Thursday, August 10, 2006

~4th August's Entry ~

Chupa Chups.
The Pleasure of Sucking.

I saw the TVC in Nickelodeon.
A little inappropriate don’t you think?
You have little girls/bad sucking the chupa chups to a song that goes “bad boys… bad boys”
Even if you don’t have an indecent mind like mine, you must admit it is a little obscene for children (who are the main audience of that channel).

So, it’s Friday again. *yay*
Can’t wait to go home -> 7 more hours to go!
Everyone in the office is irritable and scowling; they’re slamming everything down, raising their voice and ignoring questions.
I just want to slap them silly.

I already had a slow morning.
Ekiel woke up early when my mom was screaming at brother telling him to wake up for school.
Then my mom made Ekiel to go back to bed because she needs to do some chores.
Which he did and woke up when I needed to get ready for work.
Being the spoilt brat he is he want someone to put him back to sleep.
After 30 minutes, I told him to stay awake because I am late for work.
No work, no nyong-nyong -> his term for his bottle.
When I brought him down, he was still testing my patience.
He wants to go down himself.
So I let him while I monitor him.
But he was taking FOREVER and I was really late.
So I yelled at him and he retaliated by refusing to move at all.
Only then my mom came to take him.

I skipped breakfast but I did manage to have my cup of coffee though.
On my way to the office, I felt bad for screaming at Ekiel.
:P He is still a baby. What does he know kan?
I will make up for it later.

When I reach the office, I have to put up with these people.
*taking a deep breath*
This too shall pass.

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