Thursday, August 20, 2009

coughing cheerfully

Within the last 24 hours, I have literally coughed my lungs out three times. There were even some traces of blood the first time. No worries larr. It’s just the effect from coughing too hard. To make it more “drama”, I could barely breathe with my nose too.

So, to whoever gave me the sick bug, thank you very much. *rolls eye*
And please, no H1N1 joke people. It’s just not that funny anymore.

I noticed I’ve been under the weather a lot in the past few months. It started with my back then everything just went downhill from there. True, I am that individual who does not even bother to watch what I stuffed into my mouth BUT my sickness has nothing to do with what I eat. How?

I can only tell myself this is just one of those phase in life and in the following months I will finally get to see that rainbow that’s been avoiding me. *cough cough*

And yes, I am under medication which explains the delayed telecast from yours truly.

Everything in Lala Land is in slow motion and the sonata of keyboards and printers seem miles and miles away. My head and my eyes are so heavy; I could just lay my head on the table and sleep until tomorrow morning. Maybe I should. At least I don’t have to rush to work tomorrow morning. *grins*

Wish I have something more cheerful or colourful to blog.

I watched The Proposal last night. It was sweet. Illogical but sweet. Maybe it was the cough/flu but I didn’t leave the cinema with that sick feeling in my tummy wishing I was the heroine. I mean, how can you loathe someone for three years, and fall in love in a weekend? Sure, it COULD happen, but seriously? I cannot imagine falling in love with someone I dislike passionately. *touch wood*. Just in case of course.

Maybe I’ve become a cold-hearted witch because there are times when I feel like I am so bloody mean. But I think I reimburse the b****ness with my self-created guilt trip. So it kinda “Yin & Yang” the whole thing no? *grins*

However, Ryan Reynolds is so yummilicious!


carolchs said...

u're right about falling to someone you loathed for years is unthinkable.
perhaps in the movie (or so i want to think), alex didnt actually hate his boss that much. :)
luar saja cakap benci....hahaha

hope u get well very soon.

angelicbug said...

thanks carol.

u're right. people are like that bah kan. they always say tdk mau but diam2 mau juga. LOL.