Saturday, August 26, 2006


My son is still refusing to walk. He would take a couple of steps and looks at you for compliments. So very the minta puji. I admit there are times when he is a brat but most times he is simply loveable.

Story 1: My son was doodling on a piece of paper with a blunt pencil. I absentmindedly told him "Ekiel, draw mommy’s face". He looked at me, came over, holds my shoulder and started drawing ON MY FACE. *sigh* It was painful and embarrassing because my sisters were laughing at me.
Moral of the story: BE SPECIFIC

Story 2: It was midnight and my son refuses to sleep. He found a scientific calculator and used it to knock against the floor. I took the calculator from him and pretend to hide it under the mattress. What my son doesn’t know is I have actually given the calculator to my sister. Ekiel is so determined to have the calculator back actually tried to lift the mattress (he managed to lift it a little) and look for the calculator. When he became tired, he made me (by pushing, pulling, pinching me) lift the mattress for him while he continued the search. He became upset and started screaming and my mom came to comfort him because according to my mom it’s already midnight and she didn’t want the neighbors to call the police.
Moral of the story: NEVER GIVE UP

That’s my boy.
Despite all that, I believe he is actually observant and sensitive about the emotions of people around him.
I was having a tough day. I asked him if he wanted to come up to the room with me and he refused. So I went to have some time alone and clear my head. Not long after that my brother sent him to the room. I kept quiet and let him play on his own. Suddenly he came to me and said "Mommy. Nenen (bottle)". That was the first time he called me mommy. I immediately forgotten about my bad day and made his bottle. I talked to him about my feelings and the things I wish I could give to him. He finished he bottle and was playing on his own. He then again did something unexpected. He came to me and said "Mommy". He smiled, laughed and kissed me couple of times without being asked.

From a bad day, that was one of the best and beautiful nights in my life.

Having a bad day?

Some people don’t understand why anyone would wanna tell the whole world about their personal life.

I agree. Only crazy people would do that. Hee. I blog because I need a way to channel my frustration. I swear I am not like this in person. *whistles* I do try my damnest best to be optimistic and cheerful and all that because I just feel there is no point in arguing or retaliating. You scream at the top of your lungs, accusing and defending yourself and then what? You only embarrass yourself kan? I rather find a way to rectify whatever it is that is needed to be done, whine about it on the net and move on with my life.

And that is how I keep myself from stealing car tires and hitting anyone with my slippers.

Considerate. Thoughtful. How hard is it? When people tell me I am thoughtful or the sensible one, I was like, "OMG. I am boring". Hee. I didn’t realize it was actually somewhat a compliment. Okay, maybe it was sarcasm BUT I AM TYRING TO BE OPTIMISTIC here. Anyway, it saddens me to see how some people demand other people to be considerate and nice to them when they themselves fail to demonstrate the "love". *tsk tsk tsk*

I understand fully how you feel when you’re having a bad day BUT you do not try to spread it to everyone you see kan? It is really tiring to entertain these people. Taking a lot of my patience and wit too especially these days when I don’t have the time to vent out my frustration via blogging. So last night, I snapped and who was my victim? My mom. I know she only has the good-est intention but she commented/attacked my most sensitive battle – my weight. Oh well, I will try to make it up to her.

I am gaining weight by the minute. Life is so bloody unfair. I don’t think I eat THAT much. *whistles* I don’t know. Food is the only comfort I know these days. "I’m having a bad day" *munch munch munch*
"I’m bored" *munch munch munch* Food is Friends. I’m craving for some pasta. *banging head on table*

Friday, August 25, 2006

Last Week's Entry - don't remember when I started writing it

Some extra time for me to whine about my "not so interesting" life.

I’m alone in the office/room.
Some went for their K class, some who knows where -> I don’t get paid to baby-sit these people.
I am pretty sure I have done all the important/urgent tasks given to me.
If I haven’t, then "too bad Eugene!"

It has been another roller coaster ride.
It’s tiring and a pain in the arse.
If I were emotional or psychotic, I would have beaten that particular person with my one-inch heel and I still wouldn’t feel better.
I was -this close- to tell that particular person off but I am blessed with a sane mind.

It is just me or is the whole world trying my patience?

My train of thoughts just crashed.
That particular person is baaackkkk.

Day 2.
I can’t believe I am taking this much of time just to finish an entry.
Oh well, what do you expect when I am writing/typing while doing my work at the same time.
That’s multi-tasking!

The pot calling the kettle black.
This is the case.
I was told there wasn’t any politics going on in this department and they are all one big happy family.
Excuse me?
She is either a) high on something b) blur sotong c) easily pleased d) her staffs are wonderfully talented actor/actress who puts the happy face for show e) all the above.

If you put aside your frustration and loathing, and look at things with your head tilted to one side preferably the right side, it is kinda funny.
You have X who calls Y incompetent and X is the person who takes the time to finish certain job because she doesn’t like to be rush and wants to teach those people to not give us a last minute job and expect the thing to be done immediately. <-Does that makes any sense?

I make it sound as if I am the only one competent here.
Hee. Honestly, that is not the case. But I do try my best to get my job done a.s.a.p.
Unless you ask something crazy like surf the net for information using this ancient Pentium 64MB RAM computer, of course I am going to need A LOT of time.
I sometimes I forget to follow up certain jobs but I’ll admit it.
I don’t go blaming other people or create a fairy tale story where you are the victim of someone who envies you. Ha.

Day 3.
*LOL* I can’t believe I am still in the same entry.
Btw, I normally type my entry in MS Word before I transfer it to the blog because… well for the obvious reason.
Anyway, I feel so fat. Oh well, that is my reality but today I feel extra fatter.
It is just one of those days.
*sigh* I feel so down about everything.
It feels as if the rest of the world is having a shitty week too.
I wonder why.

Monday, August 14, 2006

I need coffee

It has been a long long week.
The workload is tiring but bearable.
I have no idea where the time went.
I only realize it was gone when I needed more time to write.
By the time my world calms down, I am too tired to open my eyes, let alone think to type anything worth typing.

I had my confirmation appraisal the other day.
It went well.
I find it funny when my boss told me I am more intelligent that she thought.
Maybe because during the interview I kept my mouth shut most of the time. I think I also talked a lot of gibberish because I was nervous.
I am now unofficially a confirmed staff of this hotel.
*clap clap clap*
Trying to be optimistic, I believe this is a good thing.

The last few days is like a series of “Menjejak Kasih”
People whom I have not been in contact with and misses a lot suddenly reappears in my life.
The timing was almost/ perfect.
Perfect because I was thinking about them a lot and I miss their company
Almost perfect because I only managed to spend about 2 hours with Aida while making sure my son does not injure himself or trash the hotel room.
Very happy to hear everyone is doing well in their life.

Then I started to think.
Did I miss something?
Though I am very happy with the improvements in my life, I want it all and I want it NOW.

Night Without The Moon by Angelicbug

Night without the moon
It is so lonely
Without her love
He misses her

Even with the stars
He is still unhappy
His precious one
No where to be seen

Will he only think of her
When she has gone away
Will he really love her
If she comes back to stay

Night without the moon
It is so empty
He needs her
But he can never have her

Back to the Future I

"Let not other's insanity gets you. It's contagious with little hope for recovery. If you need to be insane, do it in your own unique way" - angelicbug

Friday, August 11, 2006

~7th August's Entry~

3 August 2006. New Straits Times. Prime News. Page 18.
Have Cab, will whistle.

Whistling cab drivers? Err, no thank you.
It’s annoying don’t you think?
Imagine this.

You had a LONG day at work, you’re stuck in a massive traffic jam, the taxi’s meter is going wild and the taxi driver is whistling the WHOLE time.
And every time when the driver try to hit that particular high note he keeps going off key and because he tries to be a good Malaysian taxi driver, he keeps on trying to hit the same note over and over and over but he keeps missing that note?
Wouldn’t you go crazy and want to pull that damn meter and start hitting the driver with it?
I would.

I used to take the cab to/back from work every day.
I met nice ones, the annoying ones, the crazy ones and the scary ones.

The nice ones
- They’re willing to send me to my destination even though the traffic towards that way is almost non-moving while other cabs refused.
- I didn’t have small change. They didn’t have small change. They told me to just give what I have.
- They offered to help me carry my groceries (which of course I never accept but it was nice because they offered)
- Make small talk about weather, funny stories about other passengers

The scary ones
- Makes sexual comments/remarks
- Drives like a mad man
- Upset when stuck in jam (one was so angry, he didn’t want to move even when the traffic was moving. He later scolded me for not telling him about the traffic -> I told him to take a different route but he ignored me)
- Asking personal questions and insist for phone number

I have never encountered a taxi driver that is fond of spreading rumors and malicious statements. If there was ever a taxi driver who talked about the racial issue is during that "thing" between two racial groups. They reminded me not to travel alone and to be alert all the time. All of them agreed that the problem shouldn’t have had happened. They also tell about them grow up together or are good friends with people from the other racial group. Isn’t that a good sharing/testimonial about different racial group living together in harmony?

I remembered this one particular taxi driver. He commented about the mix marriages that are happening in Malaysia. He said although he welcomes the idea of mix marriages, he is just worried one day all the racial group will become extinct and the culture/heritage will die because the young generation feels their history is a nuisance. Doesn’t he have a valid point?

The bit where the writer wrote about a taxi driver who refused to take the Jalan Masjid India route and with that action alone the writer claim that the taxi driver couldn’t resist bringing up issues of religion, as seen in "masjid" and race, as seen in "India" is crazy. He also said the taxi driver made an assumption about the allegedly crowded nature of that road without backing it up with statistical data.

If refusing to go to Jalan Masjid India is seen as religion/racial discrimination, then many other Malaysian, me included are guilty of "bringing up issues of religion".

Why only Jalan Masjid India? There are so many other places people would avoid going. Petaling Street, Sunway, etc. Are we also disrespecting the major racial group who resides in those areas? Please larr.

I never thought anything about the word "masjid" or "India". The reason why I always try to avoid that place is because of the traffic jam and the crowded area. I don’t know about the author but I DISLIKE walking through a sea of people. Maybe once in a blue moon I go crazy and I go hunting for whatever item I want/need.

KL is connected in every way so why would I want to take a busy road when there is a better route? Common sense larr. Most time I will let the taxi driver know which route to take and I always avoid Jalan Masjid India.

Maybe there are those people who have nothing better to do. Why only attack the taxi driver? If you say they have more contact with the tourist, then maybe. But instead of whistling, the authorities should teach them Malaysian history or facts about our tourism spots/activities/programs. A knowledgeable taxi driver is definitely a good image for the country.

If you really want to tackle the problem, then do it the right way. I am not sure what is the right way though. I think Malaysian is educated enough to understand and appreciate our differences. Unfortunately, we are the living example of the third world mentality. I suspect even other third world countries does not discriminate as much as we do.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

~4th August's Entry ~

Chupa Chups.
The Pleasure of Sucking.

I saw the TVC in Nickelodeon.
A little inappropriate don’t you think?
You have little girls/bad sucking the chupa chups to a song that goes “bad boys… bad boys”
Even if you don’t have an indecent mind like mine, you must admit it is a little obscene for children (who are the main audience of that channel).

So, it’s Friday again. *yay*
Can’t wait to go home -> 7 more hours to go!
Everyone in the office is irritable and scowling; they’re slamming everything down, raising their voice and ignoring questions.
I just want to slap them silly.

I already had a slow morning.
Ekiel woke up early when my mom was screaming at brother telling him to wake up for school.
Then my mom made Ekiel to go back to bed because she needs to do some chores.
Which he did and woke up when I needed to get ready for work.
Being the spoilt brat he is he want someone to put him back to sleep.
After 30 minutes, I told him to stay awake because I am late for work.
No work, no nyong-nyong -> his term for his bottle.
When I brought him down, he was still testing my patience.
He wants to go down himself.
So I let him while I monitor him.
But he was taking FOREVER and I was really late.
So I yelled at him and he retaliated by refusing to move at all.
Only then my mom came to take him.

I skipped breakfast but I did manage to have my cup of coffee though.
On my way to the office, I felt bad for screaming at Ekiel.
:P He is still a baby. What does he know kan?
I will make up for it later.

When I reach the office, I have to put up with these people.
*taking a deep breath*
This too shall pass.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Piece of cake

The extreme weather is making everyone sick. My dad is coughing. My mom is coughing. My baby is coughing. I am coughing. We are a coughing family. Oh well, at least we could save some money on cough syrup. Sharing is caring.

My mom bakes one of the best cakes/pudding/cookies I ever tasted. She used to take orders for cakes/pudding/cookies, but not anymore because it is too tiring for her. All those time when she was busy whipping the ingredients and preparing whatever that is needed to be prepared, I never bothered to “participate”. This is because I was “ordered” to look after the younger ones or my “participation” wasn’t encouraged because my mother didn’t think her baking talent was passed down to me. Once I was craving for her pudding so I called her (I was in KL) to ask for the recipe and she told me to just buy them from the bakery. Ha.

Anyway, over the weekend my mom had bake three cakes and a pudding. Two cakes and a pudding are for a family friend and a cake for my youngest sister’s birthday. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHELSEA!) My mom panicked a little because her decorating skills are rusty. For the first time ever, she asked for my help. ME. DECORATE THREE CAKES.

Well, my mom did spread the cream on the cakes first. All I had to do was decorate them. Ok larr. I managed not to butcher the cakes. *LOL* Don’t tell my mom, but I actually enjoy doing it despite my non-stop complains. My mom think I did a pretty good job and actually said I should go and learn how to bake cakes so we could do a small business together. I couldn’t remember the last time my mom said anything like that to me. *pat myself on the shoulder*

So what is the moral of this story? Err… never underestimate anyone? Don’t judge a book just by reading a review in the magazine/newspaper/internet/etc.

Only four months left before the year ends. *erkkss*

So far, I think the year has been good to me. Yes, despite what I wrote in my previous entries, I do think this has been a great year. I came back home with nothing except my faith that things will work out and it eventually did. I manage to get a decent job didn’t I? - without asking anyone for a favor. I found my old and long lost friends. My family, friends and I are in good health and safe from what is happening all over the world.

What more could I ask for? -> yes, there is a long list of things I want but I’ll talk about that in the next entry.