Monday, June 28, 2010

Ekiel got GF?

Ekiel: Are you nuts? I am still botak!

Was Ekiel’s reply when my sister pretended to arrange a date for Ekiel and his so-called girlfriend. Yes people, the five year old is in a relationship while the 32 year old has none. Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

Ekiel used to throw a fit if you associate his name with any girl until recently when Ekiel casually announced that the 6 year old chick (let’s call her E Girl) whom he met twice is his GF. I asked him how they became an item; he just shrugged his shoulder and said it just happened.

They were supposed to meet after the “announcement” but E Girl was not available and Ekiel told me he feels pain. I asked him where, and he pointed to his heart. I don’t know how to react but it is funny and scary too. I told my son the same thing I would tell anyone else, it is okay. Just move on. She stood her up for the second time and Ekiel wasn’t bothered about it at all. Maybe he was distracted with the futsal game. Oh well.

Btw, I am upset my son kena stood up this. How dare that girl break my son’s heart?

To all Ekiel’s future GFs,

Don’t mess with me.
Thank you.

Ekiel’s Mommy.

Monday, June 21, 2010


We were at a dentist for Ekiel’s first dental check up recently.

Dentist: He has beautiful teeth blah blah blah. It is very common blah blah blah. (turned to look at Ekiel) so GIRL, you must always brush your teeth ok

Ekiel’s eyes grew bigger. I corrected the dentist and she was embarrassed and apologized profusely. Thank goodness he did not punch the dentist in the face. If it were one of the family members, he would. He just sat there looking like an innocent angel until we got home and I told the stories to my family members. He karate chopped me.

Since school reopens today, I took him for his bi-annually haircut. Where to go but to the safest barber in town.

When my brother came back almost bald, Ekiel wanted to cut his hair the same way too. Though I didn’t like the idea, I told the barber how Ekiel wanted to have his hair cut because I think it is important for him to have a say in his “fashion”.

Before and after

He looked so grown up now. *sighs* I used to twirl his hair when we go to sleep but last night, I only get to rub the shaven bit. Not the same, but can do larr.

Well, at least I don’t have to spend much time washing his hair. He told me he doesn’t need shampoo anymore. I don’t think so little boy.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

To be in a situation where one needs to make an almost life changing experience is nerve wrecking. I don’t know what you’re thinking about but no, it is not what you’re thinking. I wish. Well, not really, but sometime I do.

Anyway, for some unexplainable reason, I am so emotionally attached to this thing I need to make a decision on. What if, my decision is a bad one and I will not find a similar or better replacement? OMG. *shudders* It’ll be like jumping from one hell hole to another. How many holes are there anyway? In hell?

Yes, we must be optimistic that things will work out blah blah blah but with the series of unfortunate events with Angelicbug recently, *vomits blood*

I am super THIRSTY and a little hungry. I only had one piece of cookie today because I have drunk 2 liters of water. I kid you not. I don’t know why but I can tell you that this worse than that time I had to finish six pieces of Marie biscuit in one go without any water because my son wants to win the parent-child game during his school. I nearly choke but we didn’t win because while I was sliding it down to my mouth from my forehead, the cookie nearly killed itself so I saved it and that was a disqualification. The teacher should have told me that and spare me the other 4 pieces of cookies.

Dear Pa,

The last letter I wrote to you was thirteen years ago. I never got your reply regarding my theory on where did I get my stubbornness from. I am sure you appreciate the humor because like my theory about stubbornness, I am sure I inherit my wit from you. Or mom. But don’t tell mom I think she is funny.

I never thank you for telling me to bring Ekiel back home. It was the sign I was looking for to know that everything will be okay. I also never thank you for giving me the space I needed. No question, no lecture, just a gentle squeeze on the shoulder. That tore my heart more than seeing mom crying.

I hope Ekiel would grow up to be at least half the man you are Pa. A man of wisdom and principles. A gentle soul with a strong spirit. A simple being but significant to many.

one of my favourite photo my dad. cari remote astro. *smiles*

Happy Father’s Day Pa.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


My hormones were drunk the past few weeks.

Hence the hiatus. I wish I was in an exotic location far away with a gorgeous gorgeous man but instead I was at home with a stinky stinky boy who amuses me with little antics.

Ekiel: I miss my school. I miss eating the cookies. I miss drinking the milo. Good times. Goooooooddddd timeeeess.

I was staring at the calendar counting the days before my much needed vacation when I realised half the year has already *swoosh*ed by. However, I wasn’t sad because my life was a steady track of ordinary-ness for the past six months. I was sad because I couldn’t care less.

The only thing I can do when everything goes wrong is not to lose my head because if I did, I would end up in CI channel – Snapped: Woman Who Kill, With A Stapler.

I also have developed an extreme loathing for loud-annoying-attention-seeking sigh. So that wasn’t helpful. It’s difficult when everyone else seems to think they are carrying more weight of the problems of the world on their shoulder. * loud-annoying-attention-seeking sighs* Hee.


*courtesy of SHR

I attended the 10th Palliative Care Association Dinner & Show featuring 100% Kylie. Honestly, it was great when Lucy sang Kylie’s hit songs. It brought me back to my weird big hair and even weirder colourful wardrobe phase. When she wasn’t, it was okay larr and when she went backstage to change, it was so-so. I was expecting something like or even better than SYTYCD but maybe the stage was a little too small for a WOW performance.

Btw, when I say weird colourful wardrobe, think matching blouse and top with island and coconut tree print. Of course, at that point of time I just listen to the Wardrobe Director aka my mother.

Ekiel celebrated his 5th birthday few Sundays ago. I managed to make that boy super excited by throwing a Ben10 themed party. I love the boy so much I even make a piƱata from scratch from balloons, starch glue and newspaper. My mom told me to make it thicker so they can play it longer, but it backfired because it was too hard, my sister had to poke a hole and ripped it apart. The Mamee and jelly didn’t survive the beating.

The floating Ben10 octopus

Have you register yourself [and your family & friends] for the 7K Run? *winks*