Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Monday's Blog, Tuesday's Entry


This morning was painful.
My son was being difficult.
My mom never-ending nagging.
Totally forgotten about the vouchers. -> been waiting for that thing for so long and now I have to wait till who knows when! *tear tear*
I think I accidentally kicked something (no idea when or what) and now my tail toenail is hurting me.
I look/feel like shitty I don’t even wanna look myself in the mirror.
*woo hoo*

Work is work.
I embarrassed myself this morning.
My manager asked us what does F.I.T stand for.
I thought really hard but I still couldn’t remember.
When he look at me, I innocently ask him if he meant the college.
He was like “Huh? College? Then you don’t know”.
Another colleague finally found out what it was.
Frequent Independent Travelers.
*banging head on table*
I wanted to just melt and evaporate.
Luckily everyone was busy to bother with my stupidity.

I admit I know nuts about the hospitality/tourism industry.
I will make it a point to educate myself so I won’t make the same mistake again.
But in my defense, he could have been talking about the college kan?
Who am I kidding?
Of course not.

How was your weekend?
Mine was so-so.
I burnt my arm with the boiling kettle.
While I was in pain, I was washing my son who wouldn’t stand still and I accidentally poke him with my fingernail. It bled a little but enough to scare me and make me feel so small that I wanted to cry with him.
My son’s cradle is out of order and he wouldn’t sleep without it. So while my mom grocery shopping, I had to “entertain” him and he finally cried himself to sleep after 2 hour of tantrums. -> the weird thing is, at night he could sleep without it, he just needs it for his day naps
I got little sleep, little TV time.
Wish the weekend were longer.


Why is it so difficult to blog these days?
Is this ancient computer too old and needs to retire?
Five-star organization with half-star office equipment.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

hooray hooray! it's saturday!

I have just attended what I think is the world’s quietest Q&A session in a press conference.
The whole thing was boring and the only interesting thing about it was the free lunch. *evil laugh*
Oh, and this funny incident.

The new trainee and I were assigned to register the press/guests that came.
I was on the phone calling those press people who promised to come but never showed up because some minister called them personally to cover another event at another hotel.
So there were few people who walked in at the same time and the other ushers were busy doing something when one of them practically threw his credit card on the table. He later sat down and looked at the new trainee who was obviously confused.

The table we were using was actually the front office for the hotel club lounge (event was held at the Club Lounge). That guy is a regular hotel guest and he didn’t realize there was a function going on. Luckily the COO was there and saw the guest and quickly got one of the ushers who is actually the Guest Service to attend the guest. You should have seen both the trainee’s and the guest’s expression. Wish I had my camera with me.


Can anyone tell me how to stop those automated comments? IT’S ANNOYING. I was so happy thinking someone actually visited my blog and left me something. *Boo hoo*

Thank goodness the weekend is here again. I promise myself extra sleep this weekend and now I just have to persuade my mom to take my son together with them when they go grocery shopping this Sunday. *evil laugh*

Chances are that is SO not going to happen. Nobody wants a hyperactive-can never sit quietly-arms will just grab anything he fancies-baby when go shopping. Although he have not done any minor damages *touch wood*, he has couple of times grabbed one of those stuffed toys and actually try to eat it. The stuffed toys are still in one piece but his saliva is all over them. To those who had picked up salivated stuffed animals in any hypermarkets/shopping complexes, I am sorry. *whistles*

My colleague asked me what I do with my free time. I think and I think. I wish I could give her a more glamorous answer, but I “waste” my free time by not doing anything. I think it is okay because to me free time is a luxury and I so going to enjoy every minute of it. ->I sound as if I am busier than the PM *chuckled*

Truth is there are many things I would LOVE to do. Read a good book, watch a movie, hang out in Starbucks/with friends, go for massages/facials, but I can’t afford all that now. *sigh* So I’ll just pamper myself with DIY facials, watch TV, writing nonsense or just let my imagination go crazy. It’s not that bad. We just have to look at the bright side. Facial or 3 weeks of baby formula? Not so hard to decide kan?

Things are just not cheap these days. My friend and I wanted to go out and party a little but none of us drives. I am so used to KL public transport I told her we could get a cab. When she told me there would be additional charges of RM30 (additional!), I nearly had a heart attack. What? That is equivalent to 2 drinks! Besides, my place from that club is only like 15-20 minutes away.

Oh well, maybe I will just party at home. Blast the MTV loud, get myself a Big Gulp & a stirred not shaken baby formula for my son and shake our booty until his bed time. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, it’s who you’re with that counts.

My thumb, my thumb, my thumb, check it out!

The stitches. The blue colored thread thingy is kinda cool :)"

After removing those stitches. A little cacat but at least I still have my thumb

It still hurt when I accidently rub against it but it is healing. Yay!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday so soon

When I found about the Tsunami that struck Java on Monday, I was speechless.
The universe is telling us something.
Unfortunately we are too busy too pay attention.

With all the natural disaster happening around the world and the fighting/attacks that is getting out of hand, I am worried. All the “What Ifs” keeps going through my head and it scares me. I cannot and do not want to imagine myself going through what those poor people have to go through every day.


I think I had too much coffee today.
I am having a headache but I still yawning non-stop.

Everyone is still talking about Siti Nurhaliza’s marriage to Datuk Khalid.
Everyone is speculating the reason behind the marriage.
I guess when you’re the country’s young and beautiful top singer and you’re marrying someone who is 20 years your senior who is a divorcee with teenager kids, people will definitely talk.
Though my mom feels Siti could marry someone younger and more good looking, I think we should mind our own business. If it makes her happy, then let her be.

Physical appearance, status and age will not guarantee a happy and lasting marriage.

Talking about marriage, a good friend of mine is also getting married next January.
*Clap clap clap*
I am very happy for the both of them.
He also planned a very romantic birthday cum proposal surprise for the girl, which I think is really sweet.
-> I also want a romantic proposal!!!
Can’t wait to see them on their wedding day.
Gmee & Irene, Congratulations on your engagement.

It is raining heavily outside.
The weather has gone mad I tell you.
It was freakin’ hot the past few days.
It is another sign from the universe?

A little bit on AF4.
My mom is SO UPSET when Diddy was booted out two weeks ago.
Then last week, her favorite student Lotter was next to go.
She was so frustrated, sad and angry, and she still complains about it until today.
Last night AF Diary showed Lotter crying while talking to Faizal, and my mom was practically sobbing. -> my mom is so gonna kick my arse for this. *LOL*
I told her to go and adopt Lotter or marry him to one of my younger sister. She just pouted at me.

Though I think Lotter is a good entertainer, he doesn’t deserve to win considering his vocals are only so-so and his vocal performance for the past seven weeks (minus his last performance) was somewhat below average. When you have other students (three in particular but I favor only two of them) with excellent vocals and good performances week after week, we need to do the right thing.

Maybe it is just me, but I think this year’s AF is too dramatized, set-up and pretentious, and it is beginning to bore me. *yawn*

After two months, I finally settled in the office. People are friendlier and more open to talk about everything with/in front of me. They just need a long time to warm up to newcomers. I think kinda like it here for now. -> I still dislike that particular person but I am willing to put aside that feeling for sanity’s sake.

I am craving for YuYu Ice.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I will survive

Oohhh, my heels will give up on me one of these days.
I should be wearing jogging considering the amount of walking/running I have to do every day.
Boo the stupid rules.

Busy. Busy. BUSY.

I try not to complain too much about work, but I need to say this.
It is a waste of time and resources to preach about teamwork when the staffs obviously do not understand nor care the concept of this value.

I was loaded with so much of work and yet she puts an instruction in my tray to photocopy a document for her. Maybe the promotion made her forgetful/idiotic and she no longer know how to operate the photocopy machine herself. *rolling eyes*

Though I had a one-hour breakdown last week, this week I am feeling much more better and optimistic about many things. I am just upset that no one bothered to ask me how I feel about what happened. It’s always about what other people think.

ANYWAY we can never please everyone. I was just upset when I was told the reason why I am getting such a low pay at the current job because I did not study hard enough to graduate from a university. I was upset because the reason I did not graduate was because I couldn’t find another scholarship when the first scholarship was cancelled due to the economic problem in ‘97-’98. I was upset because I had to start from the bottom due to my lack of experience and knowledge in this industry, which explains the low pay.

Oh well, no matter what, people (unfortunately most of them are families) will ALWAYS judge me because… they’re human and because I am different from them. Well I like to think it’s because of that. *LOL*

But the way we think and the way we express ourselves are so different sometimes I do find it frustrating. I am not saying I am perfect but we need to keep an open mind about everything around us. If you don’t,you will miss many things life has to offer. Doesn’t that make any sense?

Friday, July 14, 2006

I couldn't think of a catchy title

Weekend is here.

Sure I still gotta work half day tomorrow, but half a day would just fly so quickly, unless I need to come back for the run tomorrow. NNOOOOOO…
*crossing my fingers*

I WAS excited about the run and I even thought what fun it will be to actually join in. BUT as days go by, and the more I think about it, *ugghhh* it’ll be too tiring. I already have to drag myself around work and I run tomorrow I might just die/past out. Fine, I am exaggerating BUT I just don’t want to humiliate myself for not finishing the run or worse be the last runner to reach the finish line after 5 hours of crawling. Ha.

I have about 44 hours to kill this weekend. Maybe I should go find the answer to world peace, feed all the hungry and fix the ozone layers. If I have the time I will go kick those idiotic and egoistic world leaders’ arses who loves the war so much but is too scared to go and join the war themselves. And also those people who is responsible for all the bombing attacks that killed many innocent civilians, which btw is an idiotic way to make a statement. Hmm, that will be some weekend if it happens for real.

Instead I will spend most of those time looking after my son, makan, watch TV, sleeping and HOPEFULLY start and finish the spring cleaning I’ve been planning to do since… well I am sure it was ages ago. I really need to re-organize my stuffs. Everything is everywhere and my siblings are irresponsible brats who uses my things as they like without making the effort to take proper care of it or put it back to where it should be. A bunch of spoilt brats.

I could hear the band practicing their gig for tonight. I suddenly have this craving for whiskey coke or LIIT. *banging head on table* I really could use a drink but I do have a problem sitting in a pub drinking alone. That would attract too much unwanted attention. I don’t know how the other girls handle it.

OMG. Can I please please go home now? My body and brain is refusing to cooperate. *Blearghhh* I need to go and poke myself with a blunt pencil.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

everyday I love you less and less

Would it be a big deal if I stab someone with a stapler?

The Drama Queen, The Butt Kisser, The Storyteller, The Lazy Arse, The Showoffs, The Advantage Taker and The Agitator; put them all together and they could make your working life a pain in the arse.

I thought I have escaped from my nightmare. I turned down a good job offer because I swear I will never work with her again. Unfortunately, the universe is still playing a joke on me.

Now I have to deal a bigger pain in the arse because she is my senior. Though by right I don't have to report to her, I kinda have to because she treats me like I am her PA or something. *rolling eyes* As a butt kisser, she puts up a great act in front of the bosses. She suddenly has a whole new personality when the boss walks in. Always ready to please even if its means telling stories about colleagues or circumstances. Doesn't she realize this personality change? I mean you badmouth the boss and yet you kissarse. You think the rest of us stupid + blind ka?

She also have the nerve to take credit for somebody else' work. "Hello, we are standing right here and we could hear you". Another thing I cannot stand is her bad manners. The way she talks to other people is killing me. She is rude and unprofessional. She really needs to learn some interpersonal skills and manners. How did she end up in communications is beyond me.

Today is another headache.

Though ALMOST every morning I wake up all happy and cheerful, the moment I walked into my department my happiness is being sucked right out of me. I mean, how would you feel when the first thing you see is a sour face? She ignored your greetings and pretends she is busy working on her computer. Please note that this sourness magically disappears when the superior or the boss walks in.

She was supposed to attend the morning briefing but she didn't bother to go because she just doesn't care. I know the pressure attending this briefing, but it is her responsibility. Faking stomach upsets and all just to avoid the briefing is immature and irresponsible.

She then handed over numerous jobs to me and I am already loaded with other work. I didn't say anything because I didn't wanna make a big deal out of it since I am still on probation and the last thing I need is for her to badmouth about me to the boss. When the other colleagues asked her about a certain job she will say she wasn't instructed/informed about it. YEAH RIGHT. I personally pass her the printed copy (she printed it herself!) of the Media Plan and I saw an advertisement that was supposed to come out this Saturday. But she told the other colleague the boss didn't email her the media plan because she wasn't suppose to handle the F&B. Wtf?

I really don't know what is she working on. Everything that the boss asked her to do, she will pass it to me and she even had the nerve to get credit for it. "Oh I checked with the post office..." Bloody hell. I spend two days trying to get the information from the post.

You know what pisses me off the most? When I found out she was actually studying her Korean (she was selected to attend a Korean class organized by the hotel) instead of doing any work. Oohhh, how I badly want to kick her arse. She had the nerve to tell me to finish all the tasks that I haven't done yet. Of course larr I haven't done it because it is not urgent and I only have a pair of hands.

She came back from Korean class (they're having classes during work hour!) and she started blabbing asking me if I have send out the press release and I should have done it earlier. No one told me to do it. The email was sent to all of us (a follow-up job). Besides, I am already loaded with other things and she always sent the press release herself. WHY IS SHE BARKING AT ME FOR???

I take it all in patiently because I know what goes around comes around. Maybe I am paying back for all the crazy/bad deeds that I have done before.

I am not gonna let her get into me. She is just one small hurdle I must learn to overcome. People like her remind me of things I never want to be.

Monday, July 10, 2006

hot in 'ere

Is it just me or is it gettin’ hot in ‘ere?
I am sweating like a pig.
I must look like shit.
I don’t care larr because I feel like shit.
My whole body is aching.
My head is spinning.
I am sleepy.

I wish I were somewhere else but here.

My weekend was something like this.
I was at home.
Watched TV.
Looked after Ekiel (who btw, behaved very well).
Wanted to clean up the room but I wasn’t in the mood.
Found, well a long lost friend found me in Friendster.
Finally saw a pic of her son who is a week older than Ekiel and he is so COMEL (cute).
My mom finally made Nasi Lemak with Ayam Masak Merah on Sunday - I was craving for some kick-arse Malay food and it was DELICIOUS.
And… and… that’s it.
*LOL* isn’t my life exciting and fun.

Friday, July 07, 2006

all I have to do is dream

Even heroes have the right to dream - Superman (It’s not easy)/Five for Fighting

*flashbacks* *shaking my head and smiling to self*
Bring back A LOT of memories.
But the reason why I love this song so much is because of that particular line in the song.
Believe it or not, it makes me feel… normal.

I hold on to my dreams tightly.
They cheer me up when I find out life wasn’t the fairy tale I was promised.
They comforted me when I learn the world does not care for me.
They gave me hope when I realize happily ever after doesn’t come with a manual.
But most of all, those dreams belongs to only me.

Btw, I heard something ridiculous today.
“So I dial 088 *** *** straight or should I dial something else first?”
*head banging on keyboard*
This lady is from a well known publishing house in KL.
How did she manage to get that job is a mystery to me.
*rolling eyes*

A long chat with a dear friend last night reminded me how blessed I am.
No doubt I think my life could/should be better, but I know it could be a lot worse.
People applaud me for being who I am, but they never realize the things that I have gone through/done that made me appreciate life and everything/everyone else around me.

I give people the push/opportunity they need because I know how it feels to be left behind. I treat everyone with respect and kindness because I know how it feels to be treated like shit. I make sure I try my best to make those around me feel loved and appreciated because I know how it feels when no one cares.

I am no saint. I just believe we need to treat other people the way we want them to treat us. Unfortunately, it takes two to tango and in this case, it takes A LOT of people to make this world a better place.

Why do I champion common sense so much? The answer is simple. Life is too short for idiocy. If everyone were too busy discussing what color choker would go with the purple color dress, this blog would never have exist.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

kiss kiss

My new manager told me I look like the kind of girl who goes out partying a lot.
I don’t know how he came up with that conclusion.
I swear I was putting my “I have no social life” mask on.
Oh well, not that I have any problem with that label.

I admit I do miss the partying, the dancing and the chilling out with friends.
It was my way to forget (even if it’s only temporary) about everything else.
The never-ending problems, the piling bills, the annoying people, the not working out relationships.
Though most time I ended up being the babysitter, I was still very happy because I get to go dancing.
So what if I dance like a hippo, as long as I enjoy myself, who the hell cares.

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts – William Shakespeare.

I just love the quote because it is so true. We all put up an act for different situations and different people. I admit I am like that most times. The reason is simple. I do not need/want those unwanted people to know/understand/care I exist. Take your pick. I have enough people to annoy me till the day I die. I don’t need more. Many times I am dying to tell someone to jump off a building or something but I had to shut my mouth because that would lead to more boring and suffocating conversation. Yes, I am a very patient woman.

I AM BORED. BORED. BORED. BORED. If I could, I would just pack my things and leave this place. BUT karma is biting me in the arse so I am stuck here until a miracle or slightly better things happen. Whichever comes first.

It’s nauseating to see the way some people and their attempt to kiss butt. They suddenly become something else and their lips are practically sticking on whose ever butt they were trying to kiss. There is also the insincere smile, the annoying fake laughter and the forever agreeing with the butt owner no matter how stupid that person is.

They will also condemn the butt owner just because they do not want other people to call them suck-up. They also make fun of other butt kissers saying they kiss butt because they want to take the corporate elevator instead of the ladder. The moment they hear/smell the butt owner, they automatically start kissing and somehow they will always find a way to make themselves look good in front of the butt kisser. It doesn’t matter if they use/hurt other people because they are heart/brain-less. If they were so smart, they don’t have to kiss butt instead other people would be kissing their butt! HA.

Welcome to a butt kissing world.
One question. Doesn’t it smell down there?