Saturday, August 08, 2009

Food Haven of Bali

One will never go hungry in Bali. There’s so many food outlet available, serving local and international cuisine and the price varies too. Unfortunately, this is very hard to tell and chances of walking to an average looking eatery that may cost you a bit for just so-so food is pretty high.

what's the biggest star in Bali? Bintang Beer!

On the first night, we didn’t know where to go. So we walked around looking for some local waroeng instead of those fast-food stalls available along Legian Street.

We found Waroeng Jawa Timur Pak Halil at Legian open-air car park and after making sure everyone does not have a weak stomach, we ordered Soto Ayam for IDR10,000 (RM3.60) per bowl. I love it! In Malaysia, Soto Ayam means noodle soup but in Bali they serve it with rice. The soup was tasty and the ingredients blends so well it was just superb.

Kicap bali

Eskay read a good review on Ketupat restaurant so we decided to check the place out. There’s a swimming pool outside the building with huts for private dining and tables for the romantic dinner. Unfortunately all the huts were taken so we had to dine indoor. Bummer.

The restaurant is behind a shop, so look out for this signboard or you'll miss the place

The interior decor is very homey. It's like having dinner in a friend's place

Maybe they didn’t want us to feel so sad considering... *Hee*

Ketupat serves authentic Indonesian cuisine and the prices were reasonable I suppose for the romantic environment. I chose the Nasi Padang Campur at IDR60,000 (RM21.60). The food presentation was nice but it wasn’t the best Nasi Padang I ever had.

Of course, when it comes to food it IS a matter of taste.

When in Bali, if you’re allowed to of course, you should not miss the Guling Pork, Bali’s famous cuisine. Our guide took us to Rumah Makan Guling Pork Rebo Kedonganan on the way to Seminyak. For IDR50,000, (RM18.00) you get to enjoy a very sumptuous meal. My favourite part was the fried *ahem* fat and the satay which tasted like sweet meat. *drools*

Waroeng Pak Tan is located in some alley and we would never knew its existence if it weren’t for our guide. The food is cheap and yummy too. There are plenty of options and that sometime is not a good thing. I ended up ordering Seafood Fried Rice for IDR15,000 (RM5.40) but it was good.

The second time we went there I ordered the Grilled Chicken Plecing, served with Balinese sauce and steamed rice for IDR18,000 (RM6.48). I have no idea what Balinese sauce is but since I’m in Bali I just give it a try. It was a little spicy but still very delicious.

I love the concept of Waroeng Pak Tan, a waroeng under the mango tree. Its garden concept with lanterns hanging above the diners gave it a very romantic and relaxing ambience. The staffs are friendly though a little blur but the service was still at acceptable pace.

When you're full, you can shop at the Funny T-Shop

This is where I fell in love with Flavoured Bottle Tea.

Along Kuta Beach, well across the street you could find many restaurants selling all sorts of food. We chose to go to Waroeng Beach Club simply because it was on level one and we thought we could get a better view of the beach. Which we somewhat did.

The view from the restaurant

We ordered the Seafood Pizza for IDR40,000 (RM14.40) and it was big enough for two people to share. The thin crusted pizza had more onions than seafood but it does taste better than some pizza I have tried before. One thing I didn’t like about the place was the very slow service. It took 20 minutes for our drinks to arrive and another 10 for a glass of ice to be delivered to our table.

The staffs are friendly though.

Hopefully the next time I go to Bali I could explore more restaurants. That means going with people who really enjoy their food! Hee.

No offense women, this is the first trip I go where I lost weight instead of gaining. It is a good thing though.

Nothing like Ice Lime Tea on a hot hot day. I find the taste is somewhat weird but refreshing

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