Saturday, August 23, 2008

hooray hooray!!! it's a saturday!!

Thank goodness for weekends!!!

Those were the days when I can spend my weekends sleeping and eating before I have to go back to reality. My son will never let me sleep longer than him and sometimes that boy can be very persistent.

Ekiel: Mommy wake up. Pagi (morning) already. We go down (to the living room)

Me: Zzzz

Ekiel: Mommy, bangun (wake up)

Me: Five minutes… Zzzz

Ekiel: MOMMY!!! WAKE UP!!! (while he almost tear my eyelids so I would open them)

At least I saved some money from buying alarm clocks.

My son is still coughing after all the ice creams and cold drink he had in KL. Last Saturday was a full day for me with plans of attending a full moon party and meeting up an old friend for coffee later. But before all that, I attended the sunset mass with Ekiel.

Before the mass started, he was suddenly attacked with heavy duty coughing. While all eyes were on us, he ended the "show" by throwing up. Yes, he puked his gut out. In church. Not those little puke but more like “Exorcist” kind of puke. Instead of smelling like my Kenzo perfume, I smelled like Dumex Chocolate. One of the perks of motherhood.

The best thing is, we couldn't leave immediately because my sister has not arrived. After my little attempt to clean both of us up, we waited for her under a tree with people wondering what happened to the two of us with our half-wet half-puke clothes.

Bye bye plans because he was clingy and I had to take him to the clinic again because the medication he was taking obviously did not work.

My poor mom had to mop the church floor.

Yes, I am laughing as I type this entry but it was sure embarrassing then. Those people giving me the "why can't you control your son's vomiting system" look. *sticks tongue out*

Oh well, this would make an excellent story when he brings his girlfriend home.

Ekiel with his puke-stained shirt

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eSKay said...

jus fyi, its not good to give cough syrup to ur son. not at that age. thats wat a doctor told me. so, for an immediate relief, try to rub ekil's feet as in tapak kaki with vicks. he'll stop coughing right away. :)