Tuesday, November 29, 2011


People commented that Ekiel’s name is too biblical.
I know it is, but I wanted a ‘wise’ name in hopes that he’ll grow up to be a man full of wisdom.
I also love the meaning behind the name.
Ezekiel means ‘Strength’ while Isaiah means ‘Salvation’.

Since both are the names of the prophets, it is common to hear the names during mass and without fail the family would turn to look at Ekiel. I don’t know why. We just do.

We tell Ekiel that the priest is not happy with him because he is not paying attention to the service.

Last Saturday, the first reading was from Prophet Isaiah and true enough, everyone, the family, turned to look at him. He looked at me helplessly. After a while, he came to me and whispered in my ear “Mommy, he said Isaiah, not Ezekiel Isaiah so he is talking about someone else!”

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sat Nite Story

No rainbows and no lemons. *sigh* I must have offended the Universe. Again.

I used to have enough patience for everyone and everything, but lately I can feel myself losing it. FB walls update about optimism and positive quotes irk me and cute-sy messages about their love and life makes me want to bang my head on the computer keyboard.

I'm a sad case kan?

There's a point where I really want to punch a guy on his face. I would have if I were a guy. I know, fighting is not the solution. *head hangs in shame*

So what do I do when I am stressed? I eat. But with Christmas coming that is just not an option. So to distract myself, I shop. Online. Or make stupid 'spur of the moment' decision.

Which I would feel bad about later.
Either or, things are just not working out for me these days.

Thank goodness Christmas is just around the corner. Something to distract myself. Managed to convince the family to change the theme colour of the Christmas tree.

Inspired by Chegu Carol’s pink theme last year, we are doing purple/pink silver this year.
Would love to have a turquoise theme, but it is impossible to get the decors.

So what’s your Christmas theme this year?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Go Tiger!

I am not exactly a football fan, but I do watch occasional football and by that it means watching it when my brother is watching it at home. But when I do watch football, I get a little too excited and make comments like I know the game well.

It’s the adrenalin rush I tell you.

So last night, with almost everyone talking about the finals between Malaysia and Indonesia football match, I have to watch it and support our national team no?

Coincidently I was wearing a yellow shirt and Ekiel was in red. The gambler inside of me made a wager with Ekiel and he jumps right in.

He decided that if Malaysia wins, he will replace me at work today. How adorable is that? If Indonesia wins, I have to take him to the game arcade and let him play his heart out.

Of course, I opt for massage for 1 hour instead because that boy can’t read so coming to do my work would be really useless.

When the Garuda scored their first goal, Ekiel turned into this REALLY annoying monster.

He boo-ed me when the Harimau scored.

The whole game was a little off I feel. There were a lot of knocking each other, a lot of drama with the *ahem* fake injury and it wasn’t the most graceful game ever. I cannot remember chuckling so much during a football match.

My dislike for surprises only made this game more nerve wrecking especially the penalty bit.

So when the ball slowly rolled into the net, I was happy. Because we won. Well, because I won. The bet. In the midst of the cheering, Ekiel came to me and gave me a high five.

After the game, I told Ekiel that he better get ready as I would like to claim my prize.

Me: Habislarr you Ekiel, you have to give me massage
Ekiel: But mommy, we are one team already kan?
Me: Eh hello, you support Indonesian team right? They lost right?
Ekiel: But I am in your team already kan?
Me: Since when?
Ekiel: Kan we high five just now!

I do not know whether I should be proud of him or otherwise.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Passion of Love

Ekiel and I had one of our ‘deep’ conversations the other night.
And it was rather painful.
There were tears and comforting hugs.
But what was said was true.

We need to make efforts to find love.

Ekiel gave me the ‘passion of love’ speech.

Ekiel: Mommy when you love someone you need to show it. Like you love me, you bring me out, buy me things. Go dinner. That is the ‘passion of love’.

Me: What if I don’t have the time?

Ekiel:  You don’t work ALL the time. You still have cuti. You go out larr.

Me: What if it doesn’t work out? How?

Ekiel: It is okay. It will hurt just a little. Like me and E. When we broke up, I okay only. Even when K say E is his GF, I biasa only. That is life.

Me: ...

Ekiel: Are you sad mommy? I can see tears.

Me: No larr where got *wipes tears away*

I cannot believe I just got ‘lectured’ by a six-year old about love.
But he does have a point, doesn’t he?

Give me a Chance

Greyson Chance.
The boy who drove half of KK kids CRA-ZY.
My youngest sister was so desperate for tickets; she actually called the Malay local radio station hoping to get some tickets.

I understand the fascination. Been there done that. I once waited outside the building of one of the local newspaper for hours for the tickets just to watch Jimmy Lam. I know, I know. Jimmy who right? All I can say is it was a pretty weird phase for most of us.

I remember coming early to the KDCA where the concert was held and I literally fought to be right in front of the stage. When he touched my hand, I was so sure that I was special like the rest of the girls whose hand he touched as he walked across the stage.

Those were definitely the days.

So when I see my sister trying hard to get the tickets, I feel sorry for her so I tried asking around but no luck. However, thanks to twitter, I managed to figure out the location of the radio cruisers which she managed to get herself three tickets.

I don’t know what made her gave my son the other ticket. He got all excited, ‘believing’ that he would go to the concert. When my mom told me my sister left with her friends and left my son at home with the ticket, I got really pissed. Only one ticket for Ekiel. Event in 1B. I don’t drive. What did she expect to happen?

True enough when I got home, my son was excited to go and I had to break the bad news to him.

Ekiel: I hate C and her stupid dumb idea. I knew her plan would not work!

*sighs* I feel you my boy. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

fashion police

After working for four continuous weekends, I finally got the weekend off.  Sticking to my weekend theme, “Save the Dugongs”, I spend my days sleeping and watching a lot of TV.

However, even with paid TV, there are still not many ‘interesting’ programmes to watch. Desperate, I tune in to our locals programmes, because we ‘should’ support our local entertainment industry no?

I was watching a little bit of a drama where a prostitutes who has two kids and she was diagnosed with AIDS. She was in the room all hysterical and a social worker tried to calm her down. There is nothing wrong with the scene really except my brain keeps asking me, ‘is the social worker going to a formal office function after this?’ She was dressed WAY too formal to meet a prostitute in her dingy rented room.

Maybe it’s just me.

But remember the scene in the bath tub and the girl was wearing a pario? And the cardigan in ‘Akinabalu’?  Something is so wrong with our wardrobe department!

It is also unfortunate that with the many fashion designer and self-acclaimed fashion guru in our country, the local celebrities looked as if they were dressed in the dark for a glitzy and glamorous affair like the recent AIM.  *whistles*

I know Christmas is coming but to look like a colourful tree is not the way to celebrate the season.
Sometimes, less is indeed more.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

school placement

Life was and will continue to be a little hectic until further notice. The scary thing is, despite the headaches, I kinda welcome the rush and madness. Takes my mind off certain things. Things I rather not worry. For now.

So Ekiel’s primary school placement is out. He did not get into Shan Tao as I wanted but instead they placed him in a school I never heard of and it is located o-verrr there where the traffic is crazy. I only realised it was a non-Chinese school after I log in to their website.

Silly me.

How do the ministry decide who goes where? I am pretty sure the parents of the girl who got into an all-boy school must be thrilled.

I was told to fill an appeal form and register with the ‘assigned’ school anyway. Just in case. *sighs* Some told me to go to the education department, and some told me it would be a waste of time as the department personnel is not so very helpful AND they cannot move the students around without the school’s approval anyway.

As much as I hate asking for favours, I made my dad made a phone call. I think I need to make another phone call myself. Just in case. I am beginning to hate that phrase.

It doesn’t matter if the school is a smart school and what not. As a mother, I want what I think is best for Ekiel. And going to that school is not it. To learn the Chinese language is also important to me because to know more than two languages puts you two steps ahead in front of others. This is why I insist he goes to a Chinese school, but I am willing to compromise as long he gets to the school I *ahem* approve.

I used to make fun of parents who are so concern and particular about their children’s education.  This must be karma no?