Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Ekiel

Sometimes, when I look at Ekiel, I wonder if he is happy. I wonder if my approach in motherhood is right. Or wrong.

Is Ekiel too young to understand the reality of life? That we don’t always get what we want?

Was I too worried about our financial that my son thinks a 40cent worth of snack is a luxury?

What am I going to tell him when he asks me what a ‘daddy’ is? I kinda freak out the other day when his homework is to write ‘I have a father and a mother’.

My parents have hinted many times that Ekiel should be sleeping on his own. I know he should but honestly, I am reluctant to do so. I worry I will miss him. Miss our morning chat and night conversation.

I worry he won’t need me anymore.

He is my reason for being grounded and sane the past six years.

This ‘change’ is inevitable no? I need to spread my wings and let go.
I just wish it would not be this hard.

Happy 6th Birthday Ezekiel.
I am happy to see you having a blast. It was indeed your best birthday ever.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

krabi teaser

I love Krabi. It was never in my ‘Must Visit Destination’ list, but it is now in my ‘FAVOURITE PLACE on EARTH’ list next to Taman Fortuna 2.

Our 1st half of the year holiday was supposed to be in Banda Aceh. Yes, because the fare was cheap. We obviously didn’t think that one through. *grins*

11/2 months before the trip, we realized it wasn’t a good idea after all, so we decided to change our destination. It was between Krabi or Phuket. Even Koh Samui but AirAsia doesn’t fly to Koh Samui and the tickets were bloody expensive.

In the end, we chose Krabi because it was slightly cheaper than Phuket.
We actually paid RM800 for two return flights from Krabi to Kuala Lumpur but hey, we deserved a break.

Like always, I did some research on the worldwideweb and found fantastic information on Krabi.

My sister who has been to Krabi recommended we stay in Ao Nang. According to her, everything is there, which is pretty true. My only comment is I cannot find the tasty omelet which I’ve tried in Krabi town in Ao Nang!

I know it’s a simple food which anyone can prepare, but it tasted better because it was cooked in Krabi!

May to August is a low season in Krabi. At first, I thought it was because of the weather but the manager of the Inn I was staying told us it’s a low season is because it is summer on that side of the world which means lesser guest would fly to Krabi to enjoy the sun. Besides, the weather tends to get too hot during this period and most guests avoid that. Oh yes, it was hot indeed.

Well, that is superb news for me. I dislike crowds anyway. *sticks tongue out*
But, there were still plenty of tourists around. I cannot imagine what it is like during peak season.

Detailed entry to follow soon. *fingers crossed* I really need to re-management my time and life. With all the headaches, I lost my ‘mojo’ to anything I love anymore. *sighs*