Friday, August 14, 2009

TGIF *woohoo*

It’s 10.05pm
I am done for the week and yet I am stuck in the office because I have to wait to be fetched.
Yes, very the princess kan?

Changes are inevitable and whether it is for the better or otherwise, only time can tell. How do I feel? Numb. I’ve been through this process too many times to know to prepare myself for whatever the outcome at the end of the day. The important thing is, to make sure I do not forget my surviving skills and this time I will not be unheard anymore.

Enough is enough.

*LOL* OMG, I do not know what else to blog about. Well, life is pretty much a routine.
Work is work.
Social life… what social life?
The only entertainment I have is FB, Astro and Ekiel.

Ekiel is very difficult to handle these days. He will throw a tantrum if things doesn’t go his way and that includes me not wanting to do colouring with him during my favourite show “Criminal Minds”. Lately, he will do the “*cry cry cry* Mommmyyyy… * cry cry cry* I… *cry cry cry* cannot stop crying *cry cry cry*. OMG, on a normal day it is annoying enough thank you very much but when I am already too tired and need some sanity and peace, it is CRAZY.

What do I do? Nothing. The more I try to coax him to stop, the more he’ll cry.

Me: When you’re done, then you come to mommy larr Ekiel. Ok?
Ekiel: *cry cry cry* Ok. *cry cry cry*

My little BF.

Him doing his version of shuffle


Cherish Tulips said...

Hi's Michelle Siguji!Saw your blog and thought I drop by to say hi!

angelicbug said...

Hi Michelle!
how r u?