Thursday, October 30, 2008


The moment I set foot into the workplace; drama, tantrums and tempers cheers gleefully as they embrace me like old buddies. The promises of a tension and stressful day makes me nauseas and nervous. Nothing beats the *ahem* excitement of coming back to work after a day off.


Everyone knows how stubborn Ekiel can be. If you don’t, well now you know. Last night, at 1.45am, yes, 1.45 in the morning, he whined and complained how bored he is and wants to watch some cartoon. Just because he slept at 6pm and woke up around 11pm, he thinks the rest of the world is operating on his timing. *rolls eyes*

I tried my best not to lose my cool especially after the remark of a friend of mine made when I told them I spank my son when he goes out of control. If you see him in one of his tantrums, you’d understand why I would need an endless supply of patience pills. But at that very moment, I felt like I am the worst mother and I reminded myself to be more patient and find other solutions to tackle the problem.

Anyway, last night he sighed, he ripped his colouring papers, he stomped his feet, he cried, he threatened to hit and not to love me anymore and he gave me the evil look, I decided to ignore him because I was having a pretty good day (being on leave and all). I didn’t budge until he opens the door wanting to go to my mom’s room.

My parents don’t mind him sleeping with them but Ekiel moves a lot in his sleep and my parents are light sleepers. Besides, I want Ekiel to stop running to my mom every time I tell him no.

So, I told him nicely not to go out and that the cockroaches (his most hated bug) were waiting for him in the dark. Then I go on and on and I caught myself saying, “Why are you so stubborn?” when I suddenly remembered a very similar correspondent between my dad and I many moons ago.

Unless I am adopted, my stubbornness comes from you or mom.

I am convinced karma is biting me in the arse.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

so fast

This is my favourite corner of my work station.
The only thing that is budding at the moment.

I just got back from some golfing function. I don’t understand how anyone would brave the rain just to play golf but these people did. The ladies in the Philippines team practically bagged all the top prizes and from what I was told, I am not surprised at their level of commitment to the game.

I suddenly wonder what skills I have. What am I really good at?

What can I use that could help other people if not my own family?

Why do I find it so difficult to answer?


The past few weeks, I’ve been concentrating a lot on work, assignments and my so-called social life that I missed out a lot of happenings in Ekiel’s life. Every night when I get home, my mom would tell me what Ekiel did throughout the day but I never really think much about it because there are so many things going inside my head.

The past few days, I begin to how much Ekiel have grown and he is like a whole new person when he no longer is interested to tag along whenever my dad send or pick me up from work. He rather stay at home and watch TV. And he is watching TOO MUCH TV these days

Ekiel: Take it out from my cleavage

Me: What? Where did you learn that?

Ekiel: TV

It was a line from Who’s Line Is It Anyway TV commercial. *rolls eyes*

His speech improves so much, he sometimes talk like an old man.

The other day he and my mom went to the salon to get a haircut. He repeatedly assured my mom everything will be fine and sat there like a good boy when few months back he would refuse to even go into a salon.

Ekiel: Mama, are you okay? Don’t worry. It will be okay.

If I don’t pay attention to him he’d go “Mommy, please listen to me, I’m talking to you”.

He could recite his ABC now and I owe him one of those mini-computers thingy for Christmas.

He is growing up a little too quick for my liking. Before I know it, I’d be a Mom instead of a Mommy and there is no way he would let me kiss his face silly or let me hold his hand while walking. *sniffs*

Saturday, October 25, 2008

today is so cold

At the rate I’m going, I need to starve myself from today onwards if I want to stuff myself into a bikini by July. *bangs head on refrigerator door* Instead of procrastination, I shall tag gluttony (food only) as my biggest sin. *head hangs in shame*

O-kay. Enough with the self pity.

The weather has really gone mad the past few days. Just like my hormones and emotions. It’s tiring especially after coughing my lungs out so I could scratch it. Yes, I still say every cough is worth it. *whistles*

I’ve just cleared the mess on my work station. I do not know what did I stuffed into where, the important thing is my table do not look like the hurricane just had some fun on it. *pats own shoulder* Now, if only I could do the same with my work and assignments.

What does one do when they feel like their life in a rut?

Me, I listen to some kick-arse song like this one.

Imperfection - Saving Jane

It always helps me to feel better (when friends and liquor is not available of course). So dear friend, I hope you’re feeling much better and remember our *ahem* fishing trip in December. But of course there are days, when I rather drown myself with sappy love songs. Yes, a very crazy thing to do but I swear the result is the same. I always feel better afterwards. I guess the promises of happier days are very comforting.

I am so easy to please.

Many moons ago, Chegu Carol tagged me. Upload 10 of your favourite photos. Believe me when I said I have chosen them but for some weird reason never upload them. So, here it is. I don’t have to tell why I love those photos because it is so very obvious kan?

Fyi, these are the ones I have in softcopies. I have a lot more in hardcopies and I must make time to scan other pics. Damnit. My to do list keeps getting longer and longer.

To continue this tag thingy, I tag Wildcat, Eskay and York.
Have fun girls…

Friday, October 24, 2008

TGIF... righhhhttt...

The office is so cold, my butt is freezing!


My throat and chest hurts.

This is the price I have to pay for last weekend.

Worth every cough if you ask me.

*cough cough cough*

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about nothing in particular really and the whole world just *swoosh* me by. Well, not the whole world because certain things just do not want to leave me alone. *ughh*

Mostly is work related so I am not going to discuss about that.

I am so out of touch with the rest of the world, I have no idea what is the latest news everyone is buzzing about. Oh, other than Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s divorce of course. I don’t know why people would want to talk to me about that. Do I look like I care? *raises one eyebrow*

October is almost over and I still have not achieved anything in my New Year Resolution list. *freaks out* I think I will go home and burn that damn list. *grins*

Who’s brilliant idea was it anyway?

Dang. I have to work this weekend.