Sunday, February 24, 2008

pics: more trip photos

Pics: Ekiel + slide

Ekiel the Romeo

I taught my son how to play one of those online games (SpongeBob burst-a-bubble, something like that). After telling him twice, he learned how to maneuver his way around with the mouse, of course a few times missing the correct key and left click instead.

I was pretty impressed with his achievement. Of course I am bias because I am the mother. I know many other kids who are more advanced than him. But seeing him to progress like that gives me that proud feeling.

Anyway, I noticed that Ekiel doesn’t like to lose. When he does, he’ll start hitting me and ask me to apologize to SpongeBob for making him (SpongeBob) cry. I admit it is my fault for making him doing it the first time.

Ekiel doesn’t like to share his things too. My sister bought some cookies for him and he refused to share with anyone except me and his aunty who bought him the cookies. I need to tackle this nicely.

He wanted to drink orange juice but I told him he needs to drink some water first. I saw him taking only a sip so I told him to finish his glass of water. He answered me “Ishh… susah…” (So difficult) and shook his head. He finished his water and demanded his juice afterwards.

Yesterday at Church, there was this cute little girl who was trying to get Ekiel’s attention by touching him all the time. Ekiel ignored her but she was persistent. So I told Ekiel to ask the girl her name.

Ek: What’s your name? (In a very bossy way)

The girl ran to her mommy giggling. I wonder how long more I have before Ekiel starts having me screening his fans’ calls or him having a girlfriend. He’s already crushing on my sister’s 16-year old friend. *rolls eyes* Every time you mention the girl’s name, he’ll smile from one ear to the other.

After the mass, I told everyone about Ekiel’s new girlfriend and he started hitting me while smiling sheepishly.

Me: I thought you didn’t like the girl? You didn’t want to entertain her just now
Ek: Don’t be silly mommy (still smiling like a Cheshire cat)

Hee. Maybe that’s how kids these days socialize.

Friday, February 22, 2008

the things Ekiel say

At three years old, my son is a professional con artist/bully.

Mom: You stay home with Bertram, mama want to go cut hair
EK: I also want to cut hair
After a while…
Mom: You sure you want to cut hair?
EK: Yeah, I want to cut hair…
At the shop, he refused to go in to the salon. He just wanted to tag along.

The other day…
Me: *Laughing like a mad woman*
EK: Mommy, don’t be silly

EK: Bye..bye… (to my sis’ bf)
(after a while)KT: Ekiel, say bye to uncle…
EK: Already kan?
KT: Say it again
EK: Already kan? I already say

Ek: Girl, go take my shoe
(Ekiel bossing his 19 year old aunt)

EK: Mommy, let’s go up, sleep
Me: Wait, mommy want to watch TV for a while
EK: It’s time to sleep. Got momok (monster) already.
Ek switches off the TV.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Chap Goh Mei

I wish life would be kinder not only to me but everyone else.

I really don’t get how the life system works but I feel those nice and kind people deserve a break. Don’t worry. I am not talking about myself here. Yes, I am aware I am neither nice nor kind. So stop whining.

Remember what I wrote? Everyone is someone else’s moral story? I have learned my lesson so there is no need for someone to be miserable for me. Really. I do not want to stay up at night thinking about other people’s problem. I have been doing that for the past few days, thank you very much. It sucks.

As much as I do not want to give a damn about other people’s business, I can’t stop my head from thinking. I can’t also stop myself from doing or not doing many other things.

Anyway, it’s no biggie being thirty. Life goes on. Everything is pretty much the same. I don’t know what I was expecting. Raining roses? Frogs singing sweet praises? *LOL* Maybe. I’ve been reading too many books and watching too many movies/cartoons.

I wanted to throw some orange peels at the sea but my friend told me that wasn't a good idea. Someone from the neighbouring island might pick it up. Hee.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

lost in my own thoughts

I am trying very hard to catch up with the rest of the world.
I’ve been making too many stops.
Most time to pick myself up, wipe the tear away and tell myself that I’m okay.

You think I am weak?
Think again.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Fly. Fly. Fly. Fly.
Fly. Fly. Fly. Somersault.
Fly. Fly. Fly. Stop.
Fly. Fly. Fly. Fly.
Fly. Somersault. Fly. Fly.
Stop. Fly. Fly. Fly.
Stop. Drink. Drink. Drink.
Stop. Drink. Trip. Died.

But maybe he committed suicide.
We’ll never know.

The death of the idiotic fly.
Drowned in a small bowl of soy sauce.
My mom is right. Too much soy sauce could kill you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


30 is the new sweet 16.

The day was like any other day.
To make it special, I’ve put an extra layer of mascara.
And eyeliner.

I spent half the day behind a group of Koreans who were doing advertisement photo shoot at the resort. Half of that time was spent waiting for the model to change her wardrobe and hairstyle. For someone who doesn’t like to wait (though I have the patience for it) it was torturous.

What was supposed to be a three hour photo shoot became a seven hour photo shoot.

The sad thing was I missed my own party that my colleagues organized for me. When I came back, I found a box of cake, a box of pizza and a green colored paperbag on my table. I was touched with the gesture and felt really guilty for making them wait for me but I was came back to the office too late.

At home, my mom cooked my favorite meal and they too bought me a cake. I who only had a cup of coffee the whole day stuffed myself silly. It was a perfect night with non stop messages from friends and people whom I’ve never expected to know.

The only thing that bugged me was Ekiel’s fever. He was his normal cheeky self, but he wasn’t very physical, just verbal. He refused to eat or drink and we had to force the medication down his throat and yet he spits it out like a pro.

I only had a combined 5 hour of sleep for the past two days. I had to drag myself everywhere this morning and thank goodness the shoot is OVER.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Third day of CNY

Happy Chinese New Year people!!!

It was a quiet celebration this year. With someone complaining and someone not wanting to get involved, it was wise not to go look for problem. Besides, I don’t have the energy to handle the chaos of family gathering. Of course, this did not stop me from collecting red packets for my son and I. *evil laugh*

I am mentally, physically, psychologically and spiritually tired.
I also don’t understand what is going on.

Now I am in the office. *sighs* I wish I am at home, not doing anything. I’ve been doing nothing for the past two days and it was GREAT. All I did was watch TV, eat and sleep. Repeat. I even enjoyed watching the Young Guns game show hosted by 5566, four adorable and funny guys from Taiwan. Even when I don’t understand what they say and the subtitle was minimum. Why can’t they translate the whole conversation? Aren’t the translator paid to do so?

Three more day to thirties.
*raises right eyebrow*

Friday, February 01, 2008

february so soon

Not long after my entry yesterday, the squirrel finally fell flat on the ground.
The solution is very obvious, but the squirrel loves drama so I leave it to your imagination the things the squirrel could/would do.

Will I ever have a day in the office without listening to profanity?
This people swear more than them saying thank you.
If I could charge them RM10 for each vulgarity, I would be a rich woman.

This morning, as I walk into the office, my mood was sweetened with a gorgeous smile from a young gentleman. Every time I see him smile, the world became a happier place. Of course it only lasted for a while before someone ruined it.

Why he and everyone else have to be so young?
Instead of kissing them silly I can only pinch their cheeks.

It’s already the first of February.
I am so behind my to-do list. I haven’t touched my assignment which due in three weeks.
I was supposed to finish all my notes, obviously that didn’t happen.
I am no where near my resolution list. Wait, I did clear my old things, so that’s a tick.
As for the rest…
I don’t know why I want to make myself do this. I must have lost my mind.

I had 6-hour sleep and I am still so damn tired.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. This year it will be a quiet celebration as most of my family will be going back to Sandakan. My dad’s side who are the pure Chinese will only have the first day luncheon. I think. Maybe I could use that two day to catch up with my work.

Note to self: Hang on there. This will be over in eleven more months. I’m sure it will be worth it.