Tuesday, August 14, 2007

August Vacation pt 1

4th Aug
Dear Airline,
I know I paid peanuts for my flight but the airlines should at least inform us in advance that our flight was rescheduled to a later time. Thank you.

Still worried and felt a little guilty about leaving work during a busy week. *sticks tongue out* I’ve handed over all my tasks I could think of. If anything goes wrong, there is nothing I can do about it. Not looking forward to go back to work because already piles of work waiting for my return. *sighs*

I am now in the airport. Waiting and waiting. One hour delay is not so bad but I HATE WAITING!
Time – Unknown
I was among the last three passengers to board the plane and I had no choice but to seat among these loud bunch of people who were returning from a company trip from an out of town resort. How did I know? I saw their bag tags.

The lady behind keeps kicking my seat. Eh hello? *grrr*

Don’t really enjoy flying. This two-hour flight is too long for my aching back and I am already feeling some pain. I wish I could get some shuteye but the flight is too bumpy and the pilot announced the flight was delayed due to technical problem. That is not comforting.

And the guy next to me is picking his nose. This will be a long ride.

5th Aug
The one-hour bus ride from LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) to KL Sentral felt a little too long. We passed by Brickfields, which is the Little India of KL. Or was it Jalan Masjid India? The shops, the people, the billboards and the signages were colorful. What fascinated me the most were the bridal shop billboards. It wasn’t as great as the other bridal shop billboards but I think that was the first time I've seen them. Hee. The bridal sarees were BEAUTIFUL.

Two and a half-hour by plane, one hour by bus, 30 minutes by LRT and 15 minutes by car, I finally reached my destination. Of course one shouldn’t miss dinner over the excitement so we went to this open-air food court called Asia Cafe at SS15. Plenty of choices and deciding what to eat was almost crazy. I wish I could pick a little something from every food stalls.

After going around the whole food court twice, I decided to have something safe and simple. You can never go wrong with Penang Char Kway Teow. Plenty of fresh prawns, mussels and clams. Damn it was really good.
I found the perfect pants! I wish it’s black in color but I have found the perfect pants people! And it’s reasonable too! Hee. So damn happy.

I survived seven hour of shopping on heels. After that, I am pretty confident I will survive many other things too. *winks*

I enjoy shopping. I do. Especially if my shopping mates are independent and do not have the need to try every piece of clothing they find and ended up buying nothing. I love going through the bargain bins looking for that perfect thing. And I usually do find something nice, for someone half my size. *sighs*

Most people do not have the patience. They’ll pull a thing or two and gives up. I could just stand there and sort piece by piece. Sometimes when I feel like it I will even fold and pull it nicely.

6th Aug
My brother drove us to Nilai 3 today. It’s an area with rows of shophouses selling items at wholesale prices. I was a little disappointed to see the place. It is located at the end of the earth and it looked more like an industrial area than a shopping paradise as claimed in their website. Yes, they have their own website.

Despite the letdown, you can still hunt for good bargains. Though most shops sell textiles, there are few shops that sell clothes, silverware, handicrafts, toys, etc.

I can’t remember the last time I went to Merrybrown (a fast food restaurant). I was so excited, yes I know so very the village people, to see swings inside the outlet. They converted those swings into seats so you could practically swing a little while having your fried chicken. We couldn’t resist but to go in and have lunch because to just go in and take pictures without paying for a meal is too cheap.

Remember the perfect pants? I went to a different outlet and found the same pants in a different/better color. No, not black either but definitely in a better color. *sighs*

I noticed that it is more difficult to find something for the boys. You have all those cute little things for the girls to wear e.g. little skirts, dresses, etc. Sure, there are cool stuffs for the boys but those cool stuffs prices are CRAZY! Some of those things cost more than my clothes! Besides, they can only wear it for a couple of months because they grow so fast. Sometimes after a busy week at work, I would come hope and find him taller and bigger. But those little Nike shoes are so cute. It better be for more than RM200.

Tonight we had steamboat buffet at Sunway. The food was great especially the soy sauce chicken. Yummy. I burnt my hand by accidentally touching the steaming pot but that didn’t stop me from eating. I ate so much I could hardly move.

7th Aug
I HATE WAITING!!! Some people just do not have the concept of time. We were supposed to leave the house by 10am but we only left the house by 12pm. Not only they woke up late; they took their own sweet time to get ready. I wanted to smack some sense into them but since they are our ride, I kept my mouth shut.

After lunch, we sent one of my shopping mates to the airport. She was scheduled to fly back to KK at 6pm but when we got to the airport, we found out that her flight was delayed for two hours! *grrr* Luckily we managed to get an earlier flight for her. The queue was crazy so my sister stood in line because the shopping mate wasn’t feeling too good.

My brother was pissing me off with his glorified remarks. My shopping mate then say she needs to go to the clinic because she is going to pass out. We couldn’t possible carry her especially when I was already having a backache so I went to look for a wheelchair. Every airport should have a wheelchair. Right? Yes they do, but to get one is not easy. First no one bothered to come to us and offered their assistance. I had to go look for the airport officials and the only one who bothered to listen told me I that I needed to go the information counter. Heh? So I went to look for the information counter and the counter girl was a blur case.

I explained to her what happened twice and she told me she needed to make a phone call to determine the seriousness of the situation. Unless she is calling psychic I do not know how that telephone call would help.
After ten minutes or so, I finally got a wheelchair but by this time the shopping mate felt better and decided she doesn’t need to go the clinic after all.

I was so pissed with the airport management for not being helpful in circumstances like this. What if it was a more critical case? 10 minutes is a lot of time to be wasted. Sometimes the system is faultless but it’s the people who make it problematic.

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