Monday, June 18, 2007

wanna share a bad day? - Sat's entry

Having A Bad Day is contagious.
Before I could think of what to say next, sure enough my Having A Bad Day started.

When I started my job a year ago, I was terrified to see the storeroom. There were piles of unidentified boxes and collateral from the Jurassic Era. Why no one bothered to clean it up before? I don’t know. We’ve arranged many times to do it, but due to circumstances, it was always cancelled.

Yesterday, around 6.30pm, I received an email from The Dragoon. She dictated that a cleanup for the storeroom to be done today. I need to get 2 people from my department to join the cleanup. I was busy doing the amendments for the collateral yesterday, I’ve forgotten all about it until I came back to work this morning. When I remembered (isn’t it crazy that we could remember things just like that?) about it, I called Ms Cool to ask about the time. You see, The Dragoon didn’t put the time in her email. Ms Cool didn’t know either so she checked with The Dragoon. Apparently it was set at 12pm.

I have a function at 1.00pm. So I told Ms Slow I couldn’t make it. When The Dragoon found out she called me and started yelping at me. She was pissed off I didn’t tell her I won’t be joining for the cleanup. Obviously I am a very important person because they (8 of them) would not be able to do anything without me. *rolls eyes* I explained that I have a function. I didn’t know the cleanup was scheduled at 12.00pm that is why I didn’t inform her. But The Dragoon claimed she did put the time in. I refuted by saying, well it is not in the email and I got the time from Ms Cool. The Dragoon then said she doesn’t give a damn and she expects me to come after my function.

When The Dragoon yells at me, I of course, naturally started yelling at her too. It’s a natural reaction no? I am pissed off because there are 11 of us in the whole department. If I can’t make it, why can’t she get someone else to do it? Maybe it’s just me, but I feel she has something against me personally.

You know what else pisses me off? Them. They know what’s going on but no one bothered to volunteer to replace me for the function or the cleanup. When they are caught in situations like this, they shamelessly come to me and ask me to help them out. Bloody hell.

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