Thursday, August 27, 2009

thursday almost over... *yay*

I am now certain that someone or something have been messing my work table. *rolls eyes*

Very shitty indeed.

I dislike this week passionately and the saddest thing is it is only Thursday. *bang heads on keyboard*

I am so going to do my happy dance after I punch out from work tomorrow. After 7.00pm that is.

*stares at the clock hoping it would go faster*

This stupid cough and the so-called flu still won’t go away. *sighs* With the long weekend, I think I’ll just stay at home and try to recuperate. Hopefully I’ll feel better on Sunday for that picnic thingy with people from work. *half heartedly woohoo* I am keeping my fingers crossed for a good weather but with all the heart breaking incidents this week, I doubt anything will happen MY way.

My son is so excited to fly the bug kite thingy I bought from Bali. Hopefully I’ll remember to buy the appropriate string for it. Can’t we use the ordinary thread kah? Tali rafia kah? I also hope the thing would fly or I would not hear the end of it from him.

I worry that boy would have a bright future in law or politics.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

age is just a number

Sparks do die, whether we like it or not.
Should one pour kerosene to keep the sparks alive, I seriously do not know because the thought of getting burned is scary not to mention painful.

I’ve said this again and again.
Matters of the heart are complicated.
My only advice is; do what makes you happy.

To make you more confused, how sure are you the things that you think will make you happy will make you happy? *evil laugh*

With that said, all the best my friend.

Does age difference matter in a relationship?

This seems to be a popular question these days. First an acquaintance of mine married a guy seven years her junior. Then I bumped into a couple where the wife looks young enough to be his younger daughter. I could not help but to stare at the odd couple. *head hangs in shame* I should have better self-control.

Personally, when I was much more na├»ve and *ahem* hopeful, I always think it was alright to be with someone who is younger. In fact, I used to. Date. Younger men. If people were to ask what’s the perfect age differences I’d say three years younger/older. Anything more makes me uncomfortable.

Then I found out Santa Claus doesn’t exist so the age differences requirement increased. 5 years. 5 years is good enough.

Then I realized “Happily Ever After” doesn’t come with a manual, I got lost control of the age differences regulator and now it doesn’t work anymore. However, that does not mean anything goes.

I imagine a relationship like that would need more effort kan?

Age gap implies differences in opinions, taste, mindset and even lifestyle. How do you get along when you don’t share the same beliefs and way of life?

What is the attraction in the first place? Ahh… the million-dollar question. It could be a lot of things, I’m sure but the most popular one will definitely the declaration of love.

Will love really conquer all?

I am not a skeptic but I believe a relationship needs more than the wishful thinking of two people intoxicated with passion and desire.

So does it matter?
I don’t think so. As long you’re committed to make the relationship work, okaylarr tu. Like people say, age is just a number, so why blame the number when it doesn’t work?

what's his name?

Remember this name people.

I could not embed the video so click here.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Satu Malaysia

I was channel surfing on Sunday because there wasn’t anything interesting to watch. On a Sunday. Nothing to watch. Go figure. So I settled for the most decent show, the Digi Top 20. My mind drifted between the show and Lala Land when something the host said in one of her skit caught my attention.

N: Blah blah blah… Malaysia… blah blah blah… three races… Malay, Chinese and Indian… blah blah blah

No, I am pretty sure she did not mention about majority races or anything. I just don’t remember the exact words. So much for 1Malaysia huh? *winks*

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no whatsoever issues with it. I just didn’t think anyone would make that statement anymore. Not with the efforts by the government, organizations and advertisers to ensure the East Malaysians are not left behind. It’s always the five ethnic groups; Malays, Chinese, Indian, Iban and Kadazan (though I’m pretty sure almost all Malaysian still could not figure out which ethnic comes from which state). It’s funny really. Go see the government schools’ text and work book. You’ll see what I mean.

With everyone preaching about 1Malaysia, I just never thought I’ll hear in on television. Fair enough it is not a National network. Oh well.

1Malaysia. How interesting is that?

I met a certain Malay “Datuk” from KL recently who shared a rather colourful view of KL people. He pointed out that Sabahan is what 1Malaysia is about. In KL when a non-Muslim drinks alcohol in front of a Muslim, it is considered as being disrespectful. However, when “they” eat beef in front of a Hindu, they never see themselves as being disrespectful of another religion. In Sabah, people just accept each other and don’t make a fuss over things like that.

I looked at the Datuk wide-eyed and gave him my I-Don’t-Know-How-To-Response-To-That-Remark smile.

Maybe he’s right. Maybe he’s not.
He is entitled to his own opinion kan?

Is Sabah a real representation of 1Malaysia? As a Sino chick, I am constantly bombarded with prejudice statements from people who assume it is okay to bash the other half of me. Very 1Malaysia indeed.

There is always that fine line between respect and not giving a s**t.
I just hope it’s all about the former.

I suppose in some ways Sabahan is 1Malaysia, but we should never let it get to our head for the obvious reason.

How are you spending your Merdeka Day? I’m planning to glue myself in front of the TV and watch the Merdeka specials in Discovery about the achievements of Malaysia. I want to see Anthony Bourdain getting himself inked with the Iban flower on his shoulder. I do hope it is that episode.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

saturday, i like

As I sat in front of the television last night, I heard myself saying, “Why does it feel like a Monday?”.

I tried to concentrate on The Heartbreak Kid, but I just cannot force myself to enjoy the movie. Not even the first time I watched it. Why? I don’t know. Something about waking up to your new bride/groom and realizing they are not the same person you’re infatuated with and to know that no one (maybe except for the couple who celebrated their wedding anniversary at the Mexican resort. What was their name again?) will live happily ever after in that movie is depressing .

I was in bed by 10pm yesterday.

The funny thing was, just that evening, a friend’s comment in FB reminded me of the good ol’ carefree days when our routine includes work, happy hour, after happy hour, after after happy hour and impromptu outings.

Btw, I miss you all too!!!
And I do hope the missing bit includes me.

I got too excited in that perfectly edited memory lane and I told him we must recreate those days when I am in KL soon. *LOL* What was I thinking? I am sure no matter how hard we try to repeat those days it would not be the same anymore. Kan? Sadly, it never does.

So, the coughing is lesser now but when I do especially when I am in public, I wish I could dig a hole, stick my head in it and let the coughing go crazy. It’s embarrassing when I am suddenly hit by a cough so bad I sound like enjin kereta yang kena modified. I am sure there is a pump to… you know, clean my “chest” but I doubt the doctor would consent that procedure just because I am uncomfortable with the sound of my cough. Not vain, the coughing sound is just gross.

Oh well, at least no more chest pain. For a while I thought my long gone asthma is making a comeback. *touch wood*

I’ve been blog hopping half the morning (something which I haven’t done for a very long time). *wonders what would others say about my blog* Why I do not broadcast my blog was, well some blogs are like morning coffee and mine, well mine is just like plain water that you have to take with your medication.

What makes me change my mind? Honestly, the figure in my NuffNang is not rolling too quickly. *winks*

Some of the blogs I stumbled are by people who I recognize in social events in town. Of course the blog is very much like their “public” personality, what impresses me is their writing approach. I must admit there are few of them who I thought would not even know how to spell correctly. *head hangs in shame* and of course, they are some who I thought would have a brilliant blog but, let’s just say they should never quit their day job and go full time blogging.

Oh well, who am I to judge kan? Blogging is just a venue for some of us to say things we will never dare to say and some to share our lives with family and friends. No one should be criticised for their blog. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it.

To all, thanks for sharing your blogs. It was fun. Let’s do this again.