Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I will survive

Oohhh, my heels will give up on me one of these days.
I should be wearing jogging considering the amount of walking/running I have to do every day.
Boo the stupid rules.

Busy. Busy. BUSY.

I try not to complain too much about work, but I need to say this.
It is a waste of time and resources to preach about teamwork when the staffs obviously do not understand nor care the concept of this value.

I was loaded with so much of work and yet she puts an instruction in my tray to photocopy a document for her. Maybe the promotion made her forgetful/idiotic and she no longer know how to operate the photocopy machine herself. *rolling eyes*

Though I had a one-hour breakdown last week, this week I am feeling much more better and optimistic about many things. I am just upset that no one bothered to ask me how I feel about what happened. It’s always about what other people think.

ANYWAY we can never please everyone. I was just upset when I was told the reason why I am getting such a low pay at the current job because I did not study hard enough to graduate from a university. I was upset because the reason I did not graduate was because I couldn’t find another scholarship when the first scholarship was cancelled due to the economic problem in ‘97-’98. I was upset because I had to start from the bottom due to my lack of experience and knowledge in this industry, which explains the low pay.

Oh well, no matter what, people (unfortunately most of them are families) will ALWAYS judge me because… they’re human and because I am different from them. Well I like to think it’s because of that. *LOL*

But the way we think and the way we express ourselves are so different sometimes I do find it frustrating. I am not saying I am perfect but we need to keep an open mind about everything around us. If you don’t,you will miss many things life has to offer. Doesn’t that make any sense?

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