Friday, October 03, 2008

no solution?

I’ve always think a proper baby dropping hub is a good idea because it will give the baby a chance to live. When someone argues that the hub will only encourage people to have pre-marital sex, I find it ridiculous.

Why are we blaming an innocent approach for the social problems that is happening?

People should be responsible for their own action.

There was an article about single parent in the local newspaper the other day. The writer explained why she was against baby dropping hub. I disagreed with her first reason but her other two reasons did make me think.

In our multi-racial and multi-religion country, it would be very difficult to establish these two things. I shall not comment any further on this matter because of the obvious. Another reason the writer highlighted was that the illegal immigrants may abuse this hub also for the obvious reason.

What is the solution then?
Chastity belt?
Proper sex education?

Easy / free distribution of birth controls?

There is never a right answer to this issue.

People will always twist it in whatever way possible.

When can we all finally agree on anything?

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