Friday, July 14, 2006

I couldn't think of a catchy title

Weekend is here.

Sure I still gotta work half day tomorrow, but half a day would just fly so quickly, unless I need to come back for the run tomorrow. NNOOOOOO…
*crossing my fingers*

I WAS excited about the run and I even thought what fun it will be to actually join in. BUT as days go by, and the more I think about it, *ugghhh* it’ll be too tiring. I already have to drag myself around work and I run tomorrow I might just die/past out. Fine, I am exaggerating BUT I just don’t want to humiliate myself for not finishing the run or worse be the last runner to reach the finish line after 5 hours of crawling. Ha.

I have about 44 hours to kill this weekend. Maybe I should go find the answer to world peace, feed all the hungry and fix the ozone layers. If I have the time I will go kick those idiotic and egoistic world leaders’ arses who loves the war so much but is too scared to go and join the war themselves. And also those people who is responsible for all the bombing attacks that killed many innocent civilians, which btw is an idiotic way to make a statement. Hmm, that will be some weekend if it happens for real.

Instead I will spend most of those time looking after my son, makan, watch TV, sleeping and HOPEFULLY start and finish the spring cleaning I’ve been planning to do since… well I am sure it was ages ago. I really need to re-organize my stuffs. Everything is everywhere and my siblings are irresponsible brats who uses my things as they like without making the effort to take proper care of it or put it back to where it should be. A bunch of spoilt brats.

I could hear the band practicing their gig for tonight. I suddenly have this craving for whiskey coke or LIIT. *banging head on table* I really could use a drink but I do have a problem sitting in a pub drinking alone. That would attract too much unwanted attention. I don’t know how the other girls handle it.

OMG. Can I please please go home now? My body and brain is refusing to cooperate. *Blearghhh* I need to go and poke myself with a blunt pencil.

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