Monday, September 28, 2009

strong wind last night

The weather went psychotic last night.

My son was so worried he kept quiet, a very rare happening, until he fell asleep, all curled up next to me with one hand grabbing my shirt to make sure I won’t leave him.

Maybe it has something to do with me telling him that the rain is angry because he does not want to go to bed early. *grins*

It sure felt like Mother Nature was upset about something. I went outside to collect Ekiel’s school sock from the clothe line, I worry it would be blown away and we’ll have the early morning missing sock drama again, and I was shocked to see the force of the wind. If I weren’t *ahem* heavy, I think I’ll terbang too. *hee*

I knew it was a typhoon from somewhere and true enough in today’s paper, one part of the Philippines was hit by the typhoon and thousands of people were left homeless. I feel sorry for them.

I wonder how do one live in constant worry for their life?
I already have enough headache thank you very much.

Imagine having to fear for your loved ones’ safety every single day. Gila eh.

I get all nervous when Ekiel is feverish, what more when I have to worry about the typhoon, or earthquake, etc.

Dear Universe,

Please give these people a break ya.

Thank you.

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