Thursday, August 30, 2007

what's your name?

Someone asked me how did I come up with my son’s name.
(I think this was ages ago but it still make an interesting entry, no?)

Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy.
My family and I argued the list of names for my son like we were the members of the parliament.
Everyone has an opinion and they make fun most of the names in ways only they could think of.

My dad suggested a few names including Ezra. In Hebrew Ezra means "aid". I liked that named and the significance of that name to me, but they commented it’s girly.
*sticks tongue out*

The funny thing is it didn’t occur to me that it was okay for ME to decide because he was my son.

One evening, while discussing the names I suddenly remembered ‘The List".
I quickly rummaged through a few boxes and there it was, waiting for me to put it in good use.
Yes yes, it was a list of names for my future children. Hee.
You see, I was determined to have kids no matter what by the time I turn 30 years old or so and those names in that list were collected over the years. It was one of those weird/crazy things I do during one of those sleepless nights. *whistles*

I don’t know if it was a brilliant idea or a sad one but the list was sure useful.

Each name was carefully thought and the meaning of each name is important to me. Yes, I am one of those people who believe that names do determine the character of a person. The names must also compliment each other not only with the meaning but also the sound of the names. It has to have a nice flow to it, know what I mean?

The first set of name on my list was Ezekiel Isaiah, which means Strength and Salvation in Hebrew. I thought it was perfect and I didn’t even bother to look at the rest of the names. It was also the first set of names no one complained about. I am not sure if they really liked it or they got tired/bored arguing about it. Either way, I decided to name my son that and my mom was the one who called him Ekiel for short. Almost everyone like the name, though there are people who think the name is too biblical.

You know, the whole choosing a name for my son episode was more exciting despite my dull narration about it. I swear.

My mom thinks my name was my dad's ex girlfriend's name Hee. I've questioned my dad about this but he pretended not to hear me.

As for that list, that list is now in a special box waiting to be useful again.

I still think the name is perfect for my son. He’s strong and stubborn but he has his gentle side too. I just wish he has more patience and understanding sometimes, especially at wee hours in the morning.

I thought Ekiel is a fast learner for his age but I just read in a blog about her 2 years 3 months old daughter could recognized 20 out of the 26 alphabets! Ekiel doesn’t even recognize any. Maybe that girl is smart but talking about pressure!?! Ekiel doesn’t have the patience to learn and his attention span is short unless he is watching Mr Bean or Spongebob Squarepants.

Dear Mr Bean & Spongebob,
My son loves you very much. He could watch the same show over and over, it drives me crazy but it’s okay because that’s the only time he could sit still. It’s good that you’re entertaining my son, although he tends to imitate the crazy things you do in your show.

Despite that I think it’s good for him because in a way it helps to expand his creativity and imagination. But maybe, maybe you could help my son to learn his alphabets. Here’s an idea. Every time before you hit your punch line, you stop for a while and encourage everyone to recite the alphabets. If that doesn’t work, a little threatening, say if you don’t recite, you’re not going to see how the show ends, etc, would do the trick. Of course this is just a suggestion. Your creative team are more than welcome to go crazy.

I thank you for your support and in return I will not complain or change the channel while your show is on the air. If I have the extra money, I will also purchase your product to show my appreciation.


P.S: While you’re at it, why don’t you teach my son how to count as well?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

tuesday already?

Today will be another LONG day.
I knew this the moment these people delay my work.
*bangs head on wall*

Don’t these people get restless night worrying about their piling work?
I do. It’s unhealthy but I just can’t help it.

Oh, before I forget I need to apologize to everyone whom I did not contact while I was in KL. My reasons are lame so I am not going to offer any explanations. All I can say is, if you disown me, I understand. *hangs head in shame*

Also to people I have not contacted here in KK, my apologies.

I feel a little bit better.

I am thinking of doing a little project. I am not sure if I want to do it for Christmas or maybe something for next year. I am worried I will only finish this project half way because I seem to be doing that a lot lately. Remember my Learning a New Language project? *whistles* I want to use my free time to create something meaningful. No, I don’t think I have been watching too many Oprah. Let me think more about this larr.

Monday, August 27, 2007

jogging? no tq

I enjoy watching some of the local independent movies. Few nights ago, I finally got to watch Goodbye Boys by Bernard Chauly. It’s not a favorite of mine but I think the movie was worth watching. It was really different, personal and real.

It’s a story about friendship and growing up. I like the fact that good friends do fight and it’s either you make up or break up. That’s life and I think it is okay when that happens. It’s also true that the friends that you meet do leave a little something of them behind with you.

I am bad movie critic aren’t I?

I am physically tired which is funny because the only exercise I’ve been doing is lifting up my spoon to eat. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the headaches from the drama and maybe it’s just hormones. OR I just need some TLC. *whistles*

I get all shy/nervous when I think of passing/walked past That Guy’s office but I have no shame admitting I am lonely in my blog.

Today is a gloomy Monday. Monday is not that bad really. It’s just that the thought of work for the next 4 days or so is not so appealing. Thank goodness this Friday is a holiday. *woohoo*

On Friday, Malaysia celebrates her 50th anniversary of independence. Everyone and everything is talking about what have Malaysian had achieved over the years and what is great about being a Malaysian.

We have achieved many things economically, technologically and socially but morally and spiritually we still have many things to learn. But nevertheless it’s great to be a Malaysian for so many reasons. The first three things I could think of are:-

Reason 1.
Malaysia has about 26 days (all states combined) of public holidays.
Sabah has 19 days.

Reason 2.
Malaysia is a 24-hour eating haven with unlimited choices of food.

Reason 3.
Mega Sale. Year End Sale.

Hee. At least I am honest when I said these are the first three things I could think of. And you could basically tell what kind of person I am with the above three things kan?

I was looking forward for the Pilates session today but they’ve replaced it with jogging due to the overwhelming response last week. Damnit. Overwhelming meh? About 50 staffs attended the jog and already they call it overwhelming response. *rolls eyes* Btw, if you read my photo release in the local newspaper, mind the figures ya. *winks*

Do I want to jog today? Honestly, I only wanted to do Pilates because there are high chances of me seeing That Guy. I am so going to get it if these people know my plan.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

it's a sunday afternoon

“Like a bad rollercoaster ride.”
If anyone is wondering how my week was like.

By Saturday evening, I lost my cool.
I just don’t get it.
I really don’t.

All I want is for them to learn to be responsible and use their common sense. The world will not bow to their fancies and whims BUT apparently I am wrong to tell them that their behavior is unacceptable.

If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t swallow my pride for them.
I will not explain myself because they’ve already made up their mind.
So be it.

I’ve attended a Press Conference at the Palliative Care Association (PCA) home last Friday. Their annual charity dinner and concert for this year will be held on 3rd November 2007 at The Magellan Sutera. Performing at the concert are the original members of The Supremes minus Diana Ross.

At the PC was a testimonial from a lady whose mother was taken care by the Association before she died a year ago. The lady was very emotional in her sharing and you could see many of us tried our best to hold our tears. The Palliative Care Association provides help for those who are terminally ill by providing free (depending on case) medication and emotional support to the patient and the patient’s family. She said she still attends the support group and it had helped her to cope with her mother’s death.

The volunteers at the PCA home have my utmost respect. It is not easy to work in situations like this. I think of myself as strong but this is something I will never be able to do.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wed gone too soon

I am already feeling the pressure of finding the perfect thing to wear for the two functions I need to attend in November. It’s crazy. I normally wouldn’t worry so much with what to wear but these ladies... these ladies really make me worry unnecessarily.

Not only it has to be WAY reasonable, I can’t wear sleeveless nor skirts above my ankle for the obvious reasons. And that people, is a challenge.

Sometimes I don’t know if I am being too sensitive but these people are all about physical looks. There is a Korean model currently staying in the resort doing a photo shoot for some magazine. I was appalled when I heard one of the guys commented the girl is fat. Fyi, she is tall, slim and pretty too. I know I shouldn’t let these people get me, but at times when I am feeling down, it is impossible to pretend remarks such as that doesn’t bother me at all.

Someone recently told me that she just realized that the world pay more attention to beautiful people and that does not include her.
I told her, "Welcome to my world".
*evil laugh*

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Participation & Attempt

Yesterday I joined the jogging exercise organized by the HR Dept in conjunction with the Wellness Month.

What? Jogging? Me? I know I know. I got the same reaction from my family and even myself. We were supposed to run around the Marina area three times but I only ran two rounds. Okay I cheated. I only ran 11/2 rounds. And no, I didn’t ran, I walked. Like I said yesterday, participation and attempt are two very good words. *winks*

I watched Oprah last night. Her "Cheer For You" show is her way of cheering (like the cheer she always get in her show!) and recognizing women who have contributed and became an inspiration to their society. I am a big Oprah fan and I know how some people feel about her. But if these people have seen what Oprah had done for these women, I am sure they will have a change of heart even if it only lasted throughout the one-hour show.

I was and still am very touched with the first woman she honored. The woman saved 570 babies within the last ten years either by arranging adoption or simply by providing help to those single mothers during pregnancy and labor.

I asked myself why couldn’t I do something as meaningful and rewarding like that?
I really need to think hard about my life’s vocation.

Anyway, I still haven’t started my Learning A New Language project thingy. *whistles* No time. Lazy. Too tired. Forgot. Just say it and I’ll admit it.


Someone went complaining to the boss that everyone in my department has an attitude problem. That has to be the funniest thing I heard today. If you’re the only one having problem blending in and work as a team, don’t you think maybe you’re the one with the problem? But what do I know kan?

I told everyone I will keep my mouth shut in today's meeting but I cannot stand the accusation. After I explain myself, then they went accusing other people. When I told him about the picture, he suddenly remembers the conversation. I am so not going to let people bully me anymore. I have enough of it. I am so proud of myself. *pats own shoulder*

As a treat, I went to get a haircut. Life is good.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Blue-ish Monday

We are very careful when feeding my son with anything that contains sugar. But lately I swear my son has a secret stash somewhere because he super-active and super uncontrollable. He cannot sit still and is very VERY physical.

Last Saturday, I almost had a heart attack in church. My son was being difficult that day and got really restless so I took him outside. The moment I let him go he started running. He ran to the main door but I managed to catch up with him. The he ran the other direction and went in through one of the side door. He continued running to the middle of the church and that’s when my heart stopped. All I could say was "OMG. OMG" under my breath. I wanted to disappear because everyone is staring at me disapprovingly. Thank goodness he made a left turn and continued running.

But seriously, do you really think I would let Ekiel run around on purpose?

These days he is so damn difficult to control. He’s only two but his stubbornness is beyond me. I have never even seen this much of determination in a grown up man.

The other day he spat on me (I do not know where he picked up this habit!) when I made him give me a kiss. I believe in discipline so I told him to apologize or I will lock him outside with the MoMo (boogeyman). For 30 minutes I held him closely while threatening to leave him outside and he just refused to say "Sorry". He usually says it when you prompt him but that didn’t work that day.

I got tired and let him go. He ran inside the house and went hiding. The funny thing was, when I held him tightly, he asked my mom, my dad and my sisters to help him. When that didn’t work, he said he is afraid. When I still won’t give in, he pretended to be in pain. I asked him where does it hurt, he said it’s his tummy and his mouth. Heh? I really don’t know where he picked up all this tricks.

Like the other day in the car. My sister was speeding when she suddenly brakes because the car in front suddenly stops in the middle of the road. We didn’t hit the front car but the impact from the brake did shaken us (me at least) a bit. Then my son looked and my sister and said "Jangan laju-laju" (Don’t drive too fast).
He’s growing up too fast.

On a different note, work sucks. No matter how often I sing my happy songs in my head, I still feel shitty. These people are like the Death Eater. They suck the happiness out of other people. So bloody mean.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

learning something new every day

I forgot the book last night.
Oh well. I will start my Learn A New Language Plan tonight.
If I’m not too tired.
Excuses. Excuses. Hee.

People tell me when you’re not feeling well; your body is trying to tell you something.
I wonder what is mine trying to tell me.
"You need to live and eat healthy damnit."

When I was younger, I never care too much what I do to my body (obviously, *hangs head in shame*). I do not see the connection how my eating/sleeping habit or lifestyle could effect my back, etc when I get older. Now that I am experiencing the consequences of the midnight shower, etc, I now somewhat believe in old wives tale. Of course I am still not bothered to practice any of them. *ahaks*

It’s funny how within one day, many things could happen that changes your opinion, principle, view and even your life.

Yesterday, I heard news that reminded me of the day that changed my life. I don’t even to think to know that I have made the right decision. But it did remind me about the changes that I have yet to make. Me, Angelicbug, am still afraid and unsure of many things but I must/need to face them. That’s life, we gotta move forward no matter what happens.

I hope things will work out for her as it did for me.

Yesterday, I am reminded again that when someone is afraid of making mistakes, they first instinct is to blame someone else for their mess. It’s only human but it stinks. I promise I will try not to do that on others and admit/pay the mistakes I make not because I am great but simply because that is the right thing to do.

Today, I am reminded that everyone is an actor and the world is one big stage. Mostly sucks with the acting bit and at the end of the day, integrity and sincerity are just two common words.

Today, I learned that I can still have sunburn even when I already sunburned.

Yesterday, I was so upset because I thought That Guy waved me goodbye forever. Don’t ask me why, it’s just a feeling I had.

Today I am so happy to see him at work I am still smiling like an idiot. *woohoo* *doing my Happy Feet dance*

(Well, I am pretty confident this time that he was waving at me. Hee. I wish he would make the damn first move because I am so messed up I will never do it).

Thursday, August 16, 2007

excuse me

Me: *burps*
Ekiel: Say what?
Me: ???
Ekiel: Say what?Me: Say what?Ekiel: Excuse me!
Me: Oh... excuse me.
Ekiel: Good job.

Let’s just hope this good manners stay with him forever. *winks*

... I am so damn lazy. I wish I could sit by the beach with a book and then dozed of the Lala Land. Those were good times.

I am trying very hard not to write about work but it is difficult when my half of my day are spent at work. Although I am at home for the other half of the day, I have already spent half of that half-day sleeping.
Now when I think about it, I only spend about 35 hours with my son in a week. *gasps* How come I never thought about this before?

Thank goodness tonight’s TM is postponed. I so do not want to drag myself and pretend that I am excited about public speaking because I don’t. I hate speaking in front of a crowd. FYI, I don’t enjoy talking to strangers too. I can never be like those people who can be your BFF within 30 seconds after meeting.

Sometimes I ask myself how did I end up doing something I don’t really enjoy for a living?

Let’s see. If I could choose any job in the world, I, would be a... top lifestyle magazine Creative Director... err no. A fashion consultant. Nay, I think I’ll be a bookshop owner larr. You know The Shop Around The Corner in "You Got Mail" movie? That kind of bookshop.

Yes, Meg Ryan eventually close down her shop (she did right?) but it’ll be nice to share with kids today the world of fairytales and the joy of reading. Even my two-year old son is no longer interested with his books. The last time I saw him holding one was Archie and I suspect this is because he was attracted to the cartoons only.

My colleague is flirting on the phone with some guy from another department. *raises one eyebrow* It doesn’t sound like flirting to me, but with that much giggling, what else can it be. It’s a little scary if you ask me. Hee.
Talking about flirting, I have been thinking about That Guy a lot too. Just the other day, while a few of us walked past his place, he smiled and waved at us. My friend asked me if he was waving at me. I told her it couldn’t be me but maybe at her instead. Honestly, I wish he were. So sad oh me kan? *blushes*

To get my mind off him and other things, I’ve decided to learn another language. Now, this plan may not even last for a week, but it is still a plan. What new language do I plan to master? The Kadazan language. Now, my reason for this is simple. My friend has a book I could borrow. *grins* Besides, I could read Kadazan like reading the BM language, so it’s easier right? Right?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blood Donation

Blood donation. We recently had blood donation drive at the resort. Personally, I find the response is poor despite what the management said. When you have less than 10% of your staff donating, you need to do something to encourage more people to go. Right? I believe that when you want to do something especially charity, you need to do it all out not just do it for the sake of doing it or for show only.

I know there are people who are afraid of blood donation. Many are afraid of the needle/pain and some are worried of the side effects. So, here is a little something I found in the Internet for those who have never done blood donation before.

What are the benefits of blood donation to me?
Ans. Every time you donate blood, screening tests are done on the blood for jaundice, hepatitis, AIDS etc. Hence, you are able to get screened for these communicable diseases free of charge. And, of course, most important of all, every time you donate blood you get the satisfaction of helping a fellow human being in his/her time of need. You will be donating a little of your blood to save someone's life.

(In Malaysia, you will enjoy medical benefits from the government hospital such as free outpatient treatment, free Hepatitis B immunization shot, etc)

Will blood donation cause harm to my health?
Ans. Blood donation does not cause any ill effects on the human body and is 100% safe. To understand this let us go a little into body physiology. The total amount of blood circulating in our body's cardiovascular system is about 5 liters. Of this amount, only about 350 ml. is bled from the body during blood donation. The human body replenishes this amount of blood donated within about 48 to 72 hours of donation. Thus there is no harmful effect to health due to blood donation.

Why should we donate blood?
Ans. Blood donation gives a proud feeling of touching someone’s life in such a beautiful way. It’s an experience that no words can define. You have to donate blood yourself to find out. By keeping the bloodline flowing, you will greatly contribute towards a healthier, happier society. Do remember that any one may require blood any time. Including us and our dear ones. You also benefit in other ways by donating blood. It reduces the chances of ischemic heart diseases (beginning of heart problems) as frequent donations reduce the accumulated and unwanted iron load from the body.

Any side effects of Blood donations?
Ans. No! Not really. Do ask any regular blood donor about it. A small percentage of first time donors may psychologically feel a little dizzy but only for a few minutes. Staff at the blood bank will ensure that your first blood donation is a happy experience. We are sure this will make you a regular blood donor. In fact there are many people who have donated more than 100 times in their lifetime.

It’s no biggie really. You go in, fill up a form, check your blood pressure, they’ll prick you finger to check if you’re anemic and also to look out for Hepatitis B & AIDS, if everything is fine, they’ll insert the needle, within minutes the bag is full and you’re done. I didn’t even felt the needle. I swear.

So, for those who are able to donate, please do so. Imagine the lives you could save.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

August Vacation pt 2

8th Aug
Today is the day! We will be driving to Cherating shortly. *woohoo* I am all packed and ready to go.
The journey was good. We got lost but managed to find our way to the resort. Some people just do not have the sense of direction even with maps and signboards. Hee. A little patience would be very useful when you’re lost. It will help you think clearer.

When we got here, a sweet foreign lady greeted us with the ‘Cuti-cuti Malaysia’ song blasting from the speaker. I couldn’t tell where she was from and I think the welcoming song gimmick was cute.

I noticed there are a lot of good-looking foreigners working here. What a joy to be able to drool over all these delicious guys. I wish I were ten years younger so I could shamelessly flirt with some of them. *sighs* Club Med Cherating is gorgeous. Though the building was a little old, the sand was golden and the sea was greenish blue. With so many foreigners, you would think you’re in a different country.

The room is cozy. I had all the room to myself, which was great. It has been a while since I had that much of privacy.

There are plenty of activities available here, but like I said in my previous entry, I am here to pig out and do nothing. We went to the beach and dozed off for a while. The wind was cooling and it was so peaceful I just sit there and let my mind wander off.

The buffet was okay. There’s a wide selection of food to choose from. From Chinese, to Indian, to pastas, etc. Did I mention there’s free flow of liquor available too? *grins* I am not going to get myself drunk. Not all the time anyway. I do not need a hangover to ruin my vacation.

9th Aug
There was a trapeze show just now. One of the circus member was hot even in his ugly tights. Not sure what’s his name is but I do know he is from Australia.

The emcee talks funny. Well, his slang was so thick it was a little difficult to understand what he was saying. He was saying "Summershall. Summershall". Heh? Then I realized he was actually saying somersault. *LOL* It was interesting but I have seen a more elaborate performance than that.

We then headed for the bar for a drink. We sat at the couches and watch other people embarrass themselves by dancing weirdly. There was this boy about ten years old who was doing the ‘cutting the grass’ move. So cute.
I haven’t had a good night sleep like last night for ages! I had to drag myself out of bed, dressed and made sure my sisters are awake too. Of course that didn’t happened.

Breakfast was so-so. After my two sisters debating what to do, I am back in the room to continue my beauty sleep.
I woke up for lunch. After lunch the second sister and I decided to go to the beach again while the other forth sister disappeared. My second sister wanted to tan herself but I ended up with a tan instead. So unfair. I used to think that people who went sunbathing were crazy but now I have learned to enjoy the feeling of my skin burn under the hot sun. After a few hours, we went back to the bar to get ourselves some drink. I don’t know what was inside the last drink but my tummy didn’t feel so good.

I tried archery for the fun of it. I can’t quit my job and do it professionally, but it was quite fun. Once you passed the whole awkwardness holding the bow and learning to aim properly. I think it was my second attempt when I injured my hand. I was holding the bow too close (as per my forth sister’s observation) when the string (?) hit my arm. It must have hit a nerve because my whole left hand is in pain.

10th Aug
I wasted my night by being sick. I had diarrhea and was throwing up the whole night. It started after I got dressed for dinner. My sisters went to get me and insisted that I go for dinner saying my stomachache was not a big deal. By the time I got to the restaurant, I was having cold sweats and my tummy was like a blender. All the smell from the food made me nauseous and I had to run back to room and throw up.

My sister came and gave me 100 plus because it will help my stomach. I did feel better but it didn’t stop me from going to the bathroom again and again throughout the night.

This morning, I dragged myself out from bed to wake my sisters for breakfast. I only manage a glass of milk and a glass of seven-up. My sisters told me they had a great time last night. Good for them.

We went to back to the beach but I needed my new best friend, the bathroom and so here I am. All packed and ready to go back to KL.

After we checked out, we went to the bar and waited for lunch. I was still feeling a little sick so I sat on the couch with a book while my sisters tried on the saree. We had lunch and my sister drove us back. We managed not to get lost this time. Hee.

Before we went back to my second sister’s apartment, we stopped by a shopping mall to get a couple of things. I know I was unwell, but I couldn’t resist it. I know it’s not good for my tummy but I had this huge craving for Nasi Lemak but my favorite stalls sold out all their Nasi Lemak. I am sad I had to settle for a lousy soup. *ughhh*

12th Aug
I took revenge for the lousy food I had last night and overdosed. I don’t think I’ll be eating chicken anytime soon. This morning was another day of shopping. I managed to find few things for Ekiel. I bought him his first pink t-shirt. I debated the pros and cons about buying the t-shirt but I think it’s okay for a two-year old boy to have a pink t-shirt. I don’t want people to accuse me of confusing my kid with his sexuality (there are people who mistaken him for a girl). But I think it takes a confident man to wear a pink t-shirt and still looks hot.

Confidence is a good thing.

I need to have a daughter/baby niece so I could dress her up like a princess just like I saw today.
Today I overdosed on sambal but it was GOOD. Did some last minute shopping and I found this cute green colored pajama with frogs printed all over them. My sister said it looked gross but what does she know.

The flight back was bumpy because of the weather but I was so tired, I managed to doze off for a while. Thank goodness no nose picking guy in that flight!

Home sweet home. Everyone loved his or her gifts. Ekiel loved his sport car the most. Second is the golf set. I know Ekiel misses me by clinging/kissing/hugging me all night. He has grown taller and lost some weight. My mom cut his fringe and he now looks like Goofy. I don’t why but he does.

I hate unpacking so I will do that later.
Now I need to go and dream of my next vacation.

August Vacation pt 1

4th Aug
Dear Airline,
I know I paid peanuts for my flight but the airlines should at least inform us in advance that our flight was rescheduled to a later time. Thank you.

Still worried and felt a little guilty about leaving work during a busy week. *sticks tongue out* I’ve handed over all my tasks I could think of. If anything goes wrong, there is nothing I can do about it. Not looking forward to go back to work because already piles of work waiting for my return. *sighs*

I am now in the airport. Waiting and waiting. One hour delay is not so bad but I HATE WAITING!
Time – Unknown
I was among the last three passengers to board the plane and I had no choice but to seat among these loud bunch of people who were returning from a company trip from an out of town resort. How did I know? I saw their bag tags.

The lady behind keeps kicking my seat. Eh hello? *grrr*

Don’t really enjoy flying. This two-hour flight is too long for my aching back and I am already feeling some pain. I wish I could get some shuteye but the flight is too bumpy and the pilot announced the flight was delayed due to technical problem. That is not comforting.

And the guy next to me is picking his nose. This will be a long ride.

5th Aug
The one-hour bus ride from LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) to KL Sentral felt a little too long. We passed by Brickfields, which is the Little India of KL. Or was it Jalan Masjid India? The shops, the people, the billboards and the signages were colorful. What fascinated me the most were the bridal shop billboards. It wasn’t as great as the other bridal shop billboards but I think that was the first time I've seen them. Hee. The bridal sarees were BEAUTIFUL.

Two and a half-hour by plane, one hour by bus, 30 minutes by LRT and 15 minutes by car, I finally reached my destination. Of course one shouldn’t miss dinner over the excitement so we went to this open-air food court called Asia Cafe at SS15. Plenty of choices and deciding what to eat was almost crazy. I wish I could pick a little something from every food stalls.

After going around the whole food court twice, I decided to have something safe and simple. You can never go wrong with Penang Char Kway Teow. Plenty of fresh prawns, mussels and clams. Damn it was really good.
I found the perfect pants! I wish it’s black in color but I have found the perfect pants people! And it’s reasonable too! Hee. So damn happy.

I survived seven hour of shopping on heels. After that, I am pretty confident I will survive many other things too. *winks*

I enjoy shopping. I do. Especially if my shopping mates are independent and do not have the need to try every piece of clothing they find and ended up buying nothing. I love going through the bargain bins looking for that perfect thing. And I usually do find something nice, for someone half my size. *sighs*

Most people do not have the patience. They’ll pull a thing or two and gives up. I could just stand there and sort piece by piece. Sometimes when I feel like it I will even fold and pull it nicely.

6th Aug
My brother drove us to Nilai 3 today. It’s an area with rows of shophouses selling items at wholesale prices. I was a little disappointed to see the place. It is located at the end of the earth and it looked more like an industrial area than a shopping paradise as claimed in their website. Yes, they have their own website.

Despite the letdown, you can still hunt for good bargains. Though most shops sell textiles, there are few shops that sell clothes, silverware, handicrafts, toys, etc.

I can’t remember the last time I went to Merrybrown (a fast food restaurant). I was so excited, yes I know so very the village people, to see swings inside the outlet. They converted those swings into seats so you could practically swing a little while having your fried chicken. We couldn’t resist but to go in and have lunch because to just go in and take pictures without paying for a meal is too cheap.

Remember the perfect pants? I went to a different outlet and found the same pants in a different/better color. No, not black either but definitely in a better color. *sighs*

I noticed that it is more difficult to find something for the boys. You have all those cute little things for the girls to wear e.g. little skirts, dresses, etc. Sure, there are cool stuffs for the boys but those cool stuffs prices are CRAZY! Some of those things cost more than my clothes! Besides, they can only wear it for a couple of months because they grow so fast. Sometimes after a busy week at work, I would come hope and find him taller and bigger. But those little Nike shoes are so cute. It better be for more than RM200.

Tonight we had steamboat buffet at Sunway. The food was great especially the soy sauce chicken. Yummy. I burnt my hand by accidentally touching the steaming pot but that didn’t stop me from eating. I ate so much I could hardly move.

7th Aug
I HATE WAITING!!! Some people just do not have the concept of time. We were supposed to leave the house by 10am but we only left the house by 12pm. Not only they woke up late; they took their own sweet time to get ready. I wanted to smack some sense into them but since they are our ride, I kept my mouth shut.

After lunch, we sent one of my shopping mates to the airport. She was scheduled to fly back to KK at 6pm but when we got to the airport, we found out that her flight was delayed for two hours! *grrr* Luckily we managed to get an earlier flight for her. The queue was crazy so my sister stood in line because the shopping mate wasn’t feeling too good.

My brother was pissing me off with his glorified remarks. My shopping mate then say she needs to go to the clinic because she is going to pass out. We couldn’t possible carry her especially when I was already having a backache so I went to look for a wheelchair. Every airport should have a wheelchair. Right? Yes they do, but to get one is not easy. First no one bothered to come to us and offered their assistance. I had to go look for the airport officials and the only one who bothered to listen told me I that I needed to go the information counter. Heh? So I went to look for the information counter and the counter girl was a blur case.

I explained to her what happened twice and she told me she needed to make a phone call to determine the seriousness of the situation. Unless she is calling psychic I do not know how that telephone call would help.
After ten minutes or so, I finally got a wheelchair but by this time the shopping mate felt better and decided she doesn’t need to go the clinic after all.

I was so pissed with the airport management for not being helpful in circumstances like this. What if it was a more critical case? 10 minutes is a lot of time to be wasted. Sometimes the system is faultless but it’s the people who make it problematic.

I'm baaackkkkk!!!

Hello people.
Honestly, it is not great to be back.
To work that is.
*sticks tongue out*

I dragged myself to work this morning and forced myself to be useful.
Today is one of those days I wish I never had to work.
Especially when I found out someone tried to pin me for her mistake.

Vacation spoils me.
Will update on my trip soon.

I am now counting the days for my next trip!

Monday, August 13, 2007

belated photos

I've finally gotten the pics from my parents' surprise party. Here it is in no random order because I am so damn tired to rearranged it. I thought I have uploaded in the correct order and obviously I am wrong.

August Vacation Pics

Two of the very few pics of me with some random pics. I don't know why my sister didn't take that many pics. What a waste.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Can't hardly wait

I woke up in the middle of the night, overwhelmed with sadness and fear.
I still haven’t recovered.
The thought would creep in uninvited and I could feel myself losing my balance.
This is not good.

But no worries.
I have learned not to let it control my emotions.
I’ll think of happy things, the people I love and the "If only"s.

So. two more days before my trip.
I wish I could bring Ekiel with me, but with him around, there is nothing much I could do.
Anyway, we will go for a holiday at the end of this year, so it’s not like I don’t bring him anywhere.

I’m pretty sure one my sisters bought herself a bikini or something like that.
*sticks tongue out*
I have nothing to wear that won’t scare people away/appropriate for the beach.
So I am going to laze under the sun in my tshirt and jeans/pants, depending on my mood, with my cheap sunglasses and second hand books. Oh, hopefully with some arse-kicking cocktail too and nice looking guys to drool at.
If I look out of place, so be it.
It’s MY vacation.

My sisters and I planned to drive (them driving, not me) to Kuantan.
It’s supposed to be a four-hour drive.
Honestly, none of us have any clue how to get there.
They’re depending on me to get a map and look for ways to get there.
Just hope we don’t end up somewhere else!

But if that happens, it’ll be fun.

I was feeling a little guilty yesterday for taking leave when we’re super busy with major functions next week. But hey, I’ve planned this vacation since early this year, not knowing that I will be involved with the functions. It’s not my fault kan? I admit I am very relieved though not to be involved because I could already imagine the head/heart aches I will go through.

So, if I couldn’t find the time to update before I leave, have fun people.
Take care.
I’ll miss you guys.

PS: Today I am reminded, again, about trusting other people too much. I cannot believe he went and twist the story to his boss when he already admit in front of my colleagues and I that it was him who misunderstood the whole thing. I kept my cool because he was honest. But I don’t know what story he went and told to his boss (I am sure to save his sorry arse) because his boss wrote a nasty email pointing the whole mess to me. *clap clap clap*

And some people wonder why I am sometime a pessimist.