Saturday, November 28, 2009

shame on them

I shall attempt to finish this post in 15 minutes before I have to go and enjoy the rest of my weekend.

Not everyone is blessed with common sense. Yes, this topic again. I just don’t understand all the 5Ws and 1Hs of these idiotic people. I also don’t understand why people like me allow them to walk away with their stupidity like that. *head hangs in shame*

I went to Carrefour Subang with my sister when I was in KL recently. We were at the basement car park looking for parking when we had to stop behind this fancy car (I can’t remember what car was it but it has a royal crest at the plate number thingy) who was waiting for another car to reverse out from the parking.

The idiot with the fancy car, let’s call him IFC, waited so close that the other car had problem trying to get out of the car. IFC did not even bother to reverse his car a little to make way. Finally the other driver managed to manoeuvre his car out. By the way, this parking spot is next to a pillar, so imagine the little space available.

IFC wanted to drive into the parking bay but because he is a selfish idiot who did not want to reverse to give space to the other driver, he himself had problems getting into the lot. Serve him right. However, at one point, he reversed and bang into the car parking across the lot but unfortunately IFC is an a** who doesn’t give a shit about anyone or anything, did not even bother to check the other car or his for that matter. He went straight in to the mall after parking.

When we drove pass the car he bang, there was only a mark on the bumper. The second time we passed by it, the owner was loading his car and she didn’t seemed to notice the mark. I told her “Makcik, some idiot bang into your car while trying to get into the parking lot”. Unfortunately I did this in the car with the windows up. I am pretty sure she didn’t hear me.

Another incident happened at one of the Bah Kut Teh outlet in KK. The place was super packed and I was enjoying my soup when we heard glass breaking. A well dressed lady knocked down the bowls at the counter with her expensive bag. Instead of apologizing, she was unhappy, walked off and sat at a table grumbling. Everyone just looked at her and went back doing whatever they are doing.

Shame on these two idiots. Someone told me this is how the world works. People with money get away with everything. *sighs* As much as I detest that statement, I must admit that it is the truth.

So, I may not have the guts to tell these people off but I will make sure my son and I do not behave in such ways. In the end, people will not remember how much money we have or what branded stuff we wear, but they will always remember the little things that we do.

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