Thursday, November 04, 2010

sneezing away

‘A change would do you good’
Really? I don’t think so SC.

Sometimes, changes screw you up especially when it is done by people who put themselves high up in a pedestal expecting others to worship them like a Roman God. And some fools who have no principles whatsoever do. Kissing arse and all that.

To those people, remember Humpty Dumpty?
*shrugs* I am just saying.

I was glued to the television the other night watching a documentary on Obama’s journey during his election campaign in 2008. I was dead tired but I was, mesmerized, if I can call it that, with the passion and dedication of Obama’s volunteers/campaign personnel.

I wondered when was the last time I believed in anything so deeply that I would volunteer my time and ‘life’ for it.

‘Just do it right’.
Heard that somewhere along the movie.
He is right you know.
But right is never easy.

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