Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gayang Seafood

With my mom’s allergy to seafood and dad’s barely-there cooking skills, we took dad out for some serious seafood binging the moment mom went out of town.

All my life, I had only been to five seafood restaurants here in KK. Sad but true. So when my brother recommended Gayang, we agreed. He assured us the drive wasn’t that long.

A short drive would be nice I thought.

First of all, my sudden runny nose was a pain. Then it rained. Heavily. The short drive was anything but short plus my sister somehow got lost so we had to make an ever longer drive. Like Ekiel said, why did we drive to the end of the road just to have crabs?

Now, when we finally reached the restaurant around 6.45pm, the place was super packed. Because I was nicely sneezing away, I didn’t go ohhh and ahhh over the aquariums with the fresh “dinner”. I did manage to order my Kam Heong mud crab in between my sniffs because a lot of blogs gave it a thumbs up.

Service was not their biggest plus point.
-          They do not clear the mess the moment the guests left the tables
-          We had to find an empty table on our own
-          We were seated for almost 30-min without anyone taking our order for drinks, nor set the table with cutleries
-          Due to whatever service system they were using guests who came later was served first
-          The no smiling staffs get another two points deduction

The good things.
-          Plenty of parking
-          They take your order before you even find yourself a table
-          The bill comes immediately after you ask for them J

My family are not really adventurous when it comes to food. My son didn’t even want to try any of the dishes so we had to order omelette for him.

Kam Heong Mud Crab
1kg – RM30 (4 medium-sized crabs)
There was a lot of curry taste going on for my liking. But the crab was meaty and sweet.

Buttered Milk Prawn
1kg – RM35 (Medium-sized prawns more than enough for 5 persons)
I imagine buttered prawn should be salty but this dish was sweet. The prawns were definitely fresh.

Battered Soft Shell
1kg – RM50 (4 medium-sized crabs)
This was my favourite. The taste was just right and the crunch was just perfect.

Sabah Vegetable with Egg
RM8 per plate (Enough for 5 persons)
Wasn’t the best I ever had but it was good

They also served coconut pudding (chargeable) for dessert.

The ambiance was like any other seafood restaurant. Minus the few tissues on the floor, the place was fairly clean.

One thing to do is check your bills before paying. I’m sure it was just human error but they charged us for peanuts and fruit pickles which we didn’t get. 

Opens daily from 11am to 10pm.