Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Ekiel: Mommy I want a pet
Me: Pet? Ishhh… don’t want larr
Ekiel: But mommy, Bezzle hilang, Chuzzle died, we got no more pets
Me: What pet you want this?
Ekiel: Cat
Ekiel: Err… pet larr
Me: Yeah, pet
Ekiel: I want a dragon?
Me: *LOL* You mad kah?
Ekiel: Syiok bah dragon
Me: Dragon doesn’t exist larr
Ekiel: Got…
Me: Cartoon only larr that
Ekiel: Not cartoon
Me: You find larr if you can
Ekiel: Mommy, I want fish larr
Me: Fish? They’re so boring. You cannot play with them. You just see them swim and swim and swim
EKiel: But Jackie (the boy next door) play with his fish bah. Syiok that. Can mommy? Pleaseeee… *bats eyelashes*
Me: Fish larr? But what if kan, one day you go jalan-jalan and then you come home, you say, ‘Papa, I hungry oh’ then Papa say he ada cook fish, and you eat the fish with kicap and rice, and you kenyang this sebab very sedap. Then when you want to play with your fish, hilang already and you go cari and cari but not jumpa and you ask Papa, where’s your fish, then Papa say, sudah he masak and you makan odi with kicap and rice
Ekiel: *tear tear*
Me: *LOL*
Ekiel: You’re such a meanie Mommy *tear tear*
Me: We pelihara ayam larr. Then one day you go jalan-jalan and then you come home, you say, ‘Mama, I hungry oh’ then Mama say she ada cook KFC, and you eat the KFC with tomato ketchup and rice. Then when you want to play with your ayam, no more sudah, sbb mama sudah cook KFC
Ekiel: *tear tear* I don’t like you mommy. You so jahat *tear tear*

brother sister

While I was busy painting cabinets last Sunday, Ekiel came to the room in tears. And not the loud sobbing, mind you. These are really sad tears and when I see sad tears, I’ll worry.

Me: What’s wrong with you?
Ekiel: I am sad
Me: Why?
Ekiel: Because nobody wants to play with me
Me: Play with Tam la
Ekiel: He’s a guy, not a kid. He doesn’t want to play with me
Me: Then how?
Ekiel: I am SO sad. Everyone have brother and sister. I don’t
Me: *chuckles* Of course larr. You are the only child
Ekiel: Not syiok only child. I want brother and sister
Me: Heh? *ignores Ekiel continous blabbing*

Ekiel: Mommy, I want brother and sister
Me: *sighs* Bah, after I go supermarket buy okay
Ekiel: Mommy, you tipu only. Where got sell in the supermarket
Me: Ada that. You only don’t know where
Ekiel: Mommy bah.. I am so sad, I have no brother sister. My friends all got brother and sister
Me: Then, where I want to get brother and sister
Ekiel: Your stomach can fit that one brother and one sister
Me: *LOL* What you say?
Ekiel: *tear tear*
Me: You pray larr for a brother and sister. I also cannot help you with this one
Ekiel: *tear tear*

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


When I arrived at CP, one of the many shopping malls in town recently, I was overwhelmed with the funky smell of urine especially on the third floor and at the lift area. The government wants to promote Sabah as a shopping haven for tourist and yet our malls stink. Literally.

Before I could finish complaining, we saw a mother lifting his little boy up so he could pee in the trash can.

Seriously, don’t these people learn anything during Moral classes? *tsk tsk tsk*

Why the floor at the public toilets are forever wet, even with that blower thingy drying the floor.

Monday, November 22, 2010


I have been sick for the past two months.
No, nothing major, just runny nose, headaches, and irritating cough with the occasional sore throat.
When I thought I was getting better, *bam* I got sick again.
This does not only affect me but Ekiel as well.

Maybe it’s the temporary house we are staying in kan?
Karma tidak ngam ni.

Thank goodness we’ve moved back to Hse No 10 despite the mess.

Anyway, my tonsils got badly infected with pus which made me sicker. Cleaning the house only adds the symptoms. Ekiel was still sick too, so off we went to the clinic again.

At the doctor’s, Ekiel asked the doctor if he was going to take my blood pressure but the doctor misunderstood him and said little children do not need blood pressure test. Ekiel gave the doctor the ‘heh?’ look. *hee*

When the doctor came back with a syringe for my jab, Ekiel got scared and quickly covered his ear with his finger, with his eyes and mouth wide open. He didn’t appreciate it when we, the doctor and the nurses included laughed at him.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


You and I and almost everyone else know I am not exactly the girlie girl. Given the choice, I would come to work bare-faced. I remember my ex boss commented that he was ‘cheated’ because when I came for the interview, I was all dressed up but after few months in the agency, I came to work with jeans and sneakers minus the efforts.

Unfortunately, my current line of work requires me to meet guests so I am ‘required’ to look presentable. In my dictionary, presentable means as long as the guest do not get a heart attack looking at my face. So I wore minimum make-up. Minimum means face powder, eye brow liner, a little mascara, blush and nude lip gloss. Unfortunately, by the standards of some people, this is not even the minimum.

Once, the Dragoon, stared at me for the longest time, and asked me why didn’t I have some lipstick on. Honestly, I tend to forget about the lips bit especially after a meal and what not. Once I went to a function, full make-up minus the lipstick. Didn’t even realize it if my colleague didn’t offered me her weird pinkish-orange-y lipstick. *hee* I quickly bit my lips hoping it would turn at least a little pinkish because the color she offered does not go well with my lime green baju kurung.

And I am one of those who do not even bother to ‘touch up’.

Yes, I am just that plain lazy.

Of course, there are times when I am just so into hair and make-up. Rare occasions, but it happens. I wasn’t any good, but during those crazy days, experimenting was the key.

Now with the millions of online tutorials and what not, everyone can go crazy with their make-ups, hairstyles. And I am hooked. I’ve watched tutorials after tutorials on hair, make-up, nails. The only problem is, I only have the very basic tools. Like the make-up brushes. I only have two, which I rarely use because it does not apply the make-up well. I just use my fingers to blend the colors. Colors I have plenty but it is basically the same shades. Why I hear you ask? Well, I like the color so I bought it without realizing I have the same exact color at home.

Anyway, I experimented with some of the techniques I learned online.

For the Hollywood Night event where I was the emcee, I tried the Amy Winehouse hair and makeup. The response was superb. Since I am like 10 times bigger, my outfit wasn’t exactly AW, but who cares.

Clara RumahTapai

Then I remembered Chegu Carol and her nail Marble experiment. I tried it as well, but it didn’t turn out that well but I still love them! I wore them for a function and people loved it too and that made me so bloody happy.

My blue and white marbled nails yg tdk menjadi

I have another idea I want to try, but I am just waiting for the right occasion to wear it. I know I could just experiment without having to wait for an occasion, but it’s no fun if people don’t get to see your ‘artwork’.*hee*

Life is shitty these few days. I chose not to sweat about them. I got better things to do. With 1.5 more months to a new year, I rather not waste it by whining about things and people who are beyond my control. Kan?

How do you distract yourself these days?

Thursday, November 04, 2010

sneezing away

‘A change would do you good’
Really? I don’t think so SC.

Sometimes, changes screw you up especially when it is done by people who put themselves high up in a pedestal expecting others to worship them like a Roman God. And some fools who have no principles whatsoever do. Kissing arse and all that.

To those people, remember Humpty Dumpty?
*shrugs* I am just saying.

I was glued to the television the other night watching a documentary on Obama’s journey during his election campaign in 2008. I was dead tired but I was, mesmerized, if I can call it that, with the passion and dedication of Obama’s volunteers/campaign personnel.

I wondered when was the last time I believed in anything so deeply that I would volunteer my time and ‘life’ for it.

‘Just do it right’.
Heard that somewhere along the movie.
He is right you know.
But right is never easy.