Saturday, October 29, 2011


My son brought home a souvenir book in conjunction with the kindergarten’s 75th anniversary. In total, there were 3 photos of my son (1 individual and 2 group photos), 1 of us during the sports day and the rest are pretty much crap - advertisements from sponsors and photos from previous events and what not.

Just say if I were to produce such book for work, I’d be jobless by now.
But since it’s free, why should I complain.
So I thought.

Then my dad told me I have to fork out RM28 for the book.

It’s not so much about the amount that I have to pay. I just disagree with how the school is ‘forcing’ us to pay for everything; a minimum of 2 tickets (RM50 a piece) per child for the graduation dinner, costumes for school performances; donation for bazaar; photos where you can only see certain part of Ekiel, etc.

I think I belong somewhere in the middle of the lower income group and apart from the monthly school fees which increases every year, this is really inconvenient. I wonder how those with 3 children in the kindergarten (from pre-school to kindergarten year 2) do it?

I know prices of things increases every year, but unlike most people, I only got an increment after 4 years and that is not much.

I also understand that the school is in a bad shape. But seriously?
I have been collecting funds for school building throughout my schooling life. It is okay that I don’t get to enjoy the new primary school building, but hey, after 16 years leaving the secondary school, there is still no building nothing. Eh?

I was told that primary schools will not be easy too especially since I am so determined to put him into a Chinese school.  Well, we all want what is best for our child, so this is something that I and every parent have to figure out.  

Ekiel: WHAT? Another 16 years of school? How many times sleep is that? I think I will have a headache.
Me: Welcome to my club little boy.

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