Saturday, August 30, 2008

before I force myself to finish my assignments...

My point about “the most religious people are not necessarily the nicest bunch on earth” is confirmed with what happened today.

This sort of behavior only calls for mockery by those who don’t believe in religion.
I am sure because that happened soon after the above incident. *sighs*
I guess at times like this, one can only have faith and believe everything will turn out fine.

The past few weeks, my son was singing this song over and over.

EK: Sexy mommy, sexy sexy mommy…

My sisters pitied my son for being delusional.
Anyway, I thought it was just something he made up until I heard the song in the radio recently. It was a phrase from Sexy Can I by Ray J feat Yung Berg.

Sexy can I, just pardon my manners

That boy could remember song lyrics WAY better than I do. Of course his version is incorrect as he would sing it exactly how he thinks he heard it. *LOL* He knows the original lyrics because he sang it to me too. So I asked him why he sings it in his version.

EK: Because mommy sexy

My boy, the sweet talker.

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