Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Piece of cake

The extreme weather is making everyone sick. My dad is coughing. My mom is coughing. My baby is coughing. I am coughing. We are a coughing family. Oh well, at least we could save some money on cough syrup. Sharing is caring.

My mom bakes one of the best cakes/pudding/cookies I ever tasted. She used to take orders for cakes/pudding/cookies, but not anymore because it is too tiring for her. All those time when she was busy whipping the ingredients and preparing whatever that is needed to be prepared, I never bothered to “participate”. This is because I was “ordered” to look after the younger ones or my “participation” wasn’t encouraged because my mother didn’t think her baking talent was passed down to me. Once I was craving for her pudding so I called her (I was in KL) to ask for the recipe and she told me to just buy them from the bakery. Ha.

Anyway, over the weekend my mom had bake three cakes and a pudding. Two cakes and a pudding are for a family friend and a cake for my youngest sister’s birthday. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHELSEA!) My mom panicked a little because her decorating skills are rusty. For the first time ever, she asked for my help. ME. DECORATE THREE CAKES.

Well, my mom did spread the cream on the cakes first. All I had to do was decorate them. Ok larr. I managed not to butcher the cakes. *LOL* Don’t tell my mom, but I actually enjoy doing it despite my non-stop complains. My mom think I did a pretty good job and actually said I should go and learn how to bake cakes so we could do a small business together. I couldn’t remember the last time my mom said anything like that to me. *pat myself on the shoulder*

So what is the moral of this story? Err… never underestimate anyone? Don’t judge a book just by reading a review in the magazine/newspaper/internet/etc.

Only four months left before the year ends. *erkkss*

So far, I think the year has been good to me. Yes, despite what I wrote in my previous entries, I do think this has been a great year. I came back home with nothing except my faith that things will work out and it eventually did. I manage to get a decent job didn’t I? - without asking anyone for a favor. I found my old and long lost friends. My family, friends and I are in good health and safe from what is happening all over the world.

What more could I ask for? -> yes, there is a long list of things I want but I’ll talk about that in the next entry.

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