Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday so soon

When I found about the Tsunami that struck Java on Monday, I was speechless.
The universe is telling us something.
Unfortunately we are too busy too pay attention.

With all the natural disaster happening around the world and the fighting/attacks that is getting out of hand, I am worried. All the “What Ifs” keeps going through my head and it scares me. I cannot and do not want to imagine myself going through what those poor people have to go through every day.


I think I had too much coffee today.
I am having a headache but I still yawning non-stop.

Everyone is still talking about Siti Nurhaliza’s marriage to Datuk Khalid.
Everyone is speculating the reason behind the marriage.
I guess when you’re the country’s young and beautiful top singer and you’re marrying someone who is 20 years your senior who is a divorcee with teenager kids, people will definitely talk.
Though my mom feels Siti could marry someone younger and more good looking, I think we should mind our own business. If it makes her happy, then let her be.

Physical appearance, status and age will not guarantee a happy and lasting marriage.

Talking about marriage, a good friend of mine is also getting married next January.
*Clap clap clap*
I am very happy for the both of them.
He also planned a very romantic birthday cum proposal surprise for the girl, which I think is really sweet.
-> I also want a romantic proposal!!!
Can’t wait to see them on their wedding day.
Gmee & Irene, Congratulations on your engagement.

It is raining heavily outside.
The weather has gone mad I tell you.
It was freakin’ hot the past few days.
It is another sign from the universe?

A little bit on AF4.
My mom is SO UPSET when Diddy was booted out two weeks ago.
Then last week, her favorite student Lotter was next to go.
She was so frustrated, sad and angry, and she still complains about it until today.
Last night AF Diary showed Lotter crying while talking to Faizal, and my mom was practically sobbing. -> my mom is so gonna kick my arse for this. *LOL*
I told her to go and adopt Lotter or marry him to one of my younger sister. She just pouted at me.

Though I think Lotter is a good entertainer, he doesn’t deserve to win considering his vocals are only so-so and his vocal performance for the past seven weeks (minus his last performance) was somewhat below average. When you have other students (three in particular but I favor only two of them) with excellent vocals and good performances week after week, we need to do the right thing.

Maybe it is just me, but I think this year’s AF is too dramatized, set-up and pretentious, and it is beginning to bore me. *yawn*

After two months, I finally settled in the office. People are friendlier and more open to talk about everything with/in front of me. They just need a long time to warm up to newcomers. I think kinda like it here for now. -> I still dislike that particular person but I am willing to put aside that feeling for sanity’s sake.

I am craving for YuYu Ice.

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