Tuesday, June 12, 2007

a very long week

What do I like about myself?
My high level of patience.
Without it, I would be a very dangerous and psychotic woman.

What do I hate about myself?
My diplomacy.
I am dying to tell a number of people to kiss my huge arse.

When I was still young, hopeful and naive, I never imagined being an adult would be so difficult. Well, it’s not that hard really. It’s the people around us that make it difficult. Playing mind games & politics. These people really need to find a hobby.

I don’t understand the reason behind all this drama. I don’t understand how anyone could go to the big boss and declare that he and three others (whom he thinks supports him and his nonsense) are the only ones working, which of course is SO NOT TRUE, while the rest of us just a bunch of useless crap. Has he no shame? Obviously not.

All I do is listen to them and already I am having a migrane and gastric. Every time that back stabber opens his mouth my world would start spinning. Not in a good way.

How am I supposed to react under these circumstances?

Some people handled it fairly well while there are a few who took it personally. Me, I am keeping my mouth shut. I am disappointed and annoyed but I take it as another obstacle in life I have to deal with.

This too shall pass. Right?

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