Friday, August 25, 2006

Last Week's Entry - don't remember when I started writing it

Some extra time for me to whine about my "not so interesting" life.

I’m alone in the office/room.
Some went for their K class, some who knows where -> I don’t get paid to baby-sit these people.
I am pretty sure I have done all the important/urgent tasks given to me.
If I haven’t, then "too bad Eugene!"

It has been another roller coaster ride.
It’s tiring and a pain in the arse.
If I were emotional or psychotic, I would have beaten that particular person with my one-inch heel and I still wouldn’t feel better.
I was -this close- to tell that particular person off but I am blessed with a sane mind.

It is just me or is the whole world trying my patience?

My train of thoughts just crashed.
That particular person is baaackkkk.

Day 2.
I can’t believe I am taking this much of time just to finish an entry.
Oh well, what do you expect when I am writing/typing while doing my work at the same time.
That’s multi-tasking!

The pot calling the kettle black.
This is the case.
I was told there wasn’t any politics going on in this department and they are all one big happy family.
Excuse me?
She is either a) high on something b) blur sotong c) easily pleased d) her staffs are wonderfully talented actor/actress who puts the happy face for show e) all the above.

If you put aside your frustration and loathing, and look at things with your head tilted to one side preferably the right side, it is kinda funny.
You have X who calls Y incompetent and X is the person who takes the time to finish certain job because she doesn’t like to be rush and wants to teach those people to not give us a last minute job and expect the thing to be done immediately. <-Does that makes any sense?

I make it sound as if I am the only one competent here.
Hee. Honestly, that is not the case. But I do try my best to get my job done a.s.a.p.
Unless you ask something crazy like surf the net for information using this ancient Pentium 64MB RAM computer, of course I am going to need A LOT of time.
I sometimes I forget to follow up certain jobs but I’ll admit it.
I don’t go blaming other people or create a fairy tale story where you are the victim of someone who envies you. Ha.

Day 3.
*LOL* I can’t believe I am still in the same entry.
Btw, I normally type my entry in MS Word before I transfer it to the blog because… well for the obvious reason.
Anyway, I feel so fat. Oh well, that is my reality but today I feel extra fatter.
It is just one of those days.
*sigh* I feel so down about everything.
It feels as if the rest of the world is having a shitty week too.
I wonder why.

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