Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ekiel, Ekiel

Me: So terror the boy berlakon. I suka oh.

Ekiel: Coz you had a bad day *mumble mumble* you sing a sad song and you turn it around *mumble muble*

Me: *stares at Ekiel* What you doing?
Ekiel: I can sing bah.

Me: Apa this?

Ekiel: Mommy say the boy can berlakon. I can sing.

Me: Suka hati kau larr

Ekiel: Mommy bah!

Me: *claps hands*

Ekiel: *smiles proudly*


Ekiel: Mommy, what is this? (Shows a pencil written book price and code in the cover of his Noddy’s Adventure Book)

Me: Your name bah that. Ezekiel.

Ekiel: Manada Ekiel this. None ‘E’


I needed a dress for a function so went over to a family friend’s house to do the measurement. My cousin who also needed a dress for her Holy Communion ceremony was the first to be measured. Ekiel was doing his dance routine which no one really paid attention to.

When it was my turn to be measured, suddenly Ekiel stood in front of me. I tried pushing him to the side, he won’t even move. Then I realized what was happening. Ekiel thought the aunty was trying to tie me with the measurement tape! *LOL*

My mom and I played tricks on Ekiel few weeks back using a measurement tape. I pretended to tie my mom and vice versa and Ekiel flipped. He thought the aunty wanted to do the same to me.

So funny.
I am so going to miss this when he’s all grown up and busy protecting some chick.


msLabadin said...

sanggup ko tipu budak ahhh!!! my son pun slalu the daddy kasi tipu2 but always ndak berjaya sbb pandai sudah :-)

ya bah Lala... will miss all those... I'm missing it already!!! how time flies...

angelicbug said...

it was by accident bah we learned about his protectiveness. apa lagi.. kena tipu la. it was nice to know you're loved and protected kan walaupun the chances of dia yg kena ikat dulu is very high.

cepat kan they grow up.