Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Earth Day yesterday

Did anything special for Earth Day? I did!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


OMG. Ekiel is turning three very soon and he still can't recite his alphabets properly. He could count from three to ten though. Don't ask me where his one and two gone. He'll tell you he doesn't know.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Today is Bash Clara Day

because I am getting the "heat" from every possible direction. I am pissed because the bashings were uncalled for.

The committee members themselves do not give a shit about their function. Sure I was there last year, but obviously I didn’t pay attention so I wasn’t sure of the program. I’ve asked over and over again and they told me yes, the committee would do it. So this year when I blindly agreed to emcee the event, I didn’t realize the task comes with headaches and criticism because today, I was told it was never the committee’s responsibility but mine.

What pisses me most is when the people involved went on like nothing happened.

Call me pessimistic, this is one of those days where I wish I could stay in bed and just pity myself silly.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

i'm guessing...

I must look for the sign that says “Come little boy, come to mama” on my face because it is becoming ridiculous. A friend of mine called me a child molester because I have this thing for younger men. The funny thing is; the love of her life is also younger than her. *sticks tongue out*

So there was this very adorable guy, let’s call him The Delightful Dancing Lad, whom I am absolutely positively sure is very very much younger than me. Our path crossed the first time for a photo shoot I organized that involved him. The other day, I met him again for a last minute shoot. He sat next to me and for some unknown almost peculiar reason, he manja with me. It is just me or is the situation a little weird? Or is this is just some game the universe is playing with me? Or maybe I am too serious about it?

I wish things in my life would be more obvious because I sucked at this guessing game. In the end, nothing happens and when I am content, *bam* I found myself in that same puzzling circumstances again. So people, it’s not that I am heartless or cold, I am just tired and I refuse to play games.

I don’t need additional headaches.
You want, you say. You don’t want, then don’t mess with people’s head.
The world would be a much happier place if everyone knows how to play the game right.

Friday, April 11, 2008

gives back...

American Idol Gives Back. I know some people think it is just a gimmick and what not, but you must be a hardcore cold-hearted person not to be affected even the slightest bit. I am softie. I only watched the last fifteen minutes and I was holding back my tears miserably.

I cannot understand nor can I explain the many things happening to the world. I still stand by my “everyone is someone else’s moral story” theory, but I find it hard to accept that some people’s life are forever a moral story when there are many people who are blessed in many ways wasting and whining their life away. All I am asking is a little equality.

It reminded me to change my attitude about the mess in my life. Other people have bigger problems (though some people have minuscule one) and I should enjoy the life I have. When people give me peanut; I should make peanut butter instead of using them to lure unnecessary headaches in life.

I love these songs.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

no understanding people

I finally talked myself into doing some housekeeping on my PC last Saturday. Everything was everywhere because time is precious and I cannot even spare few seconds saving those files in the appropriate folders. *sticks tongue out*Yes, I am THAT lazy.

Today I realized some of my documents are missing. *gasps* I must have saved the files with funny names and forget about them and mistakenly deleted them thinking it is one of those useless things I save for no reason. *smacks forehead* Must stop saving useless things/saving files blindly.

Thank goodness my life does not depend on those files.

I wonder how life would be like without the internet. The office’s email and internet are out. The IT people announced that it would only take them 40 minutes to do what they need to do. It has been 20 hours (and counting) and nothing has been done. We are losing our mind because without those two we are useless. Sure, we can do the old ways but some people just refused to corporate.

If he or she refused to come to my office to give me the hardcopy which I am willing to type, then be it. He or she cannot expect me to walk to his or her office right? Like hello? I am a kuli but not his or her kuli. *rolls eyes*I went back home early last night because I felt bad for not spending more time with my son. It is after all one of my many new year’s resolution this year. My son told me there’s blood on his head. I of course ignored him because he always made up stories. Yes. My son is an almost three year old who knows to make up stories.

When I got home, my mom told me he did cut his head. He fell from my mom’s bed and hit the side table. There wasn’t any serious bleeding, but there was a small cut. I got a mild anxiety attack. I took a picture and he looked at it the whole night. He showed the photo and told his stuffed puppy how painful it was. He even reenacted the incident. I know boys will always be boys and injuries like that are very common. I have three brothers and I do remember all the emergency trips to the hospital. I only hope he has good common sense not to give his mummy much heart attack.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

i heart my new blog look

How you like my new layout?

I needed a change. Since I am unable to control my life, *tadaa* I am so the very yesterday kan? Everyone had changed and re-changed their blogs many moons ago.

Before some of you go shaking your head in horror, this is SO going to be a “slaughtering the English language” entry. I am sick tired of having to write “properly” in the office the whole day and some people ikut suka hati labeled me as a bad writer. I know I know. Writing/preference/mentality is very subjective. I know I rolled my eyes when I read the things THEY wrote BUT I don’t go around telling people they can’t write. Ha.

The funny thing is things are still thrown to me so I could waste my already limited creative juices just to be condemned to eternal kuli-ness. I have no problem being a kuli but don’t action bah.

Many things are happening these days and I am not talking about the political scene, which by the way I am not interested. I think my two colleagues’ (over) excitement is enough to make up my ignorance. Sure, they can bullshit me and I wouldn’t know the difference. *sticks tongue out* I like a good story and those “stories” are very spicy. I don’t know why I couldn’t be bothered. Maybe I am distracted by many other important things that only concern me. And Ekiel of course. In politics, I am just another statistics. See my rationale?

“Not there yet”.

What the hell is that supposed to mean? Why am I still not there when I am doing a lot more that some people? *scratches head* So funny. People should have more tact. If you don’t, the kuli-es will find that greener pasture, then you’re f***ed and not only will you have your own s*** to clean up, their s*** is your s*** too. Get my drift?

This is not a threat. I am just saying you know.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

2 cuts and bruises

Have you gone through days feeling something is going to happen and yet you could never put your finger on it?

This is one of those moments. I couldn’t tell if it’s a good or bad thing. I am not saying I am a clairvoyance but my intuition (which runs in my family) is pretty strong.

Three weeks before I had the accident (I cannot remember the exact year. 2003? 2004?) I kept getting this image that I would be in an accident and injure both my legs. It was scary.

8 Sept, (I remember the date because it was my dad’s birthday) my friends and I went to Malacca for a friend’s wedding. My ride to Malacca was a little scary because my friend drove like a mad woman. So on the way back, I though I’d be safer to ride in another friend’s car. I guess when it’s meant to happen, it will happen no matter what.

By the way, have I written this entry before? Feels like it but I couldn’t find it.

Anyway, we were on our way to meet a friend and I asked my friend to use the Amcorp Mall route. Before the round about I saw a rider (motorcycle) waving his hand like a mad man. So I turn to my driver friend and asked her what the guy’s problem was when I saw a car, mid air heading our direction.

I remember seeing the tyres of the car and thinking, this must be it. I also remember seeing the other car’s roof (let’s call it Idiotic Young Girl Driver) hitting my friend’s car hood and the impact shattered the windshield. The Idiotic Young Girl Driver’s car then landed on the ground. There was this eerie silence as I saw the Idiotic Young Girl Driver’s car head between the steering wheel and the dashboard. I thought she was a goner when suddenly she started screaming. My friends and I (there were four of us in the car and I was in the passenger seat in front) made sure we were okay. I remember seeing lots of blood and the first thing I did was to check my face on the mirror. I know, it’s very vain and stupid of me right? But trust me when I said that is just one of the idiotic things I did that evening.

There were people who helped the Idiotic Young Girl Driver. For some reason the four of us just sat in the car. Not sure what to do. My friend, the driver and I were bleeding from the windshield glass. Some guys came and told us to come out from the car. I remembered a lady offered to send us to the hospital but I told her to send the other Idiotic Young Girl Driver first since our friends (one of my friend called them immediately after the accident) were coming to get us.

So we sat beside the drain in front of a house. I remember a guy; a good looking guy gave us few bottles of mineral water. So gatal oh kan? I was laughing and crying all at the same time. I was still bleeding and I felt numb on both legs. When I lifted up my baju kurung skirt I saw two huge bruises, one on each leg. Anyway, while waiting for our friend, I saw the bunga telur we got from the wedding on the road. I have no idea how it got there. So I told my friend Retired Party Princess to pick them up because I want them. She hesitated and I insisted so she did because she is a good friend and I still keep it for some reasons.

I had to wait forever before my ex-boss (we were supposed to help out for an event which was nearby) used his “charm” to get doctor to check on me. Before that, a nurse attended to me. I was still a little disorientated and the whole situation felt awkward so I tried to make small talk. I asked the nurse the condition of the Idiotic Young Girl Driver. I was scolded for being concerned. She is after all, the reason I am laying on the hospital bed with bleeding hands and bruised legs. O-kay.

My cut didn’t need stitches and my legs were fine (did an X-ray just in case). I paid rm250 for the treatment which I couldn’t claim from the Driver of the Idiotic Car. *sticks tongue out*

After a few days, I finally connected all the dots together. I realized that I no longer have those images and though in that image my leg injury was much more severe, the bruises on both legs were exactly the spot. Some of you may think it has no connection what so ever and I am like Phoebe from Friends because I believe I am making sense when the rest of the world disagrees, but I believe in my intuition, which by the way has helped me in so many circumstances.

In that incident, I also learned to appreciate (yes, you may start yawning here) life a bit more. Not many people were given a second chance.

The Idiotic Young Girl Driver too had a second a chance because she only suffered dislocated shoulder and jaw. I found out she went out controlled when driving at the roundabout because she was speeding. Apparently she had a fight with her boyfriend, who by the way arrived at the scene just few minutes later.

Now some of you will understand why I am terrified of driving and I get really nervous with the way some drivers drive their car. I am not embarrassed to say I am still traumatized to this day.

So people, have a heart. Be safe. Do think about other people. If you have a misunderstanding with your other half, don’t drive. Walk. Run if you must.

Don’t let me start about drink and drive. *raises one eyebrow*

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

skirt? I think not.

Will wearing skirt improves efficiency and increases productivity?
Before you could finish the sentence, I’d rolled my eyes.
Sadly some people think this would do the trick though I believe there are many other motives to this insane direction.

To those people “Are you having fun yet?”
(Why can’t people play games with only the intended, not the rest of the world)

Thank goodness I managed to get myself out of this craziness. For once my ‘nightmare’ saves the day. *claps hands*

People have always asked me to fight other people’s battle.
Is it because I am a good soldier or because I am easily bullied?
Most time it is difficult to tell.

I hate being helpless. I wish I am like one the Heroes chick. All I need to do is read a book about a certain thing and voila! I am an expert. Why do some people assume I know nothing when I do know something and some assume I know everything when I don’t have a clue.

So funny.
Life is crazy like that.