Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fancy names

Only in Sabah. I do think we have the strangest if not the craziest names for roads / housing areas / buildings. In fact, I think it applies to almost everything.

*pics courtesy of Veena Rusli


My son brought home a souvenir book in conjunction with the kindergarten’s 75th anniversary. In total, there were 3 photos of my son (1 individual and 2 group photos), 1 of us during the sports day and the rest are pretty much crap - advertisements from sponsors and photos from previous events and what not.

Just say if I were to produce such book for work, I’d be jobless by now.
But since it’s free, why should I complain.
So I thought.

Then my dad told me I have to fork out RM28 for the book.

It’s not so much about the amount that I have to pay. I just disagree with how the school is ‘forcing’ us to pay for everything; a minimum of 2 tickets (RM50 a piece) per child for the graduation dinner, costumes for school performances; donation for bazaar; photos where you can only see certain part of Ekiel, etc.

I think I belong somewhere in the middle of the lower income group and apart from the monthly school fees which increases every year, this is really inconvenient. I wonder how those with 3 children in the kindergarten (from pre-school to kindergarten year 2) do it?

I know prices of things increases every year, but unlike most people, I only got an increment after 4 years and that is not much.

I also understand that the school is in a bad shape. But seriously?
I have been collecting funds for school building throughout my schooling life. It is okay that I don’t get to enjoy the new primary school building, but hey, after 16 years leaving the secondary school, there is still no building nothing. Eh?

I was told that primary schools will not be easy too especially since I am so determined to put him into a Chinese school.  Well, we all want what is best for our child, so this is something that I and every parent have to figure out.  

Ekiel: WHAT? Another 16 years of school? How many times sleep is that? I think I will have a headache.
Me: Welcome to my club little boy.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

happy place

Some people just have a beautiful way of looking at the world.
And I am definitely not one of them.
This looking at the world with my head tilted to the left is not working so great for me anymore.

“Universe, are you done messing with me? I’d like to have a normal life. Like everyone else.”
But wait, what is normal again?

The world has become a little scary and a sad the past few weeks. News of abandoned babies, kids raping kids, a little girl got run over and no one cared... everything was a little too much for me to digest. And it is everywhere. On print news, TV, online portals, television, twitter and heck, it is even on my FB wall. And every time I log in, I have to do my own version of censorship.

I know you want to share the news as a lesson/reminder to others, but I like my wall to be a happy place, thank you very much.

I also have enough headaches with my own reality.
Unfortunately there are people who feed off my unhappiness, and no matter what I do, I will never win. So, I am becoming Oscar the Grouch, and I hate it.

But, despite all that, I am still thankful for everything and everyone.
Like Ekiel forgetting his school bag.
Or went to school without any socks on.
Because I know I am blessed compared to others.

All is well. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I know it is silly but I do not what to do tomorrow. I want to go out and enjoy the great big outdoor, but when I think about the Sunday crowd and the unpredictable weather, the usual Sunday sleeping-in indulgence is more, appealing.

Maybe I should go karaoke with Ekiel.
But that’ll be a problem because he doesn’t know how to read, which means he’ll get bored and with his attention span of a monkey, he’ll want to leave. And if we don’t leave fast enough, he’ll start whining and becomes annoying.

He rather we do anything water but his mommy does not want to get burn this weekend. Got a function next weekend and I do not intend on going with my skin peeling miserably. *whistles*

Anyway, back on the karaoke. I was browsing one of the local family-friendly karaoke centres for their rates. It looked kinda cool, until I read their menu. Apparently they serve ‘delusional cousins of Malay, Chinese and Indians’. *ROFL*

This is not a joke people. Google it.

Here I am worried about my grammar, and some people just blindly upload their REALLY wrong copy for the whole world to make fun see.

Maybe I should stop worrying so much despite what the ‘buffalo wing’ and ‘apfelstrudel’ said.

Friday, October 14, 2011


I don’t drive. I pretty much depend on my siblings to get around. So one day, after work, I called home to get myself a driver. Ekiel picked up the call.

Me: Ekiel, ask C to pick me up
(Ekiel asked C)
Ekiel: Mommy, she said must pay RM10
Me: I don’t have money
Ekiel: Mommy, (whispering) you said yes only, when inside the car you give her coins. 40sen. I have in my wallet.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

wed quickie

I am almost willing to do anything to punch him in the face.
But my parents taught me better than that.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

random phrase 061011

something expensive

Sometimes when it feels like the whole world is ganging up on me, there is always that one person who can make me smile.

Unfortunately he is often distracted by the iphone.

So Ekiel, I am not going to buy myself an iphone even though you say I deserve something expensive.

Monday, October 03, 2011


For someone my size, I am hard to miss.
But it happens.

People just don’t ‘see’ me.