Monday, August 10, 2009

haze haze go away

OMG. The haze is getting worse by the day. On a clear day, you could see the nearby islands but now, *bye bye* islands. I just hope the islands would still be there when the haze clears. *hums the Twilight Zone theme song*

Everyone is getting sick so do drink lots of water people and do see a doctor when you’re not well. It doesn’t matter larr common flu or not, it is not nice to share your sickness. *rolls eyes*

I don’t understand why some people do not bother to cover their mouth when their coughing with their tongue hanging out like a momok! Don’t let me start with the spitting. *makes sick face* SUPER GROSS!

Tu larr, dulu dalam kelas moral tidur, sudah besar moral pun hancur!!!

Any of you watch the “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here?”
OMG, I so do not know how to react to that show especially Janice. Is she for real or was she paid to be so b****y? And the peeing in the camp, so very the supermodel. *claps hand in disbelief*

I wonder if I could survive the wild like that though I have this very good feeling I would except when I have to do a challenge that involves swimming or eating weird animals. Sure kalah one.

I used to whine about not being able to sleep, these days that is all I do. Sleeping. It’s good but I still have the panda look. *sighs* My son think it is very normal to have dark circles.

My mom: You see, your eyes hitam odi.
Ekiel: Like mommy?

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