Monday, September 29, 2008


Have you seen him? Our very own version of Forest Gump?

Every morning on my way to work, we would pass by an old Indian guy who jogs around town shirtless wearing only short white pants. I’ve seen him in Karamunsing area up to my neighborhood, which is like pretty far by foot. He’s pretty friendly too, occasionally waving to the passing by motorists.

I wonder what inspires him to run. It’s difficult for me to even drag myself from bed every morning.

People fascinate me.

I could sit in a corner just people watching wondering who they are, their background and what goes on in their mind exactly at that particular moment.

If I could read their mind or look into their past, maybe I’d would understand why some of them behaves the way they are.

Understanding these people won’t mean I support their idiocy, egoistical and evil behavior; it helps me to feel sorry for them and to remind myself that I should be the better person.

It is easier said than done though.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

pickup lines anyone?

”I am from Ireland. Do you know what Ireland is? It’s a country.”

And that people is the worst pickup line I have ever heard. He wobbled to our table, and said exactly that. My friend raised her eyebrow and left while I, the polite one, smiled and said “Thank you for that piece of information” and then walked away. He was cute but his pretty face could not save him from his embarrassing line.

Here’s a tip. NEVER INSULT THE GIRL YOU’RE TRYING TO PICK UP no matter how dumb you think we are. *grins*

Most times people do not think and say the first thing that crossed their mind. Spontaneity is a good thing sometime. Though I would not recommend using every single pickup lines you learn from the net because it gets too rigid (though sometimes that may work especially with men who are shy). How would you know if your lines work? Easy. Log in to Extreme Style by VO5’s Ultimate Flirting Championship game.

It’s an online site where you could test your pickup lines before using them in the real world. You know, like a practice pit. Every time your line works, you’d get to go further until you got yourself the Victory Hair.

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Polish those pickup lines because you’ll never know when you’re meeting that hot chicks or that fine man you’ve been daydreaming about.

Even if you’re taken, learn a sexy pickup line to just spice things up with that partner of yours because who says flirting and romance have to die when you’re married /dating.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

jingle bells jingle bells....

I’ve been stuffing my face silly the whole day today. I am not sure if it is post-ms, stress or I am simply being a pig. I am sure it is all that. I am so full, it is not even funny. Instead of walking, I think I’ll just roll myself around later.

And I still have a lot of food in my bag. *whistles*

It’s three more months before Christmas and already I am making plans. Excited? Obviously. But I just want to be prepared, listing down the things we need so I could get my siblings to get them from KL which is slightly cheaper and comes in MANY varieties.

I so want to have a traditional Christmas, tradition meaning the “commercialized” American way NOT because I watch too much TV but it’s the atmosphere and the festivity I am craving for. Of course there is nothing wrong with the Sabahan Christmas celebration, but I’d like to experience something different once in a while.

Like a white Christmas tree with silver and blue ornaments which my mom declare is not very Christmas like. Even my choice of red and gold ornaments wasn’t well received until she saw how beautiful it is with the fairy lights switched on.

You know what I mean?

Three more months.
I can’t wait!

Raya pun belum... *tsk tsk tsk*

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my head hurts...

I think I’ve damaged my brain during Quantitative Method, or popular known as Statistics. I thought I have left this nightmare behind but apparently it is back to haunt and make my life miserable again.

I am never good with formulas. Sure, I could do addition, subtraction, division and multiplication in my head easily but once you give me a set of formula and tweak it around for the fun of it, I’d be lost like a cow in the middle of a fashion runway.

I don’t see the connection either but the voice in my head says it is exactly like that. Who argues with the voice in your head?

So today in QM class, while forcing my brain to learn the subject and trying to make sense every word that comes out from the facilitator’s mouth, my little calculator only makes it more difficult by being small. With my huge fingers, I feel and look like a giant trying to make sense of the senseless while cursing under my breath whenever I punch an extra number or a number wrongly, which seems to happen VERY OFTEN.

Susah oh! *cries shamelessly*
The facilitator also loves to gives us assignments on topics he didn’t bother to share.
“… kelas… macam mana? Senang kan? Paannnddaaaiii kamu”
(“… class, how is it? Easy right? So smart of you”)

I feel like throwing him my water container every time he says that.
Yes, he is much more gentle and *ahem* womanly than yours truly.

If I were any good in formulas, do you think I’d be right here, right now?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

saturday drama

*yawns like a big hippo*

I couldn’t sleep last night. I was tossing, turning and wondering why am I still so wide awake at 4am while everyone else at home was snoring and sleeping like a baby and the rooster was already crowing (like a mad rooster it is) to my annoyance.

My mind drifted to many things; my girlfriends’ trip to KK, Christmas, gathering with the 6 Jahanams, family Christmas dinner, Ekiel starting his pre-school, my trip next year, etc.

I am very excited for all these to happen and at the same time worry about the preparations and what not. Before I could finish, I started thinking about a particular friend of mine after watching a late night movie last night. The hero character reminds me so much of him; look, personality minus my friend’s kebuayaan (his reputation with the ladies).

I miss his smile. A lot.

Today, my ex-high school classmate/housemate is getting married. *applauds* Like I’ve shared before I don’t attend many weddings so yes, I am pretty excited. Despite the long night and me looking like a retired panda, everything was fine and dandy. And because I hardly go out these days, I thought I’d want to like nice and all, so I went to get my hair done. Instead of the lustrous lock I imagine, my hair look like a poodle got knocked down by a car many many times. *freaks out*

With my hair rebonded so many times, I could easily revive the poodle with water. It still doesn’t look like A-lister celebrity hair; at least it didn’t look like I was standing in front of a huge industrial fan while spraying my hair with Elizabeth hairspray.

The universe is reminding me not to get too carried away. *LOL*

No, I do not have a photo of the dead poodle hair. I totally forgot to take a photo as a reminder to myself.