Thursday, August 02, 2007

Can't hardly wait

I woke up in the middle of the night, overwhelmed with sadness and fear.
I still haven’t recovered.
The thought would creep in uninvited and I could feel myself losing my balance.
This is not good.

But no worries.
I have learned not to let it control my emotions.
I’ll think of happy things, the people I love and the "If only"s.

So. two more days before my trip.
I wish I could bring Ekiel with me, but with him around, there is nothing much I could do.
Anyway, we will go for a holiday at the end of this year, so it’s not like I don’t bring him anywhere.

I’m pretty sure one my sisters bought herself a bikini or something like that.
*sticks tongue out*
I have nothing to wear that won’t scare people away/appropriate for the beach.
So I am going to laze under the sun in my tshirt and jeans/pants, depending on my mood, with my cheap sunglasses and second hand books. Oh, hopefully with some arse-kicking cocktail too and nice looking guys to drool at.
If I look out of place, so be it.
It’s MY vacation.

My sisters and I planned to drive (them driving, not me) to Kuantan.
It’s supposed to be a four-hour drive.
Honestly, none of us have any clue how to get there.
They’re depending on me to get a map and look for ways to get there.
Just hope we don’t end up somewhere else!

But if that happens, it’ll be fun.

I was feeling a little guilty yesterday for taking leave when we’re super busy with major functions next week. But hey, I’ve planned this vacation since early this year, not knowing that I will be involved with the functions. It’s not my fault kan? I admit I am very relieved though not to be involved because I could already imagine the head/heart aches I will go through.

So, if I couldn’t find the time to update before I leave, have fun people.
Take care.
I’ll miss you guys.

PS: Today I am reminded, again, about trusting other people too much. I cannot believe he went and twist the story to his boss when he already admit in front of my colleagues and I that it was him who misunderstood the whole thing. I kept my cool because he was honest. But I don’t know what story he went and told to his boss (I am sure to save his sorry arse) because his boss wrote a nasty email pointing the whole mess to me. *clap clap clap*

And some people wonder why I am sometime a pessimist.

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Anonymous said...

happy holiday! you deserve a vacation