Sunday, August 31, 2008

sunday is not necessarily a day of rest

I’ve survived the first assignment and now I am struggling with the second one. I know it involves a lot of research, but I didn’t realize the information needed is DIFFICULT to obtain. *bangs head on wall*

So what can a woman do at a time like this? Take a deep breath, dive leg first with my eyes shut closely, crossing my fingers and hope that the universe would not turn this no-one-else’s-but-mine-fault dilemma into one of its tasteless joke. I am still blaming them for “hiding” that one question in that MT quiz the other day. *whistles*

What? Everyone claims they are a victim of circumstances. I do not want to be a killjoy and mess with the “if you can’t beat them, join them” system no?

The Internet is a world of information…
after today, I begin to doubt that.

I was watching the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympic 2008 the other day and something really impressed me. Nope, it’s not the performance nor the number of people gathered in that stadium that night.

Btw, how long do you think for the last person to get out of the stadium?

Anyway, I was impressed with the flags those flag bearer carried into the stadium. *LOL* I know, but it was just so… nice to see how smooth it was, not even a single crease in any of those flags. 204 large flags all nicely ironed.

I’ve attended a function serving 20 tables only and they can’t even use clean tablecloths let a lot iron them.

It’s those little things that make a woman like me happy.

To all Malaysian, Happy Independence Day.
*waves a well ironed mini Jalur Gemilang patriotically*

Saturday, August 30, 2008

before I force myself to finish my assignments...

My point about “the most religious people are not necessarily the nicest bunch on earth” is confirmed with what happened today.

This sort of behavior only calls for mockery by those who don’t believe in religion.
I am sure because that happened soon after the above incident. *sighs*
I guess at times like this, one can only have faith and believe everything will turn out fine.

The past few weeks, my son was singing this song over and over.

EK: Sexy mommy, sexy sexy mommy…

My sisters pitied my son for being delusional.
Anyway, I thought it was just something he made up until I heard the song in the radio recently. It was a phrase from Sexy Can I by Ray J feat Yung Berg.

Sexy can I, just pardon my manners

That boy could remember song lyrics WAY better than I do. Of course his version is incorrect as he would sing it exactly how he thinks he heard it. *LOL* He knows the original lyrics because he sang it to me too. So I asked him why he sings it in his version.

EK: Because mommy sexy

My boy, the sweet talker.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

here I am... at 3'oclock in the morning....

It is 3.00am and I am battling between going to Zzz and finishing my assignment.

The obvious choice is to go to bed since I have a shooting to look after tomorrow (this means I will have to be on my feet the half of the day, following them around like I have nothing better to do). However, my fear is in-charge now and it tells me to finish the assignment by tonight so I could concentrate on the other assignment, which happens to be a more challenging task. *sighs*

In the midst of my chaos, I still have the time to check out the FREE SEATS offered by the Now Everyone Can Fly Airlines. I SO NEED A HOLIDAY!!! Trying to get the perfect date is a difficult feat but trying to get everyone organized is more difficult. Would it be a bad idea if only two women travel together to a foreign land? I think it would be fun and so much less complicated but the stories you hear about what happened to the other female tourists can be scary.

I need a break not a horrifying adventure. I have enough of those in the office.

With the predictable polling result, almost everyone is excited with the changes that are soon to take place. Honestly, I didn’t even remember the polling so that pretty much sums up my interest in politics. But I must say I am curious to see what will happen and whether the promises made are kept. Based on my experience, “talk is cheap” but someone told me, they need a chance to prove themselves. Very true.

It’ll be interesting to see Labuan returned back to Sabah though.

You know what’s funny, for some weird reason I keep on receiving an email from a particular unknown individual who fights for the rights of the people of his ethnic group. I have no issues about that. It’s just that I find it silly for that person to send me emails that puts other ethnicity in an unfair situation. Like hello? Doesn’t he realise what he is doing? If he can’t even figure that out, how is he supposed to convince me that his fight is right?

Moral of the story is, before you call the kettle black, make sure you’re scrubbed pretty good first.

Monday, August 25, 2008

monday ain't so bad unless...

you have two assignments you haven't even started with about a week before the submission date AND work just sucks big time, you wish you can just tell everyone to stick their head in a microwave or something.

He has no idea what I am doing, he just wants to do it too.

Can someone please remind me, why am I doing this again?
7 more subjects/months to go.
Note to self "Hang in there, you".

I am pissed for missing that stupid question in the quiz last week. *smacks head loudly* It's no biggie, but still, how. can. I. be. so. damn. careless? *sighs*

I can't wait for this month to be over. It was suppose to be MY month (or so they say in one of those Aquarius horoscope 2008 thingy). *sticks tongue out*


Saturday, August 23, 2008

hooray hooray!!! it's a saturday!!

Thank goodness for weekends!!!

Those were the days when I can spend my weekends sleeping and eating before I have to go back to reality. My son will never let me sleep longer than him and sometimes that boy can be very persistent.

Ekiel: Mommy wake up. Pagi (morning) already. We go down (to the living room)

Me: Zzzz

Ekiel: Mommy, bangun (wake up)

Me: Five minutes… Zzzz

Ekiel: MOMMY!!! WAKE UP!!! (while he almost tear my eyelids so I would open them)

At least I saved some money from buying alarm clocks.

My son is still coughing after all the ice creams and cold drink he had in KL. Last Saturday was a full day for me with plans of attending a full moon party and meeting up an old friend for coffee later. But before all that, I attended the sunset mass with Ekiel.

Before the mass started, he was suddenly attacked with heavy duty coughing. While all eyes were on us, he ended the "show" by throwing up. Yes, he puked his gut out. In church. Not those little puke but more like “Exorcist” kind of puke. Instead of smelling like my Kenzo perfume, I smelled like Dumex Chocolate. One of the perks of motherhood.

The best thing is, we couldn't leave immediately because my sister has not arrived. After my little attempt to clean both of us up, we waited for her under a tree with people wondering what happened to the two of us with our half-wet half-puke clothes.

Bye bye plans because he was clingy and I had to take him to the clinic again because the medication he was taking obviously did not work.

My poor mom had to mop the church floor.

Yes, I am laughing as I type this entry but it was sure embarrassing then. Those people giving me the "why can't you control your son's vomiting system" look. *sticks tongue out*

Oh well, this would make an excellent story when he brings his girlfriend home.

Ekiel with his puke-stained shirt

Friday, August 22, 2008

instant entry

My mom’s favourite hypermarket was burnt down yesterday and her first reaction was “Where am I going to do my grocery shopping now?”

And that people is a sure sign that this is going to be a whining entry.
If you do not want me to ruin your happy, almost perfect day, I suggest you come back tomorrow where I promise a more fun and happier blog because I believe everything must have a balance, therefore I MUST counter this frustrating-venting writing.

In my almost 10 years of working experience, I have never felt this low about my work before. Not even when my ex boss threaten to hit me with something (there were only papers and his laptop on his table) or screamed “Don’t you dare walk out when I am still talking” for something I didn’t do. Or even when I had to kiss some arses at wee hour in the morning because he was an important client. Or even that time when RM200 was missing from my POS system when I was a cashier. Or when I had to carry RM5K in cash, walked across town, pay the invoice and walked back in the rain.

It didn’t affected me that bad because I was very secure about my work for I was good at it and my boss acknowledged this fact. My boss trusted me to do what I need to do.

Here, it’s a totally different game. Everyone thinks I am an idiot and inexperienced. *rolls eyes* It’s difficult to shine when you have people who is taking credit for all the work and uses “Tai Chi” to redirect the their problems resulted from their own wrongdoings to someone else.

Maybe I should learn it from my dad as he practises the real “Tai Chi” every morning with the rest of the *ahem* “matured’ citizens in a nearby park.

But why should I be one of them?

Though the day has not been that great, I will write a positive and inspiring entry today (even if I have to pull my hair to think of one).

So… inspiring eh?

This is a hard one.

Hmmm… you know, during insane periods like this, I am always reminded that I am blessed in many ways. Those reminders are my patience top-ups, which without I would be running around town flailing around an axe in one hand and a chainsaw in another.

Natalie du Toit, the 24-year old South African swimmer, competes in the Beijing Olympics. To be able to compete in the Olympics is a dream come true for all athletes. It takes dedication, determination and a lot of hard work to be a part of the world’s most prestigious game. That reason alone earns my utmost respect for I am not ashamed to admit, I am very much lacking of those qualities.

To Natalie, her endeavour is bigger as she lost half of her left leg in an accident seven years ago.

Though she only finished in 16th placing, I think she have won even a bigger prize.

I should not let my spirit dampen over the idiotic things that is happening. Those events are beyond my control. I cannot be responsible for their actions and therefore I should not allow the consequences of their actions to affect me.

I should be able to handle this more maturely. I am after all the sensible one no? I still haven’t figure out the solutions to some of the “headaches” but one thing I am very clear. I will not give up without a fight.

To Natalie, though the chances of cows flying is higher than you reading this entry, thank you and congratulations.

Me: *nag nag nag*
Ezekiel: Mommy, you’re so noisy.

Yes, I bullshit a little too much sometimes.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Every time I concoct one of my so-called evil plans, I never carry it through.
*head hangs in shame*
Am I scared? I must say I do worry of the consequences.
Am I that lazy? Everyone knows my affair with procrastination. Remember my “Learn A New Language Project”? I rest my case.

I am no saint but honestly, by the time I finish devising the evil plan, my frustration level drops. Of course I will still feel upset but I no longer have the need to be nasty anymore.

This morning, I was |this close| to sending that well-composed email about me not feeling the team spirit and how it sucks not to be told anything especially when it concerns yours truly to all the “necessary” people. In fact I saved it in my thumbdrive when I had to put my mission on hold because I got work to do. When I finally had the time to edit it, I “rolls eyes” *sighs heavily* wish I hit the Jackpot today before I lose my cool and sanity.

So much for my so-called evil plan kan?

Maybe this is why some people DO NOT TAKE ME SERIOUSLY.
But why must we be the devil to be noticed?
What happens to “do your best and you will be rewarded accordingly” (or something like that)?
Maybe they should stop teaching that bullshit in school.