Wednesday, July 30, 2008

today's horoscope

“Instead of joining in on the drama of the crowd, just do your own thing right now”

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday talk

When people say it’s a charity event, it means the money collected will be given to the appointed beneficiaries. Everyone knows that kan? I am sure they do but there are those people who have no shame whatsoever. *tsk tsk tsk*

You know it’s a charity show and yet you still want to take advantage of the organizer by demanding unnecessary things like I don’t know…. high performance fee, business class flight, suite rooms, unnecessary entourage, lobsters, shark fins, etc. Then you want us express our gratitude for your compassion and support in contributing back to the society. *rolls eyes*

Like hello?

It is sad to hear how some people go over their head with their new found fame. Despite the bigger head size, they tend to be very forgetful. They forget their manners, they forget their roots and they forget their humility. *whistles*

Lets not forget those who are OVERLY status/protocol conscious. What’s the big deal?
Btw, don’t confuse yourself with protocol or good manners. It is a totally different thing.

Maybe it’s just one of my crazy thinking but we need to see beyond the excessive fa├žade. Underneath it all we are all the same. Why don’t we just get along and have some fun?

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Think happy thoughts.

Think happy thoughts.

Think happy thoughts damn it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday exhaustion


I’ve been doing some housekeeping on my PC again and I’m pretty sure I’ve lost some pictures/documents along the way. If not that, I think I’ve overwrite original pictures with the smaller version.*sighs* If computers are so smart, then why can’t they organize themselves nicely?

I can’t wait for this weekend to be over. Oh wait, next weekend too. I am mentally and physically exhausted. I did some “beginner” food photography yesterday and my body is aching all over. I must be getting very old or I need to exercise more. *whistles*

The weather is not helping either. When I walk around without an umbrella, it would rain heavily and when I do carry an umbrella, not a single drop of rain despite the really angry clouds. Funny kah? Well, I don’t think so.

Everything in Lala Land is back to normal. *fingers crossed* No more broken heroes, gentle princes or serious warriors. Though Queen of Lala Land did not survived the whole ordeal *ahem* gracefully, at least she had fun and embarrassing experiences to laugh at, twenty years later when she has coffee with The Cherry Third Quarter Kinky Queen.


Every time when I thought I am over it, it comes back right at me hitting me between the eye. Why? Why? Why? *screams while looking at the sky like Jamie James in “I Know What You Did Last Summer”* He needs to stop messing with my head. I am so weak, I know.

Today’s photo shoot was okay despite the trembling hands due to exhaustion. It was fun. Wish I could pursue it as a hobby or even a career, but I need to wait for the day I hit the Jackpot before I could afford it. While shooting, I received a call from home. Thinking it was an emergency, I answered the call between snapping the last few pictures and wiping my sweats and making sure the camera doesn’t fall from my hand.

Me: Hello?
Ekiel: Mommy, what’s your name?

Me: What’s wrong?

Ekiel: Where are you?
Me: Office larr

Ekiel: Where’s Mama?

Me: I don’t know. In the kitchen kah?
Ekiel: No, Mama went out.

Me: Ish, okay la. I call you back.

When I think about it now, that boy is funny.

Anyway, am I wrong for not caring what goes on with our political scene? When I read the newspaper, I skip the first few pages because seriously, I am tired. All the politics (country, office, friends, etc) are giving me unnecessary headaches. My long gone migraine is back with a vengeance.

Everyone say they want what is best for everyone. *rolls eyes* If I get RM10 every time I hear that statement, I would be able to afford one of those really nice cameras. The funny thing is everyone, yes, me included, always say one thing but do a totally different thing.

So when will all this insanity ends? If you really are fighting for the greater good, then find a solution, not pointing fingers at other people. Championing yourself (and slandering other people) does not make you a leader (or a better person). Right?

I am just tired. Everyone thinks they are better than the rest. Why can’t people just get along and make this world a better place? *sings Michael Jackson’s Heal The World while waving my hands in the air*

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Monday Monday

Thank goodness for the weekend but I still think Saturday and Sunday is too short to recuperate from the weekday madness.

Monday is a little bit too long.
Patience should come in a bottle or is that what Valium is for?
Maybe I should give them out as this year’s Christmas presents since everyone seems to need a big dosage of it.


The PCA Annual Charity Dinner and Concert was a huge success. Everyone tells me it was the best concert so far. I’ve only attended last year’s concert but I do agree with the rest of them, this year’s event was better.

The ballroom was glamorously decorated with thousands of fairy lights covered with white satin cloth to give a romantic ambience in the ballroom. The Chinese lanterns with the blue lights and the blue roses as the table centerpiece perfected the whole setting. Sorry no pictures because when I got in, the event had already started. Since I had to play host to a group of reporters, the last thing I want to do is to embarrass myself.

The three piece band from The Philippines was great, like usual. The auction of the paintings collected RM73K with the highest bid of RM50K. I know! With RM50K, half of my headaches would be gone. Oh well, it is for a good cause, so *applauds*to the gentleman who bought the painting.

ABBAration was entertaining, though I didn’t think the whole ABBA gimmick was necessary (the guys look like kanak-kanak riang when they did they intro bit). Some of the more sporting audiences were dancing. I wanted to but shy larr with the press and all. Overall, I enjoyed myself though.

On a different topic, I am doing a research on internationally successful Sabahan for our Merdeka gallery. I couldn’t think of anyone else except for Che’nelle and Amber Chia.

So if you know anyone who has made Sabah proud, do let me know as I would love to highlight them in the gallery. Thanks!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

dancing queen and charity

If you have no plans for tomorrow night, put on your dancing shoes and come to the Palliative Care Association Annual Charity Dinner & Show at the Grand Ballroom, The Magellan Sutera.

The dinner and show aims to collect funds to run the PCA House, a centre for the development and delivery of palliative care.

With 70 volunteers and 3 full time nurse coordinators, an administrative assistant, and a part time staff, they provide home care for 40-50 patients at a time within a 30-km radius. They also run a weekly day care facility.

The objectives of the day care centre are to provide stimulation and enjoyment through activities which focus on individual needs and choices, respite care for carers, opportunities for patients to interact with other patients and volunteers, and to provide psycho-social support and alleviate feelings of isolation.

All services provided by the Palliative Care Association are free.

Performing at the event is ABBAration, a high energy ABBA show with a 70’s disco attitude. They will perform great hits from the Swedish super-group mixed with a selection of the hottest disco tracks from the 70’s. ABBAration will take the audiences on a wild ride back to the party decade.

The music of ABBA lives on and among the fantastic songs that can be heard in the ABBAration show at this charity dinner are Dancing Queen, Take a Chance, Super Trouper and Waterloo.

This morning, ABBAration visited the PCA House and entertained the patients with 4 songs; Honey Honey, Dancing Queen, Thank You For The Music and I Have A Dream. It was fun.

For tickets, kindly call Sutera Harbour Resort at 088-303001, or PCA at (088) 231 505 / 016 8411499 (Emily Koh) or 019 8626838 (Liza Lee).


Congratulations Tara & Jefson on your new baby boy.
Baby Tristan Jacob Jefson, welcome!