Monday, November 22, 2010


I have been sick for the past two months.
No, nothing major, just runny nose, headaches, and irritating cough with the occasional sore throat.
When I thought I was getting better, *bam* I got sick again.
This does not only affect me but Ekiel as well.

Maybe it’s the temporary house we are staying in kan?
Karma tidak ngam ni.

Thank goodness we’ve moved back to Hse No 10 despite the mess.

Anyway, my tonsils got badly infected with pus which made me sicker. Cleaning the house only adds the symptoms. Ekiel was still sick too, so off we went to the clinic again.

At the doctor’s, Ekiel asked the doctor if he was going to take my blood pressure but the doctor misunderstood him and said little children do not need blood pressure test. Ekiel gave the doctor the ‘heh?’ look. *hee*

When the doctor came back with a syringe for my jab, Ekiel got scared and quickly covered his ear with his finger, with his eyes and mouth wide open. He didn’t appreciate it when we, the doctor and the nurses included laughed at him.

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