Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Prince Gmee & Princess Irene

Something I wrote especially for the newly wed.
It could be better, but hey, I finished it within 20 minutes.
Nanti larr I improve it.

"Once upon a time, in a land not too far away, lived a Prince named Gmee. With his huge bulging eyes and his River Dance move, Prince Gmee wasn’t an ordinary prince. Although he was playful and mischievous, he is good-hearted. Prince Gmee has a string of admirers but none captured his heart. He always find fault in every of them. Prince Gmee however did drool over some TV celebrities and imagined their non-existent relationship, but they remained as his fantasy, which he would share with people who were willing to listen.

As fate had written it, Prince Gmee met a beautiful Princess named Irene. She was not only hot; she was also sweet and kind. Prince Gmee couldn’t stop talking about Princess Irene and he has nothing bad to say about Princess Irene. Many knew but he denies he has any feelings for her and claims they were only friends.

Their love finally brought them together. It was expected but many were surprised to see the changes in Prince Gmee. Although he was still somewhat creatively demented, he became matured, grounded and responsible. Everyone could see their relationship was strongly built on trust and commitment.

Prince Gmee and Princess Irene decided to spend the rest of their life together. Many were pleased and celebrated their union. It was a beautiful occasion but not as beautiful as the couple who were glowing with their love and joy.

Prince Gmee and Princess Irene never realized how their love story inspired many others. Their love story of two friends falling in love was a fairy tale that came true. And like every fairy tale, they too shall live happily ever after.

angelicbug is wearing her boring black colored uniform

It’s going to be another long day at work.

Things get a little crazy at the end of every month.
Not only it’s payday, it is also the time when I need to do my so-called financial budget. Then I have to settle my bills and do monthly grocery shopping – baby formula, diapers, etc. This is also the time when desire starts arguing with common sense about the importance of sticking to the "necessary purchase only" rule. I also have the painful task of finishing the monthly work reports.

You have no idea how much I hate those monthly reports. *vomit blood* I swear I get migraine every time I have to finish one of those reports. My eyes start to sting and my brain just screaming begging for something more interesting/fun. Don’t tell me it’s all in my head. Don’t go psychology on me. You will whine too if you have to do the bloody reports. *sticks tongue out*

I was reading the local newspaper today when I saw an article about certain artist who goes to court for assault charges. It was briefly written about the hearing postponed to another date for reasons I cannot remember. Then the article ends with a line that goes the artist was wearing a yellow blouse and black pants. Wtf?

Why is that important? Who the hell wants to know what they wear? You don’t see them (the newspaper) report what the other accused offenders was wearing – "... His hearing will proceed next month. The accused was wearing a blue T-Shirt with Tahanan Polis across its back, blue shorts and a matching blue slippers". Hee.

It’s crazy how some people are more interested in trivial matters than the real issue.

Monday, January 29, 2007

painfully embarrassing

Remember what I said about how I felt when I watch the American Idol audition? Let’s add another scenario to describe the feeling.

I was in one of the hotel F&B (Food & Beverage) outlet. There were many guests having their lunch. I was there with some colleagues to treat ourselves with the High Tea Buffet. We were walking to the open area looking for a table and I was busy rummaging my bag looking for my mobile when suddenly the world was practically spinning. I SO did not want to land on my face, so I grabbed the nearest colleague, trying to balance myself and wish I could just disappear at that very moment. Of course that did not happen but thankfully I did not land on my face or on my behind either.

I am very sure everyone saw my little incident. They knew I nearly slipped or they think I was doing some weird dance movement. Either way it wasn’t pretty. The good thing is, (good meh?) everyone pretend they didn’t see what happened. NO ONE asked me if I was okay (except for my colleagues). The outlet manager, the waiters/waitresses, the chef. Nada. Wtf? I am still a paying customer. I don’t get to eat for free you know. Damn.

It’s not surprising really but I was hoping that as another colleague of theirs, they would at least show a little concern. I did not expect them to call the ambulance or carry me to my seat. *sigh* I am very sure though if I were a hotel guest, I would be treated differently.

I guess that’s how it is. We have people complaining they were not given the same treatment as other guests. Sabahan guests complain the hotel treats the West Malaysians better. The Malaysian guests complain we treat foreigners better. The western foreigners complain we treat the rich Japanese/Koreans guests better. Etc. It’s never-ending isn’t it?

I doubt those from the front of the house division (Front Office/Concierge/F&B attendants) treat them differently. I was once a guest in the hotel for some training in my previous workplace. I thought their service was really wonderful. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Even my previous boss loves the hotel and he will only stays here when he’s in town.

I know people have different expectations/definition of a good service. Some guests are so fussy they’re unbelievable. There was a guest in another hotel that complained about the weather! Unfortunately he was in town during the monsoon season. What did he expect? The hotel waves its magic wand and demands the rain to stop so he could enjoy some sun? *rolls eyes* Things like this obviously do not happen in the hotel line only but to everyone around the world. People have to learn to be more tolerate and understanding. The world does not revolve around them only. *tsk tsk tsk* We also should learn to be more concern and caring about other people too. The world would be a better place to live in.

Anyway, beside my bruised ego, I sprained my left foot (yes foot not ankle) and I was limping for two days. I still feel some pain but at least I don’t limp anymore. It is a good thing considering the amount of walking I have to do today but that too was cancelled due to the rain. *woohoo*

I didn’t realize my son Ekiel picked up a lot of new words. This shows how much time I have been spending with him lately. *sigh* He now bosses people around. Not only he commands you to do it, he would also pull your hand and place it wherever the hands the need to be. Like the other day when he did his pooping business, he took my hand and placed it on his pampers and said "check". I also got the shock of my life when he touched my bosom and said "Ball". No one knows where he picked it up and apparently that wasn’t the first time either.

Oh dear.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I am the next American Idol. Heh?

The American Idol audition is back to get me with the horrible singing and even more horrible attitude. I still cannot believe how delusional some people can be. I wonder if I am like them. I mean, I think I am an O-KAY singer but of course I am not good enough for some reality competition. So is my O-KAY really okay or am I the only one who thinks I’m okay. *thinks really hard*

Those who know me know that I have a thing about watching the auditions for any reality competition. I just cannot stand watching people humiliate themselves in front of the camera. Especially those who becomes verbally/physically abusive after they are rejected by the panel judges.
I don’t know why and I don’t know how to explain it but I shall try.

The feeling was almost like that day my son threw a tantrum in a shopping mall by laying on the floor, kicking both his feet and screaming at the top of his lung. One uncle actually stopped to look and waited until I manage to calm my son down. It also felt like that time I sang off key at church because I was not familiar with the song. I was very confident it should go on a high note instead of a flat one. I had to sing that particular note extra loud too. Damnit. Oh, how can I forget the day I got hit by a motorcycle because I was day dreaming while crossing the road? I was so embarrassed I just walked away. I didn’t even feel the pain until I got home.
Uh huh. That feeling.
I still applaud their courage and confidence though.

We just had our yearly appraisal at work. I’d say it was a good review, could be better definitely but I am pretty happy with it. I do however find it amusing when my boss wrote something like "Took initiative to improve her appearance". *LOL* Wtf? She would also like me to increase my level of energy and pep. I think my level of energy is very high thank you very much. BUT I know she is talking about me keeping quiet most of the time. What she doesn’t realize is this only happens when she is around. *whistles*

Although she is only a couple of years older than I am, she is still my boss. I always find it difficult to be myself with people from the higher management. The who-I-really-am and the this-is-me-at-work personality aren’t exactly the same if you know what I mean. Even my previous boss sort of complained about it. Fine. *rolls eyes* I will TRY and do something about it. I hope she doesn’t expect me to change immediately. Who’s going to help me if I end up being something else? I am just so self-conscious around people who could literally make my working life hell.

I am having a headache sorting this ticket reconciliation thingy. I don’t understand why do I have to do it. I think I do but I refused to understand.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

KL trip the recap

It’s good to be home. I think. The whole trip was okay.
Okay because I couldn’t shop till I drop. *sulks*
I am still dreaming about those lovely shoes and bags.
But like I told my sister, I cannot afford unnecessary purchase.
Besides I bought a lot of things for myself so I quite am content.
It’s damn difficult to be a res-pon-si-ble adult.

It rained most of the time.
Thank goodness I have someone to drive me around.
Bless them for driving through the bloody traffic, heavy rain AND not complain about it.

Let’s see.
Subang/Damansara/Sunway didn’t change that much.
I was still able to find my way around. Kinda.
I missed two junctions when we were in KL Saturday night. Hee.
The traffic on the way back was madness.
All because DBKL were doing some construction work. *hhmmm*
Btw, HRC was great. Loved the band.
So, they may not be that great in vocals, but their showmanship was superb.
I was ALMOST in love with the lead singer too. Almost because he was just a bit too young for me (a bit?).

His dimples are so YUMMY.
I met up with some friends while I was there. It was nice to see everyone doing so well. When I was with them it felt as if I have never left. One thing great about them, they are always warm and friendly. I am also very happy to know some of them are planning to extend their family. Hee. *clap clap clap*
The wedding. The reason I was in KL. It was beautiful. The decor and the details of the wedding were simply breathtaking. I just love the fresh flowers and tea candles. The groom was surely enjoying himself *chuckles* while the bride looked a little nervous but she was definitely GORGEOUS. Too bad I didn’t take that many picture. (Heck, I ONLY took like 25 pictures while I was in KL).

I gotta say this. It is sad how that particular person who works behind the check-in counter for a budget airline behaved like she’s the master of the universe. BE NICE for goodness sake. It wouldn’t hurt to smile too. Btw, the eye shadow, I don’t know what were you thinking, but there should be a law about wearing more than three different eye shadow colors. Seriously.

Is it just me, or does the flight attendants from a budget airlines look... err well just say they look like they’re going clubbing with the heavy eye makeup and wild hairdo. Also, why do they have to "park" the plane so far? Pity me, I mean those senior citizens and those with children. Then you have those insensitive jerks who would simply cut queue. *tsk tsk tsk* A friendly reminder to those who plans to bring (heavy) hand luggages. Bring bags with wheels or you may suffer. I nearly dump my bags at the airport strip but I was too shy to do it. *LOL* I know we bought cheap tickets, but a little consideration would be appreciated.

I dread coming back to work BUT.
I am counting my next holiday already.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

17 Jan 07

I couldn't log in the other day.
Didn't want to waste the entry, so here it is.


Another morning in the office.
I need coffee but I am too darn lazy to go to the cafeteria.
And the cafeteria is just across the office.

I emailed to an idiot about a payment that we couldn’t make because there were no payment instructions. In fact, I am not sure of the company’s name either; as there were several names all over their document. I just wanted to be sure. This idiot then replied me saying we have not made any payment and if we do not make payment by February they will take our advertisement off their kiosks. Wtf? Stupidity or ignorant? *pulls hair like mad woman* I swear this people will be the cause of my insanity. Will they come and visit when I am locked up in an asylum somewhere? You think?

I am all packed and ready to go. I am a little upset to leave my baby behind. Seriously. I am very tempted to bring him along, BUT I might as well just forget the trip. Sometimes I wonder where he picked up his temper and demanding behavior. *whistles* Oh well, the important thing is he’s healthy and happy kan?

Take care people.
Have fun.
I know I will try.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

good day? not.

Please let it be a good day today.
I cannot handle another drama.
Not today.

The server in the office is down. Yes. Again.
Although my life do not depend on the Internet that much, it is very important to me while I am in the office. Besides getting my work done, it helps me to look like I am doing something (I am positively sure almost everyone with Internet access feels the same way). It is also a very important distraction so I would not end up choking anyone.

Great. Before I could even finish this entry, someone is already pissing me off. Sometimes this email business is unreliable. I am very sure I did not receive the said email but she insisted she emailed them over. *sigh* Okay, maybe I deleted them by mistake and deleted them from my deleted items inbox *rolls eyes* but the lady has no reason to be so bloody rude. It’s people like this who makes work shitty.

Do unto others, as you want them do unto you.
Why do some people make it so damn difficult?

Sometimes I wish I’d get a job that doesn’t involve interaction with another human being.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


The office’s server is down. Again. *sigh* So I am typing this with Microsoft Words. *wink* Pretending I have lots to do. I’m sure I do. I am just so freakin’ lazy to do it. Ha.

Everyone is talking and trying to get one of those free seats AirAsia is giving out. I am so tempted to get myself a flight somewhere, you know, a nice vacation for myself. Despite the free tickets, I still need to pay the airport tax that cost as much a one way ticket they sell every other day. That and the fact that it is impossible to get tickets at your convenient time. Unless you have no job/classes, then you could get the free tickets and fly according to their schedule. Even if I could I would then need money for the accommodation, the food, the travelling and of course, shopping! I hate it when I am unable to do what I want/need because I couldn’t afford it. And that people, happens to me every day. *rolls eyes*

I am having a headache. Maybe it’s the flu, maybe it’s the medication but I feel numb. I can hear my colleagues talking but in my head it’s just a soft murmur. Sometimes it feels as if I am walking in a different reality. You know, the whole world is going in a slow, really slow motion, while I just stand there, watching what I already knew was going to happen. And there is nothing I can do to stop it.

OMG. I can’t believe this is happening. I was supposed to get a birthday card done for a VIP and the only date given in the email is 13 January 2007. Of course I assume the card needs to be ready by 13 Jan. But NOOOO. The card was supposed to be ready by 12 Jan for the pre-birthday dinner. . Like hello? Do I look like a mind reader? So when SHE found out, SHE was like how come you didn’t follow up with the card? Looking upset. Besides, the lady in charge wasn’t that upset because she knows it’s a misunderstanding. I don’t know why SHE is being a pain in the arse. Is it really my fault? How come no one from that side chased after the card yesterday anyway? HA. SHE always makes a big deal when someone else screwed up and covers HER own arse when SHE did something wrong even when it’s a pretty big mess. Oh please transfer her somewhere else. I’ve been using a lot of energy and patience to deal with HER. It’s tiring.

On a happier note. Happier? Heh? I can’t wait for next Wednesday. *woohoo* I am so going to do my ‘Happy Dance’ once the plane takes off. I so need a time off. I am sure before I could do anything; it will be time for me to head home and back to my reality. Then I have nothing to look forward to after that. Well, there’s my birthday BUT. All I have left are my Sundays and public holidays. Of course that and my spending time with my son when he’s in a good mood that is. Hee.

Think I can hit the Jackpot this weekend so I could shop till I drop during my trip? We gotta be optimistic kan?

Friday, January 12, 2007

a very short one

I hate being sick.
It is tiring and annoying.
If I cough as loud as I could, would I be able to cough all my pain with just one cough?
This runny nose is not very pretty too.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I took A LOT of photos within the last month.
I could only upload some.
Click December 2006 **NEW Under my Photo Album for more pics (136 pics)

first 2007 entry

What? It’s 6th Jan 2007 already?
It feels as if I have skipped the whole December 2006.
It feels as if I dreamt all those Christmas and New Year celebrations.
Luckily I have A LOT of picture to remind me what a great time we had.
And also pictures to remind me why are my pants a little tighter.

Christmas was simple this year.
I love all my Christmas gifts.

This year we managed to have more family activities, which were nice.
We also had our first friendly futsal match with my cousins.
My team lost but at least I scored ONE goal.
I had bruises here and there but it was fun.
That does not mean I will be playing futsal again anytime soon.

Brought my seventeen-year old brother to a pub.
Went to the beach and my son was afraid of the sand and the waves.

We BBQed for New Year.
We had a water balloon fight and my son was terrified with all the commotion.
My sister took the hose and started hosing everyone.
Everyone were merciless and aimed at us (I was carrying Ekiel).
I gave Ekiel to my bro’s gf who was spared because she was carrying the camera.
I then take refuge in my dad’s unlocked car.
I didn’t even let the rest in.
*evil laugh*

The New Year isn’t so new after all.
It felt like last year, except this time last year I was jobless and worried about everything.
This year I am no longer jobless but I still worry about everything.

A new year with the same old shit.

Now I am back in the office and I have piles of work to do.
*vomit blood*

I am half way through cleaning up my workspace.
I am sure the mess contributes half of the stress at work.
I wish I wasn’t so lazy so I could finish it.
I also need to start rearranging my things at home.
OMG. Someone please help me.

My New Year Resolution?
Not to lose my cool.