Tuesday, November 23, 2010


When I arrived at CP, one of the many shopping malls in town recently, I was overwhelmed with the funky smell of urine especially on the third floor and at the lift area. The government wants to promote Sabah as a shopping haven for tourist and yet our malls stink. Literally.

Before I could finish complaining, we saw a mother lifting his little boy up so he could pee in the trash can.

Seriously, don’t these people learn anything during Moral classes? *tsk tsk tsk*

Why the floor at the public toilets are forever wet, even with that blower thingy drying the floor.


chegu carol said...

oh man! this is the time when i wanted to shout to these people, 'tia pernah pi skul ka?'...but then again, they might reply, 'yes'. *sigh*

vsk said...

seriously?? omg... napa tu toilet sana?

eSKay said...

u shud've taken pic of pee'ing scenario... thats wat camera phones r for? u this!!

joy said...

unforgettable experience