Thursday, August 30, 2007

what's your name?

Someone asked me how did I come up with my son’s name.
(I think this was ages ago but it still make an interesting entry, no?)

Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy.
My family and I argued the list of names for my son like we were the members of the parliament.
Everyone has an opinion and they make fun most of the names in ways only they could think of.

My dad suggested a few names including Ezra. In Hebrew Ezra means "aid". I liked that named and the significance of that name to me, but they commented it’s girly.
*sticks tongue out*

The funny thing is it didn’t occur to me that it was okay for ME to decide because he was my son.

One evening, while discussing the names I suddenly remembered ‘The List".
I quickly rummaged through a few boxes and there it was, waiting for me to put it in good use.
Yes yes, it was a list of names for my future children. Hee.
You see, I was determined to have kids no matter what by the time I turn 30 years old or so and those names in that list were collected over the years. It was one of those weird/crazy things I do during one of those sleepless nights. *whistles*

I don’t know if it was a brilliant idea or a sad one but the list was sure useful.

Each name was carefully thought and the meaning of each name is important to me. Yes, I am one of those people who believe that names do determine the character of a person. The names must also compliment each other not only with the meaning but also the sound of the names. It has to have a nice flow to it, know what I mean?

The first set of name on my list was Ezekiel Isaiah, which means Strength and Salvation in Hebrew. I thought it was perfect and I didn’t even bother to look at the rest of the names. It was also the first set of names no one complained about. I am not sure if they really liked it or they got tired/bored arguing about it. Either way, I decided to name my son that and my mom was the one who called him Ekiel for short. Almost everyone like the name, though there are people who think the name is too biblical.

You know, the whole choosing a name for my son episode was more exciting despite my dull narration about it. I swear.

My mom thinks my name was my dad's ex girlfriend's name Hee. I've questioned my dad about this but he pretended not to hear me.

As for that list, that list is now in a special box waiting to be useful again.

I still think the name is perfect for my son. He’s strong and stubborn but he has his gentle side too. I just wish he has more patience and understanding sometimes, especially at wee hours in the morning.

I thought Ekiel is a fast learner for his age but I just read in a blog about her 2 years 3 months old daughter could recognized 20 out of the 26 alphabets! Ekiel doesn’t even recognize any. Maybe that girl is smart but talking about pressure!?! Ekiel doesn’t have the patience to learn and his attention span is short unless he is watching Mr Bean or Spongebob Squarepants.

Dear Mr Bean & Spongebob,
My son loves you very much. He could watch the same show over and over, it drives me crazy but it’s okay because that’s the only time he could sit still. It’s good that you’re entertaining my son, although he tends to imitate the crazy things you do in your show.

Despite that I think it’s good for him because in a way it helps to expand his creativity and imagination. But maybe, maybe you could help my son to learn his alphabets. Here’s an idea. Every time before you hit your punch line, you stop for a while and encourage everyone to recite the alphabets. If that doesn’t work, a little threatening, say if you don’t recite, you’re not going to see how the show ends, etc, would do the trick. Of course this is just a suggestion. Your creative team are more than welcome to go crazy.

I thank you for your support and in return I will not complain or change the channel while your show is on the air. If I have the extra money, I will also purchase your product to show my appreciation.


P.S: While you’re at it, why don’t you teach my son how to count as well?

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