Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Iced milo

My FB stats are just bunch of senseless rambling.
Worst when I am bored.

Rindu cinta baru ku

Who is it you ask?
Iced milo.
I was craving for iced milo and people thought I was in love.

Watched Eat Pray Love the other day.
Makes me miss Bali much and I can’t wait till Feb 2012!

Anyway, the scene with Ketut Liyer reminded me of our meeting during my last trip.
Memorable indeed.

Pak Ketut,
21/2 years have come and go.
I still don’t hear the wedding bells.
Oh well.
Though I may never hear the wedding bells but don’t you worry Pak Ketut, I am still sweeeeet like sugar.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It is funny how a random and unintentional action could lead to unnecessary speculations.
Very the drama I thought but even my own 6 year old son thinks the same way.

“Mommy, the picture next to you, your bf kah?” (pointing to some article in the paper)

So funny and scary at the same time.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What is heaven?

Ekiel asked what does one do when he or she is in heaven?
My sister said, google it.

I absentmindedly answered him that heaven is where we will be together, forever with our loved ones doing the things we enjoy.
He thinks it is great.
And looking forward to grow old and meet up in heaven.

Oh Ekiel, you're asking all these questions a little too soon for my liking.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

a sad farewell

I try not to regret the things in the past.
Either with the things that I have done. Or didn’t do.

However, August broke not only my heart but my whole being.

It was something which was said during the eulogy that changed me.
The only thing is; I do not know what to do with this change.
I’ve tried embracing it, but I felt kinda silly especially when my good intentions are not understood.
And get really frustrated with the lack of response.

Didn’t know it would be this difficult to change an old habit.
Is this why people never change?

“It is sad that we, the family, are finally gathered all together but under this circumstance. And only during his days in the hospital, the children and the grandchildren would hold his hand, hold him, caresses him, to show our love and affection for him. Tell him how much we love him. But it is good that before he left this world, he knows how much he is loved.”

When he was transferred to QE, I make it a point to visit him whenever I can. Unfortunately I would just shake his hand and stood by the bed side. And get out from the ward with the “too many people” excuse. In all honesty, I was scared of the inevitable. I could not accept the fact that he was not the same man I am used to seeing. I didn’t know what to do. How to react. What to say. How do you comfort pain? How do you tell them everything will be fine when you know it won’t?

After two weeks of thinking and worrying, I finally broke down.

I regretted for not coming to my senses earlier.
I also regretted for always taking things for granted.
Like believing I have 20 more years before I have to go through this heartache.

So no more waiting and assuming I have all the time in the world.
I will no longer hesitate and will make more effort to show my affection and appreciation to the people I care and love. No more choosing over sleep than spending time with my families and friends.

It’s not going to be easy, but I will sure damn try.

Anyway, he finally went to a better place at his own time, and definitely after giving a good fight.

That afternoon when we “escorted” him back, I started cry-laughing as we turn into the junction to our kampong. The sun peeked through the gray clouds and it stayed that way until we got to the house. It’s touching because he hated the hospital and even planned his escape. All he wanted to do was to go home.

And finally he did.

Rest in peace Akong.
You are missed and remembered.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Niah Adventure and the blurry pics

The many many staircases in Niah

the wooden walkway to the cave

that's me dragging my feet up

momok's eye. heheheh

this is the rope thingy that helps those people to collect the nest

the great cave

trader's cave

trader's cave again

again trader's cave

the walkway towards trader's cave

bird's nest

niah river

the boat yg saya sedih with

Niah Adventure

I have always wanted to visit the Niah Caves. I am not exactly the most adventurous person, but the idea of wondering into a “prehistorical world” is fascinating to me. The images of swallows, I think they are swallows, circling the sky with bats flying out of the caves and the way the sun rays dances in the cave is captivating.

Even Ekiel wants to visit the Niah Caves thanks to tourismmalaysia TVC.

But of course, not everything turns out the way you imagined it to be and this seems to be a permanent mantra of my life.

The journey to Niah is like an hour or so from Miri. I was hoping to see the cave the moment we arrived Niah, of course tough luck. We paid our RM10.00 entrance fee at the counter and walked to the jetty to take the boat.

When I heard boat, I was thrilled because I thought I would finally get to ride the “local” boats. We paid RM1 per person per ride and OMG I was so bumped not only because it was one of those ordinary boat, but also because the journey took less than 1 minute. We crossed over the Niah River and the hike to Niah Caves begins.

Oh, if you didn’t bring torchlight, you can rent one at the jetty counter. Yes, you will need torchlight considering you’re going inside a cave and preferably a bigger one because a small torchlight is not very useful. Especially when shared with three people.

There is an information centre by the jetty where you can find out everything you need to know about Niah.

The long breezy walk [of 3.5km] to the cave is pretty easy as you only need to follow the constructed walkway. Unfortunately, the cemented path was a little slippery with the wet leaves from the rain the night before. I did some acrobatic stunts which thankfully only the squirrels saw.

When I saw the “rest stop” I was pretty sure we were almost there. We were. Almost to the gate of the Niah Caves that is.

Now, considering I had no form of exercise except for fork and spoon lifting, I think I did the long walk pretty well. Until I see the staircases I have to climb. It wasn’t that bad really, but *ahem* baby elephants don’t do stairs well.

We arrived at the Trader’s Cave first. My camera could not capture the beauty of the place, and everything inside Niah Caves. And sadly my description will not do the place justice.

From the Trader’s Cave, we continued to climb the stairs to the Great Cave. Now the Great Cave is indeed great. It’s a HUGE opening with staircases that leads you to the different part of the cave. There are also several ‘ropes’ dangling from the top and I was told it was used to collect the bird’s nest.

I was puzzled at first to how they got the rope hanging from the top, but my friend said, they climbed over the cave and slot in the rope from the top. Either way, it is fascinating to imagine how bird’s nest collection was done then.

There are a couple more caves you could venture to. I am not sure which cave we went, but the sight were definitely magnificent. Again, torchlight is an essential piece of equipment for this adventure and we cut our journey short as it was difficult to see with one tiny headlamp.

For nature lovers, Niah Cave is a must. For those who are expecting something else, make plans to visit different parts of Miri. Hee.

I’m thinking Mulu Caves for my next trip. Anyone?