Thursday, March 27, 2008

i'm bugged

Ha. Ha. Ha. Very. Funny.
Every time when I thought it is over, when I think I finally got a grip of myself, I am reminded again that I am not in control. One reminder is never enough. I needed two in less than 30 minutes. *claps hand* So smart. *sticks tongue out*

I still wish I could read minds. I know it is suicidal especially for someone emotional like me. But my need to know wins over my need to be happy. I am still very convinced that the power will solve more than half of my headaches.

The ability to be an idiot is also very tempting.

Words convey feelings, but there is nothing like human contact to make a connection.

*raises eyebrow*
Just stab me with the stapler will you?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I am like the cookie in the advertisement.
“Now you see it, now you don’t!”
I wish I could control what is happening but this is reality and it doesn’t come with a magic remote control.
*makes sad face*

These days it felt as if someone put my entire life in a blender.
A very painful, mentally and physically, experience.
Can someone please pull the plug and let me out?

Even my hormones are making fun of me. My temper is all over the place and the best thing is I can only keep the anger to myself. That can’t be healthy right? My headaches are back.

At my age, I should be able to stand my ground.
*head hangs in shame*

Should is sometime a very big word.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Not everything in life is free.
I thought everyone especially those in their thirties should know this.
Obviously I am wrong.

I don’t understand how some people think the world owes them and expect to be treated like a bloody king/queen. The funny thing is, many good things happen to them and yet they still whine about their not so miserable life.

Am I one of these people? Maybe.

I still don’t understand many other things too.
It starts to piss me off. Again.

Monday, March 10, 2008


I spent the whole day yesterday thinking what I am thinking about. I know to most people, that don’t make sense, but believe me when you’re in my size 9 shoes this day comes like the Friday 13th. Occasionally but scary.

I have an assignment to finish but I couldn’t force myself to do it. I keep telling myself I’ll do it later but that later never comes. So I did my imagination run wild, and run wild it did. There are times when I wonder if my imagination would worth anything.

Some people tell me I’ve been watching too much cartoon.

Someone asked me how a mother could treat her children differently. You know, some get better treatment than the rest. Another individual mentions that sometimes when you hardly see certain children, surely you will pay them the extra attention. That someone disagreed. When I said I have no comment on this matter, that someone gave me a killer look. If she thinks I am referring to her, then yes I am.

We’re human beings. We cannot help it to play favorites. *sighs*

I know I should have kept my mouth shut, but my brain was enjoying the crabs so much it didn’t pay attention to what goes out from the mouth, only to what comes in.

I admit I have favorites too though I am not going to list them here. I am sure everyone knows it too. It is my fault if I could connect better with some people but not the rest? It doesn’t mean I don’t like you. I just won’t share you the finer details of that *ahem* dream I had last night. Know what I mean? The example, not the dream.

I know some of my friends connect better with each other than me; I will respect that bonding and give them the space to breathe. I know how annoying it is when some people poke their unwanted nose in private conversations. I don’t.

There are times when I misunderstood the “connection”. When I finally realized my mistake, of course it felt shitty but shame on me for being so sad.

I think favoritism sucks but it is normal as long it doesn’t go overboard. I know I sound like a mad woman. But this is how I look at it. With my head rested on the table. This doesn’t mean I am unkind to some people. I am always nice.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

a day in Lala Land

Queen of Lala Land sometimes wish her idiocy would keep herself hidden forever.
Those occasional moments where her judgment goes for a ciggie break, idiocy would creeps in and creates chaos. Most times common sense would be able to iron things out, but sometimes pessimism would taunt and mess Queen of Lala Land’s mind. When that happens, Queen of Lala Land imagines that the whole world is laughing at her.

She was sure the knights of The Gentle Prince were laughing at her this morning as she walked in to The Land of Drama and Headaches. Queen of Lala Land hid behind her ice cell, embarrassed and sad. Embarrassed because the subjects of The Land of Drama and Headaches now thinks she is desperate and dangerous. Sad because this is not what Queen of Lala Land imagined would happen.

So what did Queen of Lala Land learned from this?To swallow it like a true queen and held her head up high. They do not need to know she is shamelessly nervous in the inside.

Friday, March 07, 2008

TGIF. *woohoo*

I am so tired.
*yawns like a lazy hippo*

I know I’ve been busy with work the past few days.
The problem is I couldn’t tell you what I did.

At times like this I could use a cold beer, a hug and a good laugh.

Talking about good laugh, the universe is playing another joke on me. Why can’t some people use their head? Do they seriously think it’s funny? Good for them for having courage but they shouldn’t think they are doing the rest of us a favor. *rolls eyes* I guess it’s my fault as well for not keeping my mouth shut. Some information/things aren’t meant for sharing.

The Silly Squirrel told The Broken Japanese Anime Hero that someone kirim salam/ sends her regards. (in English it sounds so formal). With the Queen of Lala Land around. The Queen of Lala Land would have jumped into the see if she hadn’t forgotten that she could not swim. Though the Queen of Lala Land warned The Silly Squirrel to cut it out, The Silly Squirrel continued her silliness by telling The Broken Japanese Anime Hero she wants to talk about the regards sent.

Queen of Lala Land is now packing her kingdom to move to Pluto, the once a planet but apparently it is the largest member of a distinct region called the Kuiper belt.

Monday, March 03, 2008

the other night...

Someone asked me why I did not blog about the outing we had few weeks ago.
The answer is simple. I do not know how to describe that night. Not without shaking my head, roll my eyes and smiling like a 16 year old girl.

For my birthday, a friend invited a few guys (because I am such a sad case) on my behalf. I gave her two names, of guys whom I thought was cute. Don’t start about “looks is not everything” because I’ve been given that speech too many times. I know the argument inside out. *sticks tongue out*

Anyway, one showed up. *cheers* The Broken Japanese Anime Hero even gave me an angpow which was so cute. Of course I refused it because I felt that if I take it; it’ll be like a twelve year old birthday.

Like every men I meet, The Broken Japanese Anime Hero broke down and started pouring his heart out. To my friend at first, but I wanted to be the heroine so I forced myself in the conversation. *evil laugh* I have this thing about nursing broken people. Besides, she wasn’t interested, or so she said. *whistles*

Towards the end of the night, after the constant messages and calls he received, The Broken Japanese Anime Hero was “allowed” to go home because it wasn’t fun anymore.

Yes, the above story has gone through Lala Land censorship board but there wasn’t much to be censored anyway.

Last night (might as well get this blogged as well), we had another outing. The Cherry Third Quarter Kinky Queen and I arranged another thing with some friends. The word I would use to describe last night is funny. I’m sorry but when I think about it, it was funny.

So, the important guest was no show. Instead he hooked us up with his friends. Aren’t you laughing already? Then, the I Don’t Trust Women Anymore But I Cannot Be Trusted Too narrated us his love history. He lost his virginity at sixteen. *evil laugh* I didn’t know what to do with the information so I thought I’d share it with everyone.

Some people think I made it up when I tell them I am the official counsellor for drunkard men in any of the entertainment outlet. I must have a sign across my forehead that says “I care!”.

The I Don’t Trust Women Anymore But I Cannot Be Trusted Too gave us the permission to do whatever we please, which by the way is NOT THE WAY TO A WOMAN’S HEART!!! Sadly, I have heard almost the same line three times this month.

What happened to romance?
Did he move to the moon?

After the two outings, I don’t think I will be going out anytime soon.
It’s tiring. Though I enjoyed myself, it wasn’t what I’ve imagined or hoped it would be.