction in Batu Pahat and we ended up in the middle of the palm oil estate. It was so dark and deserted, I had goose bumps. With my imagination, I decided it was best for me to concentrate on the front (I was sitting behind the driver) instead of looking out through the window on my side. Who knows what I think I’ll see. I thought I was the only one feeling nervous, but everyone else did too. When we finally admit we were lost, we had to make a u-turn. Again, sca-ry.

to be continued...

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