Tuesday, April 25, 2006

fair or unfair

If life is fair, then everyone would be too godamn happy. The world doesn’t need many happy people. For that reason, some of us go through a shitty life so we could be a freaking moral story to others so they could live our happily ever after.

Some are the heir to unbelievable fortunes while some comes into hardship that haunts my so-called perfect world. How does the universe decide? Who gets what? Is it fate? Was our life already written even before we were born? Was it a simple game of “rock, paper and scissor”? Is our life the result of every decision/action we make? Does luck have anything to do with anything? Is karma really about what goes around comes around?

Many of us are romantic fools who put our whole entire being to fate. It gives some sort of comfort to know that we are not in control of our life, and most importantly the luxury to blame something/someone when everything goes wrong. Though it is very handy in dealing with certain unwanted questions, there’s got to be more that just living the life of a written script. Or in my case; a badly written script.

There are those who hold their own destiny and are driven by what I would describe as unnatural willpower. Unnatural because it is foreign to me - I could however fake it when necessary. The determination to improve their life is admirable and it should be encouraged. ENCOURAGED not shoved down my throat. Snake lured Eve with the forbidden fruit. Get it? The world would have lesser problems if the snake shoved the apple down Eve’s throat.

Maybe I am expecting too much from the world & everybody else. That would very much explain the constant bummer. Maybe the day I realized the world was bigger than my built-in comfort zone, I got lost. Maybe the day I decided I wasn’t going to let FATE get to me, I made a bad decision. Maybe my immorality and malicious hypocrisy is getting back at me.

It doesn’t matter what or how life/the universe work I supposed. You could look for the answers in books, places or bad habits. At the end of the day, it’s what YOU want to believe. I know this. Yet I still feel the need to question and challenge, well not so much on the challenge bit but more blaming. I am just sorry some people do not understand this and have the need to shove (again with shoving) their belief on me.

I believe what goes around, comes around. I do try to be nice to everybody even when certain people treat me like s***. Let’s not forget how the world gave me a peek/taste of fairytales only to take it back before I could hold on to it.

I don’t know nor will I ever understand this. The world has become a scary place to live in. People have become unpredictable. Every one is unhappy with something/someone. Remember what I wrote earlier, those people are my moral stories. To be grateful with what I have. I may sound selfish, but that is the sad reality.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

cooking for seven

Been thinking and planning what to get my parents for their 29th wedding anniversary. 29 years of “for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish” *clap clap clap*

When you’re… well if you’re me, you would have to think creatively how to make it a joyous occasion. Since I couldn’t afford anything, and my other siblings are U-S-E-L-E-S-S, I decided to cook them a nice dinner.

I am not a big fan of cooking. I could however prepare edible dishes without causing any casualties. You don’t have to be a genius to learn how to cook. Anyone who can read and understand instructions can cook. So, if you say you can’t cook, you’re just being lazy. Like me. The only difference between us and professional chefs are, we are not as passionate when it comes to cooking. We like eating better. Btw, Mom, cooking skill is NOT a thing every guy looks for in a woman. Ha.

You could get a little creative by replacing or make do with certain ingredients. Just let your taste bud do the magic. Chances are, if it tastes good to you, it will taste good to other people too. Of course, everyone is a critic and there are a few who will shamelessly complain a little too loud. My suggestion is to never cook for this people even when the pork chops are flying.

My mom developed protein allergies about ten years ago and it is a challenge to find dishes that my mom could eat. No dairy. No legumes. No seafood. No eggs. She’s also allergic to a long list of stuff. Something to do with her hormones. It’s not easy for her because she has to give up all her favorite food and other things. When she goes out to functions, she couldn’t eat anything because some people are just insensitive to her problem. She has to be on medication all the time and sometimes even that doesn’t help. All those medication will effect on her in the long run. *sigh*

Anyway, did some research on the internet and I found out there are so many substitutes for things that my mom couldn’t consume. Thank goodness for that. I didn’t know nor would I ever imagine you could use a banana or water + baking soda + oil to replace an egg in a cake recipe. Hee. Anyway, I told her about this and she was skeptical but very very excited. My mom has been craving for cakes for the past ten years!

I just hope I won’t screw everything up.

Friday, April 07, 2006

job hunting

I am not gonna pretend I am not annoyed because I AM SO PISSED OFF. *sigh*

One terrible interview after another is just too much. There’s a reason why we make appointments. There’s another reason why secretaries are hired. TO MAKE THOSE DAMN APPOINTMENTS! I’ve wasted a lot of time WAITING and to be sent home because the manager “suddenly” had an urgent meeting she/he needed to attend. I am not deaf you know. I could hear you panicking when you realized you screw up.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s bad luck. Maybe I am cursed forever by some idiot for whatever reason. Ha.

It’s ridiculous how some of these people/organizations work. Here’s a story. A well known developer in town called me for an interview for an Admin Officer. I went and met the HR Manager. She thought I’d be more useful in a different position (Secretary) after she read my resume because of my advertising background. According to her, the secretary deals a lot with proof reading, advertisements, making contacts with the government agencies. I thought, yeah I could do all that. She told me to go home and wait for her call for the next interview appointment with her boss.

She called me up the next day and told me to come and see her boss. So I went. Waited for one hour before she told me to go home and wait for her call again because the boss had a “sudden” meeting. Then she called and set another appointment. I again drag myself. Met the Executive Director and she was talking about a totally different job scope for the Secretary position. She then told me I got the job and I was supposed to see the GM. So I did. That is when I wanted to strangle someone.

The GM told me he needed a Secretary who could take minutes and I don’t have that experience. He also said he needed someone who’s tough and willing to work hard. He said I am more suitable in the Multimedia Department because of my writing experience. He then said but he doesn’t know if I could write. I may not be able to. He then told me to do a sample of their company profile (five pages) and also a sample of minute writing and to come back in two days. He was rude and obnoxious. Before I could explain myself, he already made assumptions. I hate that. Really hate that. I didn’t apply for the Secretary post. Your HR manager gave me that position you idiot. Manager or no manager, you have to learn how to communicate effectively!!!

I don’t know about other people, but to me it’s just plain unreasonable. If the managerial people could communicate properly and understand the work scope of their employees, then maybe their employees would be more committed and loyal to the company. Isn’t it a bad sign when the staffs were bitching about the bosses even with me in the room? Hee.

I decided to forget about this job. I’m sure there’ll be other opportunities.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The tale of the Anchovies

About 2 weeks ago at the wet market in town.
Mom: I bought anchovies to mix in Ekiel’s porridge. Remember to cook them.
Me: Mmmm
My mind: Why did I leave the house? Mannn… it’s so hot! Water! I need Water! Oohhh, is that corn in cup? I want corn in cup!

Mom: When are you going to cook those anchovies? It has been two weeks. You want to wait until goes off to college? Clara? Are you listening to me? Ekiel, look at your mommy. She’s such a pig.Me: Fine. I’ll do it now. No need name calling in front of the baby *rolling eyes*
My mind: ZZzzzz

Mom: Wash it then let it dry. Then fry them until their crispy. Then you blender them finely.
Me: I know. I know.
My mind: Run them under the tap. Fry for a while. Blender.

Mom: Make sure you take the foreign thing out.
Me: What foreign thing? They’re anchovies. Tiny fishes. What foreign thing?
My mind: Foreign? Like immigrants? Hahaha. Mannn… It’s so warm in here.

Mom: There can be other kind of fishes or tiny rocks. You have to take them out.
Me: If we just fry and blender them, it wouldn’t make any difference.
My mind: Blender them! Blender them!

Mom: You can’t do that.
Me: Why not? They’re seafood.
My mind: Seafood? I want crabs. Crabs. Crabs.

Mom: Once, someone died because there was a baby blowfish in the anchovies. You don’t want that to happen do you?Me: (No replies)
My mind: Ohhh baby blowfish. Where? Where?

Me: Mom, there’s no baby blowfish though I did find something else. *grinning*
My mind: Squish it. Squish it.
Mom: I don’t want to know. Go fry it until it’s crispy. CRISPY.

Me: I’m gonna take a picture first.
My mind: I am bored. I wonder what’s on TV now.
Mom: Picture? Why? Don’t you have better… never mind. I don’t want to know. Just finish it.

Mom: Ekiel, you poor poor baby. Your mommy is acting like a lunatic idiot. Don’t worry, your grandmamma will take care of you when your mom is in a nut house.
Me: I could hear you mom!
My mind: I should blog this!