Friday, August 15, 2008

think before you speak

Today is the beginning of another long battle that leads to unnecessary headaches and frustration in my so-called career. * bangs head on keyboard*

I was told it would be a 50-50 thing but knowing these people, I have better chances of eloping with the The Broken Japanese Anime Hero to an exotic land far far away. *evil laugh*

Just now I was told it’s a whole new game but of course, there is no black and white to this arrangement either and the odds of these people change their mind is sky high. Why can’t these people decide what they want? Ikut suka hati bapak dorang saja dorang ni (every decision is made according to their fancy and whims).

What does “hacked” means?

In a security context, a hacker is someone involved in computer security/insecurity, specializing in the discovery of exploits in systems (for exploitation or prevention), or in obtaining or preventing unauthorized access to systems through skills, tactics and detailed knowledge.


So when someone told me, “Our system got hacked. He got our password so he goes in and messed with it” I gave him the “heh?” look.

When someone was given the password out of trust (work related), and he uses it to go into the system and mess with it, is it considered as hacking? I’d call it sabotage. *raises right eyebrow* I wonder if these people really understand what they are saying sometimes.

My point is all these assumptions and accusations can be ridiculous.

Many times, we rush into making a decision or forming an opinion.

Like the 90:10 petition.

Read about it at KlubbKidd Blogdrive or Mr Manager, my daily doses of coffee and source of entertainment news.

What is my take on the issue?

Honestly? It’s ridiculous.

I mean, I am all out when it comes to giving the local music artist a FAIR CHANCE in the industry but to control it like that? Why are we penalizing talented people who understand what the music industry demands? It is not their fault if some people are not able to produce what we, listeners, like to hear.

I am no professional but do you really think to restrict the music as such would rescue our local music industry? The only time I listen to the radio is when I am in the car, otherwise I’d be singing along to my MP3s. With the so many radio stations, what made them think that no one would switch the station whenever another not-so-popular local song is on? Even my three-year old son knows how to change the station kay.

With technology, they can even ban the foreign music if they want to but we surely will still find ways to get our hands on them. Then what? Ban the Internet as well?

This not-thinking-it-through attitude will only create more problems. Trust you me. Why can’t they (the music industry and some people whom I’d like to kick some senses into) tackle the problem instead of finding idiotic solutions and pointing fingers?

Again, one of life’s little mystery.

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